Is Sustainability a Viable Aspiration for Community?


The global community has been involved in measure to ensure that the world adopts sustainable living standards. For the last few decades, every country has been formulating laws and regulations that are focused on reducing the rampant environmental degradation. Sustainability, in most cases, focuses on the environment and the economy, although other aspects such as our medical care are coming up. Other concerns in sustainability include urban infrastructure, social equity, as well as municipal governance (Lafferty and Eckerberg 12).

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Understanding sustainability

However, sustainability is understood differently by different organizations hence the ambiguity of the term. In some organizations, the principle of sustainability focuses mostly on the local or regional control of natural resources as well as promoting non-profit organizations to enhance a sustainable community (Baker 65). Sustainability can also mean political and social empowerment in the pursuit of the general social well-being of the people (Baker 67).

Sustainability can take several forms of definitions, and they include cultural, social, and environmental sustainability. In community development, sustainability is a viable aspiration, and global efforts to maintain sustainable living standards are very important. However, it is important to note that different communities and citizens want different activities hence the disparity in defining sustainability. Therefore, a sustainable community is generally a continuous adjustment to meet or satisfy the social and economic needs of a particular community (Lafferty and Eckerberg 13).

Such adjustments are developed with time and in response to the current situation in terms of the four main pillars in the community. These pillars include social, economic, environmental, and political situations. The importance of sustainability in a community is driven by the need for societies to utilize their resources effectively in order to meet their current needs. However, the basic principle in a sustainable community is to influence the better quality of life among the people using the same resources that are available.

Importance of sustainability in community development

It includes the prudent utilization of these resources while preserving the environment to enhances its ability to support a better quality of life. Sustainability is a viable function in community development because, without a sustainable environment, people will suffer. For instance, the current global warming is affecting the entire world from the third world countries to the developed and industrial countries of the world. When some natural calamities occur, the entire world suffers in one way or another.

Pollution is another major environmental threat that is affecting the world hence reducing the ability of the natural resources to sustain human life. A biological balance has been set by nature to sustain human life on earth. With the rampant pollution and carbon emissions from industries, the ability for nature to sustain and maintain this balance is gradually reducing. Therefore, sustainability and quality of life are slowly reducing, and this can be hazardous in the future. Sustainability allows or creates an environment where nature’s ability to function over time is enhanced (Ledwith 45).

Sustainability Initiatives

This is done through several initiatives such as minimizing waste, preventing pollution, promoting efficiency as well as developing local resources (Phillips, and Pittman 23). By minimizing waste, society utilizes its resources to full or maximum potential. This creates efficiency and saves some extra resources for future use. It also helps in reducing the rate of depletion as well as underutilization of the available resources. In the long-term, a society’s quality of life is sustained and enhanced due to the extended period of access to limited natural resources.

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Preventing pollution on the other is very important for community development. Environmental pollution causes several health implications, and some of these effects are terminal. The prevalence of cancer, for instance, has increased in the 21st century compared to earlier periods. This has been attributed to the current industrial pollution and emissions of chemical compounds that pollute the air. Therefore, reducing the amount of pollution will reduce the prevalence of such ailments and increase the quality of life in society.

Preventing pollution includes using alternative sources of energy such as green energy in order to reduce the amount of carbon emission sin burning fossil fuels. Ultimately, the world can be a better place for humans if such alternative is pursued globally (Lafferty and Eckerberg 11). In the fight against environmental pollution, prevention is the best strategy since some of the effects of pollution are permanent. Sustainability also involves efficiency in utilizing natural resources.


Utilizing the available natural resources in the world can be beneficial to human life if it is done in the most efficient ways. Efficient utilization of natural resources means utilizing natural possessions in society to effectively benefit and enhance the quality of human life. In an effort to utilize the natural resources to befit humanity, it is important for the society to develop the available possessions. This includes identifying the various resources available to them and adding value to them for their benefit. For instance, in areas where there are strong winds, the society can harness such wind speeds to create wind energy hence reducing its dependency on fossil fuels and ultimately reducing the number of carbon emissions. His translates to better living conditions and enhances the quality of human life in that particular society.

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