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Intramurals vs. Mainstream College Sports

College sports are usually referred to any sports activities and competitions held for students either in the form of intramurals, “within walls”, or extramural, mainstream college sports. Both having their pros and cons, intramurals and extramural sports are likely to be compared in various aspects, particularly from the psychological point of view. Intramural activities are often opposed to mainstream college sports as the former has more freedom, equality for the participants, and lots of fun than the latter.

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Considering the structure of the intramurals from the psychological point of view, such sports activities have less restriction compared to extramural sports. The structure of the activities held within walls allows college staff and students to choose a convenient schedule, a certain team, and a type of game. While extramural activities are usually held under the approved schedule and program which should correspond to the plans of all the participating colleges, intramurals have a very flexible timetable.

Psychologically, such flexibility makes students feel confident and important in college life. Along with independence from other colleges and universities, intramurals have pluses in team organization. The staff and students can always choose whether to participate individually, in teams, or meet sports.

Such freedom of choice attracts students and the faculty more than the defined program for the participants of extramural sports. Also, there is always an opportunity to choose a game or a certain kind of sports and even invent something new and unacceptable to other universities. Thus extended possibilities and freedom in choosing to make intramurals much more exciting and positive than mainstream college sports.

Regarding intramurals as activities held within the walls of the same college or university, they have many more advantages than extramural sports organized between unlike universities. As a rule, various universities represent different programs and interests which also result in a variety of sports activities and diversity of requirements. On the contrary, intramurals are of common interests, unique principles, and equal opportunities for students.

Equivalent physical abilities and age provide equality for intramural sports. Moreover, the participants are not supercilious towards the students from other colleges. The general atmosphere of intramural competitions is less hostile than that of extramural sports. Thus, competitive intramural activities turn to be much funnier than extramural competitions because of the positive rivalry of equal possibilities.

Compared to extramural sports, intramurals bring more fun and joy to the participants also for the reason of lower tension among the students and the faculty of the college. Because the participants are of the same college and have similar knowledge and skills, they feel more confident and less tense in competitions and games held within the walls. This psychological aspect positively influences the course of the intramural activities as well as helps participants to improve themselves and develop their capabilities. Thus, fun and weirdness is an inevitable element of any intramural sports. They are always enjoyable, extraordinary, and free for everyone who wants to entertain themselves and spend leisure time with pleasure.

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To sum up, intramurals have many more pros than mainstream college sports thanks to their free structure, equally organized activities, and their weird nature. Intramural sports can be considered the only possible future of any college activities since they bring fun not only to the students and faculty but also to make the college atmosphere original, bright and specific, promoting wellness and a healthy style of life.

All the truth about Intramural Sports

Intramurals as kinds of sports for recreation may sound weird; however, many students and teachers find them exciting and funny. Thus, what makes intramural sports and activities within a set college so peculiar and amusing? Is it true that intramural sports may bring fun and pleasure? The answers to these questions are going to reveal all the truth about intramural sports, their advantages, and opportunities.

Intramural sports refer to any recreational activity which is arranged within a specific area or college. The main purpose of the intramurals is to make students and faculties physically active and bring fun to the whole college. Because intramural sports promote wellness, such events cannot be dull, in principle. They are aimed to attract the attention of students and awake a desire to be an active participant in college life.

It means that intramurals are organized based on weird games, funny competitions, and exciting entertainments. To illustrate, many colleges play a weird intramural game called broomball. This sports recreation reminds a usual hockey, however, differs in means of leading the game. Broomball is the most popular and extraordinary intramural game that attracts not only professionals but also those who just want to have some broom fun. Thus, only intramural activities may present a new kind of sports and bring lots of fun and entertainment.

Amusement and leisure activity is not the only advantage of intramurals. There is a list of advantages proving that intramural sports are much funnier than mainstream college activities. The first and the weirdest one is that only intramurals allow students to show the most unusual sports activities. Various peculiar games and competitions can be held within the walls of the college, however, they become famous and widely spread far beyond those walls. The second preference which is especially liked by the students consists of the absence of tryouts. Regardless of whether you are a fresher or a professional, the door to the intramurals is always open to you.

One more advantage of such sports, which is the third one, is that intramural events are set up according to your schedule. Such flexibility is very convenient and necessary while having lots of subjects at college. The fourth advantage of the intramurals is in the friendly atmosphere secured by acquaintances, friends, and familiar staff of the college. Such positive background makes participants feel less strained and competitions go less formal. Thus the listed preferences make the convinced opinion about intramural sports true and explicit.

Along with several advantages, intramural sports have certain opportunities which are just as funny as the activities themselves. For instance, intramurals result in a great number of new friends and acquaintances as a friendly atmosphere and funny activities bring many positive emotions and desire to share them with others. Also, such events give a nice opportunity for everyone to be active and to show one’s best. Consequently, intramurals make students more confident and their life brighter and ingrained. However, the biggest opportunity and value of the intramurals is wellness and the desire to be active and to get entertainment always.

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All in all, the truth of intramural sports is vivid, intramurals are fun and exciting. Such events have many advantages and open many possibilities for students to be active and fun. They encourage students and college faculty to participate in the active life of the college, experiment in entertainment, and promote wellness. Such obvious truth about intramurals cannot be hidden or concealed.

Self-Realization with Fun through Intramural Activities

Self-realization through intramural sports can sound weird and unusual; however, it is real and possible. There is no doubt that students can have fun and fulfill their potential using recreational activities. The students can get pleasure and define their way through the freedom of choice of intramurals rather than mainstream college sports. Certainly, intramural activities provide the whole range of opportunities for the development and improvement of both personal and professional skills.

It is a well-known fact that personal development is quite vivid if the students participate in intramural activities. There is a multitude of benefits the intramural sports offer to their participants, and here are some of them.

  • First, by taking part in sports competitions and games within the college or university students learn to cooperate and interact in groups. This personal quality is of great importance for every person who wants to succeed in life and participate in the work team. It is a nice opportunity for students to find friends and to learn how to build relationships and start working in a group.
  • Second, students learn to compete in a right, honest, and polite way through the intramurals. Participation in sports teaches how to compete on the simple instances in the form of fun and game. Though it seems to be mere fun, this is the beginning of personal growth and development of the ability to work with people. Simultaneously, the students become aware of respect towards competitors and rivals.
  • Third, intramural activities rather than extramural sports help the participants to become confident since the competitions are based on their equal abilities and skills. In such a way students feel freer to act and show their best within the walls of their college or university. Thus these points are nothing but the way to self-realization and personal growth which is fulfilled through fun and entertainment.

Along with the personal improvements and learning, the students who take an active part in intramural sports can develop professional skills and increase competence. It is not a secret that desire to deal with something serious and on the professional level occurs after trying something for fun. Perceiving certain kinds of sports as a hobby first, students can turn it into a profession later. To illustrate, the students can attend intramurals just for fun and entertainment, therefore they continue playing the usual game after graduation.

As a rule, the students are likely to train in intramural sports rather than mainstream college sports since they have lots of classes and want to spend their free time on interesting activities. Hence, if students understand that sport is just for fun and it is a kind of leisure activity, they are eager to participate in it. Moreover, in case they are not forced to take part in a certain competition, they are more likely to train it seriously in the future.

Namely, for this reason, intramurals are more effective for self-realization than extramural activities. Also, it makes a lot of fun to participate in recreational activities and realize that it can be a vocation of your life. Thus intramural activities are not only the means of entertainment and the way to spend free time healthily, but it is also a way to realize one’s potential abilities and find one’s place in life.

Making up the conclusion, it is worth to mention that intramural sports play a significant role in contemporary college life as they help the students to realize their personal qualities and professional skills. The way to self-realization is not hard; it can be reached through fun and positive emotions that are always present within the walls of your college or university. All you have to do is to make fun of participating in intramural activities.

The preponderance of Freelancing or Unscheduled Opportunities

Can you assume freelancing to be a permanent job? Can you think of its advantages and opportunities? They are so vivid that it is possible to deem freelancing worthy of consideration and trying. The preponderance of freelancing would not be so obvious if there was no full-time job which highlights the possibilities and unrestricted potential of freelance activities. Undoubtedly, freelancing is in pluses which can be hardly seen while working for someone at the office: they are the flexibility of schedule and variety of activities.

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Freelancing as unbound employment does not foresee any work schedules and obligations to work for a certain amount of hours a day or a week. Consequently, it is up to the freelancer whether to choose hard-working hours or to spend the whole day in relaxation and peace. Such a flexible timetable means that freelancing provides the worker with additional free time which can be spent on personal or family matters.

Moreover, it is much easier to work when you know that you can have a rest after you finish a certain task. Thus freelancers can work and rest in turn, changing types of activities. For instance, any person who is not on a full-time job can work, learn, relax, and fulfill some home duties in turn. As a result, any freelancer can arrange time individually up to his or her abilities and needs. Freelancer’s time organization, or even time management, is one more advantage resulting from flexibility of working time which is impossible in full-time jobs. It is much more effective to work under the individual schedule rather than upon the time requirements defined by the employer.

The effectiveness of individual time organization consists of the possibility to combine various activities and to deal with them in turn. Also, named possibility allows freelancers to earn more money provided their time is properly managed. Thus flexible schedule in freelancing is not the only pros since it results in many other pluses and a host of positive moments of work.

What makes freelancing much more acceptable than full-time employment is the opportunity of having various activities at once at or at a certain period. It is a proven fact that a variety of activities in a job allows keeping interested in all of them. Dealing with different tasks in turn, like in freelancing, attracts workers more than unvaried and repeated types of work which are usually set while working for someone.

When you are not employed as a full-time worker you can enjoy a variety of activities and assignments. Since similar tasks and duties of the full-time job are interesting only at the beginning, it is dull and boring to perform them for life. Repeated tasks may also occur in freelancing, but freelancers can always reject them and look for other types of work that are not typical. Moreover, a variety of activities means a variety of interests and opportunities to develop in various directions.

Unlike types of activities make freelancers work harder to learn new issues and subjects, however, at the same time, they enrich their knowledge and broaden outlook which is of great significance for contemporary people. Thus freelancers never stop in their development, they are always eager to learn something new and experience the latest challenges.

To sum up, freelancing has not only its obvious preponderances but also a host of opportunities that are neither unscheduled nor set within monotone and repeated frames. No restrictions make freelancing surpass full-time jobs and provide each worker with a flexible schedule and a range of varied tasks which result in broadening of views and new experience.

Independence or Stability: Freelancing vs. Full-Time Job

“Many people quit looking for work when they find a job” explains the workers’ attitude towards jobs and their wish to work. However, this statement concerns mostly those jobs which do not correspond to the worker’s abilities and desires. Such jobs bring money, stability, and a full day of work; however, they fail to provide workers with pleasure, self-realization, and freedom of choice. These jobs refer mostly to full-time employment and oppose to freelancing which consists of self-employment and dealing with various types of works.

Therefore, both freelancing and full-time jobs have advantages and disadvantages, the preference is given to freelance work in respect of its independence, freedom of choice, and ample opportunities.

The first thing that becomes obvious while comparing full-time jobs with freelance employment is dependency. The workers are completely dependent on the employer when working for someone since they cannot choose the working time, type of activity, and place of performing it. Making a parallel with freelancing, the workers are not restricted to a certain quantity of hours worked out a day, to the repeated tasks, and the office or other defined place of work.

The freelancer has an opportunity to arrange the individual schedule, vary activities, and work outside. Such independence enables freelancers to work more actively, effectively, and freely. Thus freelancing makes workers independent in their activities and does not put frames for their realization.

The second point of freelance benefit consists of the possibility to choose any type of work as well as to change it in case of need. Freedom of choice is certainly realized while choosing an occupation and while being fully employed, however, none can choose the type of work or task he or she wants to perform and reject activity which is not upon his or her taste when working for someone. On the contrary, freelancers can always keep their options open and refuse the work they are not willing to accomplish. Freelancers have the greatest freedom which is to choose what they are fond of and improve their skills rather than go with the flow and perform repetitive tasks at a full-time job for life.

Along with the variety of options, freelancing gives plenty of opportunities, which result in the impulse to develop and grow. Speaking about full-time jobs it is difficult to discuss variety and growth, excluding some professions and promotion ladder. Therefore full-time job enables the worker to be promoted and have some stable income and certain social benefits, it rarely brings pleasure and real satisfaction in accomplished actions.

Working for someone means working in one direction which does not allow moving out of a certain field and broaden the boundaries. Contrary to all the restrictions set by full-time employment, freelancing makes personal development possible and evident. Though freelancers lack stability, they have ample opportunities to find it and continue looking for self-improvement and self-realization. Thus a host of possibilities can be provided only if there are a choice and independence in work which is ensured by freelancing.

All in all, freelancing as opposed to a full-time job due to more opportunities, less dependency, and the presence of alternative. Though full-time employment brings certainty in future and stable income, it may often mean the absence of a desire to work. That is why it is better to stay in a constant search for interesting work like freelancers do than to live in stability without self-improvement and pleasure. As Betty Bender says, “When people go to work, they shouldn’t leave their hearts at home”, thus it is better to stay freelancer at home, but with your heart.

Freelance Writing: Stress Profession or Vocation for Life

You seem to be on the road between freelance writing and a full-time job having dozens of arguments for both and no decision. Then you have to consider all pros and cons of freelance writing and make your true choice. There is a long list of advantages and disadvantages of freelancing; however, you have to define what freelance writing is for you: an unhealthy profession or vocation of the entire life.

Freelance writing is deemed to be an unhealthy profession because of many stresses caused by the lack of stability and spending lots of time at the computer with junk food. The stress situations in freelance writing can reveal in the absence of work and dishonest customers. Such stress is clearly described by Robert Benchley’s saying, which is “A freelance writer is a man who is paid per piece or per word or perhaps.”

However, in reality, freelancing brings not so much stress as it is thought in the contemporary business world. Like any other job freelance writing can be stressful if there are some stressful situations. The absence of work for a freelance writer can be equally compared to the loss of permanent workplace by the full-time worker. Though freelance writing may seem to be a not stable source of income compared to full-time jobs, it may bring more money at one time and less at other. Thus, it cuts both ways.

The only disadvantage of freelance writing is that you spend quite a long time working near the computer with junk food and your life becomes less active and unhealthy. Therefore, if you know how to manage your time properly, you can be in pluses with freelance writing. If you can arrange your working hours duly, you can find a lot of time training in the gym or other sports activities. Speaking about junk food, it is consumed not only by the freelancers; it depends on each individual whether to eat healthily or junk food.

Considering freelance writing from the position of a life vocation, a list of advantages should be outlined. The first is a great variety of interests since freelance writer works in various fields and directions, from scientific to comic writing, etc. The second advantage consists of the effective use of time. When you are a freelance writer you have to arrange your time properly to accomplish order duly and to have time for rest.

What you need to accomplish all the tasks is to manage your time effectively. The third point is the development of writing skills. While composing various articles and fulfilling writing assignments, freelance writers have to collect necessary information, learn it, and transform into a piece of successful writing. This process results in the improvement of language skills, writing, and acquisition of new knowledge. Hence, considering these advantages it should be highlighted that freelance writing can turn from the way of mere earning money into a life vocation with the opportunity to develop and grow.

Summarizing the pros and cons of freelance writing, it is necessary to admit that its disadvantage consists of some unhealthy moments like stress from instability and frauds; however, this disadvantage is completely broken by the numerous advantages which freelance writers have. Having the possibility to change interests and types of writing, to use working time effectively, and to be involved in the process of continuous development makes freelance writing to be the perfect vocation for the entire life. Thus your true choice is hidden in your real desires: if you want to have interesting tasks that allow managing your time individually and developing your skills; neither stresses nor lack of stability can frighten you and dissuade from freelance writing.

Getting Rid of Stress in Freelance Writing

“Stress is poison”, as Agave Powers says, thus stress in freelance writing poisons the work and spoils the results of the writing process. Freelance writing as unhealthy and stressful work requires quick and effective remedy to keep the process of writing interesting, successful, and rewarding. Getting rid of stress is one of the most important issues while being involved in freelance activities as it helps to avoid negative consequences and to prevent the writing process from failure. In general, the stress in freelance writing can be overcome by effective time management, due change of activity, and reasonable fulfillment of the writing task.

Any freelance activities, including freelance writing, which result in stress situations, require such preventive measures as proper time arrangement. In other words, to avoid stress which is related to hurry and in time fulfillment, the freelancer has to manage his or her time properly. It is necessary to make an effective schedule and perform the tasks according to the scheduled plan step by step, gradually.

Along with that, it is strongly recommended not to postpone the planned step till the last day since it is the direct way to stress and the inability to accomplish the task. Herewith, you should be quite realistic in your expectations for the accomplishment of writing. Thus freelance writers should be both an excellent time manager and persistent worker keeping individually established rules and plans.

Effective time management in freelance writing means also the ability and possibility to change the activity when it is required. If you feel that you are getting tired of certain writing or it starts to be boring, you should change the subject of the writing and distract. If you feel that the process of writing annoys you in general, it is better to change the activity and have rest, for example, or do something about the house. In other words, you have to control the process of writing and have realistic expectations for the task considering your feelings. Hence, a change of activities or subjects for writing can help the freelance writer to avoid forthcoming stress while accomplishing certain work.

The stress in freelance writing can also be overcome if the freelancer stops concentrating on details and starts perceiving things easier. Because freelancers spend a lot of time writing, they have to be reasonable in the fulfillment of their tasks. John de Paola recommends “Slow down and everything you are chasing will come around and catch you”. It means that you do not have to hurry up and to do everything running, on the contrary, you have to consider the key points and concentrate on them.

Moreover, if you know or feel that you will not be able to manage a certain task, you have to be reasonable and refuse it to avoid failure. Thus freelancers have to be sober-minded and reasonable people since such traits provide successful and in time accomplishment of the writing task as well as help to get rid of the forthcoming stress situation.

Making up a conclusion, getting rid of stress in freelance writing depends on the ability of the writer to arrange his or her working time effectively, their readiness to change the activity when it bores, and the capability to stay reasonable while the performance of writing tasks. Thus being in control of your own life and abilities as well as real and mundane expectations about your possibilities are the essential points towards getting rid of stress and, as a result, towards having an interesting, healthy, and rewarding job.

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