Nursing Mission, Vision, and Personal Goals

Walden’s and the School of Nursing’s Perspectives

My academic and professionals have been reshaped significantly by the perspectives of Walden University’s School of Nursing. To begin with, my academic goal is to become a competent practitioner who can use evidence-based ideas to influence or promote patient care and wellbeing. As a scholar-practitioner, the perspectives of social change message, outcomes, mission, and vision outlined by the institution echo my objectives. My vision is to acquire quality education and knowledge that can be used to advance the welfare of the greatest number of people in the community (Mosqueda-Diaz, Vilchez-Barboza, Valenzuela-Suazo, & Sanhueza-Alvarado, 2014). The institution’s mission echoes my professional goal to become a scholar-practitioner who promotes positive social change. As a caregiver, I will always use my knowledge to promote the welfare of others and engage in social change. The concept of social change will be used to apply adequate ideas that can promote social and human conditions.

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The perspectives also relate to my goal of becoming a scholar-practitioner. Ideas support how lifelong learning can be embraced. As a practitioner, I will engage in continuous research and learning to acquire new concepts that can transform my competencies. I will interact with different players, stakeholders, and patients as a scholar-practitioner. The practice will equip me with evidence-based ideas and encourage me to work with more individuals from diverse backgrounds (Meehan, 2012). The ideas of social change message and outcomes will also reshape my goals as I plan to become a scholar-practitioner. For instance, the acquired knowledge will guide me to act ethically, promote professionalism, communicate with others, and identify new concepts for effective practice. These perspectives will make me a successful scholar who supports the health needs of more members of the community.

Social Change

The concept of social change has become a cornerstone of my academic and professional goals. This fact explains why I have been able to support the changing needs of many colleagues and patients. I am planning to go a step further to incorporate social change into my academic and professional goals. The first step will be to include the concept in my philosophy as a nurse practitioner. By so doing, I will always use the concept to make apposite health decisions, engage in evidence-based care delivery, and support the needs of my clients (Mosqueda-Diaz et al., 2014). The second approach or step will be to put the concept into practice. This means that I will be on the frontline to create new teams and encourage every member to support the welfare of the targeted clients or beneficiaries.

The third step will be to launch powerful campaigns aimed at making social change a reality. As a scholar, I will identify a wide range of strategies that can be used to promote the use of social change in society. I will also identify and embrace the best action plans that can promote the betterment of the targeted community. I will interact with different professionals in the healthcare sector to make the most desirable change in society (Meehan, 2012). I will support every project and program aimed at promoting the welfare of more people from diverse backgrounds. When this strategic plan is implemented successfully, I will make social change a critical concept that can inform my academic and professional goals.

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