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Cancer Risk Factors: Biology Concepts

The development of cancer cells is associated with the halting of the process of cell generation and decay that may be considered one of the basic aspects of the physical health. On the contrary, the cancer cell division is the characteristic feature of the irregularity of the cyclicality within the body tissues.

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One of the reasons for the cell mutation is the mutagen effect. Mutagens are the substances influencing the division process directly. Mutagens are carcinogens – the substances provoking the malignant tumors development. At the same time, the malignant tumors may often emerge in individuals who do not contact with the hazardous materials and products.

In this case, the genetic risk factor may be regarded as the dominant one. In the process of division, the cancer cells may invade the nearby tissues. In oncology, this phenomenon is characterized by the ability of the primary tumors to enter the bloodstream and lymphatic system. When the body cannot resist and detect the threats in time, the cancer cells spread to the distant parts of the body. This process is called metastasis.

The majority of the cancer types are caused by the damage, and change of the genes appeared in the process of cells division, in other words -mutations. Mutations are the errors that cannot be corrected. Mutations affect gene structure and stopped is regular functioning. The simplest type of mutation is the substitution in the DNA structure. For example, thiamine may replace adenine. Another type is the removal or duplication of one or more basic elements (nucleotides) (Molnar & Gair, n.d., p. 142).

The abuse with carcinogens such as nicotine, alcohol, and some food products, as well as some viruses, may be regarded the factor risks for the cancer occurrence. Nevertheless, cancer is preventable, and its prevention is the most effective measure in combating the disease.

Overall, cancer is a complex phenomenon; its development starts at the genetic level and depends on many individual characteristics. Person’s lifestyle in many ways may determine the course of the disease. The individual analyzed in the given paper, is exposed to the excess amount of sunlight, he smokes a pack of cigarettes per day and includes unhealthy products in his diet (fried food with a high level of fat).

As it was mentioned, cancer develops in case cell cycle is interfered (Molnar & Gair, n.d., p. 143). The sunlight doesn’t merely damage the surface of the skin; it also provokes the DNA mutation. As a result, the process of cancer cell emergence and division take place. The assessed individual is prone to the development of skin cancer. Moreover, smoking increases the risk of the lung and the respiratory tract cancer. Unhealthy, fat, and salty food rich invokes the carcinogenic effect.

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Although the unhealthy products come in contact with the digestive organs, the effects of the carcinogens may exceed the limits of the digestive system and affect other organs. In case there were the cases of cancer in the clinical medical of the family, the exposure to the excess level of carcinogens may trigger the disease. Nowadays, the unhealthy diet and smoking are considered the most common risk factors for cancer. At the same time, they succumb correction quite easily.

Cancer usually emerges after the long-term malfunction of the organism connected to the deterioration of the carbohydrate metabolism. Thus, for the reduction of the risk factors, it is important to keep up the balanced diet and lower the amount of alcohol or nicotine use. In the way, by following the rules of the healthy lifestyle, it is possible to prevent the development of cancer cells.


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