Introduction and Policy Involvement in Nursing

Involvement in policy creation can be crucial, as it can affect an individual’s work conditions and specific practices. My name is FirstName Last Name, and as an advanced practice nurse, I understand the importance of being involved in politics. More specifically, in my work, I try to analyze specific policies that relate to public health and come up with possible solutions to issues. It is critical because healthcare professionals have the experience and practical knowledge that some policy creators lack, and thus the insight that a nurse can provide may be helpful. In this discussion post, I will identify specific areas that I as an advanced practice nurse would like to change.

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Firstly, I would like to emphasize that I do not have previous experience of public policy change involvement. However, there are several areas of concern that I would like to focus on in the future. To efficiently assess the problem, its implications, and the impact it has on both medical professionals and patients one must understand the underlying principles of politics and law implementation.

According to Nickitas, Middaugh, and Aries (2016), many of the existing texts about the effects of policymakers fail to address the reality of medical practice. Thus, an advanced practice nurse can assist policymakers in providing real-life experience and evidence from his or her work, which would help create a better approach.

The expertise of nurses presents an opportunity for understanding both patient-related and professional problems that affect healthcare establishments. Brokaw (2016) states that the importance of ensuring that medical professionals participate in the policy-making process is reflected in the fact that over four million individuals in the US work as nurses. Therefore, they can be involved in the political system not only as citizens but also as professionals.

They can serve as advocates for their patients, by voicing specific issues that impact health care delivery. Brokaw (2016) states that the best approach is to partner with physicians to create a common point of view and affect specific policies. Through this approach, advanced practice nurses can achieve success in implementing better strategies within their work environment.

Because the modern approaches to nursing education and practice evolved, these professionals have sufficient knowledge to provide medical advice and guide their patients through their health problems. However, the federal laws do not correspond to the overall training practice and capabilities of medical professionals, resulting in the inability to applying the gained knowledge in practice. According to O’Rourke, Crawford, Morris, and Pulcini (2017), “Twenty-eight states have laws and regulations limiting the ability of nurse practitioners (NPs) to practice to the full extent of their education and training, thereby preventing patients from fully accessing NP services” (p. 135).

This component is the first issue that I would like to focus on in my future political involvement because it is crucial to allow the patient to receive professional medical advice, which advanced practice nurses can provide.

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Overall, practical experience and knowledge of issues that affect specific healthcare organizations are vital for proper policy creation and implementation. Advanced practice nurses can contribute to the process by sharing their insight on particular issues. Although I do not have experience of policy alterations, I would like to participate in the process of expanding the scope of responsibilities and professional activities for nurses with sufficient education.


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