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Isaac’s Case: Resolution, Positive and Negative Impact

Conflict Resolution Methods in Isaac’s Case

As an assistant nurse manager, I will have to do everything possible to investigate the issue with Isaac’s behavior and think of the most efficient solutions. My duties involve taking care of all patients and staff in the unit and making sure that all of these people are properly dealt with and obtain all the necessary help (Clipper, 2012).

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Since the informal conversation with Isaac did not lead to any positive changes in his behavior, I will have to resort to more radical measures. I will invite this employee for a face-to-face meeting in my office where I will tell him that nurses are rather upset by his attitude. I will explain to him that such conduct is unacceptable and will ask about any probable causes of such a change in his behavior. Since Isaac has so much experience at this position, I will emphasize his contribution to the development of the unit and focus on all the years of conscientious and dedicated work that he has spent here. Also, it is a good idea to talk to him about the probable drivers of such changes in his behavior. I will let Isaac know that he can rely on my help if he needs a hand with some personal difficulties.

Having performed a conversation with Isaac, I will move to the next steps in managing the negative trends in his behavior. On a personal level, I can express my understanding and patience. However, at a professional level, I have everything possible to make the employee show the most qualified skills and patterns of conduct (Duffy, 2013).

Therefore, I will arrange regular meetings with Isaac and the close supervision of his work. Also, I will involve Isaac’s subordinates in the process of resolving this situation by asking them to express their feelings and suggestions about the situation. I need to make every person feel important, and each staff member’s voice should be heard. This does not mean that I will encourage complaining. Rather, I will ask Isaac’s colleagues to help him become a better person just like the one he has always been.

No matter what the reasons for Isaac’s conduct are, it will be necessary to help him revive his people skills. I will arrange a session with a psychologist who will help Isaac to become more amiable and teach him to be more tolerant. Also, I will have regular personal meetings with Isaac to trace his progress and let him know about the colleagues’ reactions to the changes. Another good suggestion is to include him in some teamwork so that he is not always focused on administrative work. Cooperation with other people may show him positive lessons on friendliness and respect.

Positive and Negative Impact of the Issue

The detrimental influence of conflicts on all members of a particular organization requires serious attention to all conflict issues at the initial stage of their occurrence (Cherry & Jacob, 2016). The potential influence of the disagreement associated with scheduling may be rather negative both on the manager and the staff. On the part of the assistant nurse manager, the outcomes may be concerned with losing the staff’s trust and respect. On the part of the employees, such conflict may lead to lowered job satisfaction and commitment to the profession. It is necessary to find the most optimal way out of this situation so that no one would feel hurt or prejudiced.

Whereas this conflict is an unpleasant situation, it still can provide some positive outcomes for the team. Two positive consequences of this issue are change and innovation. Since I am new to this position and it is my first time dealing with scheduling for holidays, in the process of resolving the conflict, I may come up with a positive change for the organization. To do this, I will need to thoroughly investigate the experience of the past few years and analyze the main reasons for people’s dissatisfaction.

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The second positive outcome is the aspect of innovation. Together with the staff members, we may create a new approach to dealing with such situations that could be incorporated in similar cases. A negative outcome of such conflict may be a waste of time and resources. To analyze the past experience of dealing with holiday schedule, I will have to spend a lot of time on finding the data and systematizing it. This process may take me away from some other things. However, in the long run, the outcomes of this search process will be beneficial for the employees and me – I will gain new managerial experience, and the nursing workers will receive the most convenient schedule.

The model of conflict resolution that I would choose for this case is leading change (Weiss & Tappen, 2015). This method presupposes such steps as designing the change, planning its implementation, putting it into action, and integrating the change (Weiss & Tappen, 2015). To resolve this conflict, I would think of some alternative to the traditional way of dealing with the situation and then proceed with this change through all the stages.


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