Israeli Settlement in Palestine: Conflict Nowadays

The state of Israel was established following U.N. Resolution 181 in 1947. This situation has led to the development of the conflict between Palestinian Arabs and Jews residing in those territories. The nature of the conflict and its current state requires further discussion. It is necessary to examine the rights of Arabs and Jews in both territories and refer to the U.S. position regarding this conflict.

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The rights of Arabs in Israel and Jews in Palestine are set according to U.N. Resolution 181 as the rights of minorities. Hence, Arab and Jewish communities can develop in Israel and Palestine according to their cultural norms and traditions. These people have the right to follow their religious views, use their language and even establish schools if necessary (U.N. General Assembly, n.d.). Accordingly, the human rights of these minorities seem to be protected.

The conflict between Palestine and Israel can be better described as based on the combination of territorial, religious, and economic factors. Arabs and Jews cannot agree on territories to occupy because of differences in their religions, cultures, and views, and this conflict has a historical background (Gordon, 2019). Moreover, the state of a military conflict between two states also affects the economic situation in Palestine and Israel.

Israel contributes to developing Jews’ settlements in Palestine, although they are viewed as illegal according to the norms of international law. Dr. Ashrawi responds to this issue stating that Benjamin Netanyahu was more interested in expanding settlements rather than in resolving the conflict (“September 28, 2017,” 2017). As Israeli settlements are rather illegal than addressing the minority rights in Palestine, Dr. Ashrawi’s position should be discussed as logical and based on evidence.

The U.S. standpoint regarding the problem has provoked much discussion. The reason is that President Trump has changed the U.S. course from supporting Palestine to a new plan toward promoting peace between the two countries. Currently, the USA is interested in assisting in the Israeli-Palestinian cooperation and enhancing Palestine’s economic growth (Gordon, 2019). Still, this position is discussed as rather controversial in terms of its impact on international relations.

The conflict between Israel and Palestine has a historical origin, and it is necessary to pay attention to all its aspects, including territorial and religious ones. Moreover, the escalation of the conflict is also associated with the practice of Jews settling in Palestinian lands. These settlements are typically viewed as illegal, and the support of this practice by Israel and the U.S. (indirectly) does not contribute to conflict resolution.


Gordon, P. H. (2019). Rethinking U.S. policy toward the Palestinians: Why punishment and coercion will backfire. Web.

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Dr. Ashrawi: “Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is more committed to settlement expansion than to peace.” (2017). Web.

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