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International Market Development at Edutot Japan


  • International markets differ in terms of legal systems, economic status, language, religion and culture.
  • Legal system affects operations of a company.
  • 4ps of marketing mix should be considered.
  • Natural resources and geography of a country affects economic growth and thus performance of a company.

EduTot’s market infrastructure in Japan

  • EduTot Company Markets products to schools and Parents
  • Market segmented in to two segments
  • One segment markets to school districts (both private and public schools)


  • Second segment targets parents and guardians.
  • EduTot will comply with target country’s laws.

Utilization of EduTot’s products by education systems

  • EduTot’s target market will be children aged three to six years.
  • Kindergartens form part of Japan’s education system.
  • Having fun is also part of the activities in the kindergarten schools in Japan.


  • Ideal to market toy products.
  • The company will be more competitive as the market is promising.

Impact of cultural, religious, or political situations

  • School culture enhances socialization and learning culture.
  • EduTot products will be influenced by culotural changes.
  • Political ties between Japan and US will be vital.

Demographics, cultural, religious, and political environments

  • High population provides good market.
  • Japan is an economic power in Asia.
  • Buddhism is the main religion.
  • Cultural factors associated with Japanese will affect the EduTot’s products.

The potential demand for EduTot-type products in Japan

  • Modern technological advancement affects market.
  • Japan is among the highly developed countries.
  • The products of the company are not toys only but games and software.
  • Japan has a well developed education system.


  • Kindergarten education is not compulsory.
  • EduTot’s products will be used to attract more pupils.

Cultural issues regarding education practices

  • Japan’s culture practices group consciousness.
  • EduTot Company to produce products to be used in group sessions.
  • The company will collaborate with Kindergarten Education Conference, Educational Ministry and kindergartens themselves.

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