Jazz and Politics: “The History of Jazz”

Jazz is an American musical art that originated at the beginning of the 20th century in African American communities as there was the connection of African and European music traditions. With the emaciation of slaves, there were new opportunities that were cared to African Americans in that they were allowed to have free education but they were not given opportunities in that same manner as the whites. The black musicians provided low-class entertainment at dances, minstrel shows, and vaudeville and this led to a nation of many bands. The black pianist played their music in bars and other places where they thought they could benefit from their music. During ragtime, there appeared many African American singers, and the appearance of New Orleans music then affect resulted in early jazz.

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This is because early jazz players played in brothels and bars of the red light district and other places meaning that as this music came up then they were not able to play in such places. Most of the instruments that were used in marching bands and dance bands became the basic instruments of jazz. Other small bands were self-taught African Americans and many of whom came funeral procession tradition of New Orleans played a role in the development and dissemination of early jazz and this effect paved the way through to other black communities that were in the south. With the freedom of blacks then jazz music completely changed and there was the introduction of blues in the country. (Balliett, 1983)

This meant that the early jazz music was no longer in existence simply because many singers were African Americans and due to changes that were made then they were able to know their rights and come up to be responsible people in whatever work they had to undertake. This meant that whites did not like this but the fact is that with freedom then blacks were able to carry out activities just in that same manner as the whites. What blacks faced was changed as with the civil rights movement then they could be allowed to form institutions that could assist them in carrying out activities that could lead to the change of their lives completely. in the mid-sixties, jazz music had reached its zenith and there was free music that was beginning to associate with cultural freedom and the free jazz that was sung had information how blacks felt about their current situation in that during this time of freedom then they had their rights just in the same manner as whites. Free jazz musicians had made moves in the thematic structure of music in that the songs that were sung were framed in a way that they were able to give melody and this meant that the black freedom had changed to jazz music.

This meant that there was a need for separation of jazz music that was sung in old times so that they could have a composition that could fit them. In other words, the organizations that were formed had revolutionary effects and at the same time, it was able to bring other changes in the black freedom. This meant that the whites couldn’t interfere with blacks bearing in mind that it was something that required changes so that it could fit in the African American culture. What organizations and institutions made in jazz music what that they assisted the blacks to get freedom and this meant that blacks were free to employment and education but with these organizations, there were many cases of black people who were murder this was a negative part of organizations and institutions that were formed. This meant that even though the organizations were good to some point there is also a bad part where many had lost their lives as they fought for their freedom. (Balliett, 1983)

The association of the advancement of creative musicians’ inc. has been an inspirational leader within the cultural community since the 1960s. The organization is a collection of musicians and composers who are dedicated to nurturing, performing, and recording serious and original music. The organization was formed so that it can meet the emergent needs to expose and showcase their original compositions and to create an outlet for the development and performance of their music. One mission of this organization has been to provide an atmosphere that would be conducive to the development of its member artists and to continue the organization’s legacy of providing leadership and vision for the development of creative music.

This organization at first used African music to have a unique description of direction and it pays homage to diverse styles of expression within the body of black music in the US and this experience was extended from the ancient music of Africa to the music of the future. This organization has been viewed as the leading edge in public concerts that are featuring some of the musicians so that they can have performances based on their original creative music. The organization takes pride in developing new generations of talent through offering a free music training program that is conducted by members of city youth and the organization’s school of music. It has the provision of moral standards to members through the provision of capacities as performers, artists, teachers, and role models. (Carlson, 1983)

The purpose of this organization was to ensure that blacks receive their freedom and have their rights respected in the same manner as whites. This meant that there was a need for organizations that could lead to the advancement of the black cries so that changes that were expected could be reached. This meant that organizations that were formed were targeting freedom and at the same time, it enabled African music in exists in international countries. This meant that the organization had many roles that it was supposed to play so that musicians and also the black freedom could be maintained and at the same time there was a need for changes that could result in this freedom. Therefore with this organization and other institutions then it can be clear that what blacks had been in a fight for was received and that was black freedom. Liberation was defined as an act that was done by black people so that they could have their rights. This meant that blacks had many actions that had to be done so that they could have their rights respected and one of the actions that were done is to have a spokesman that could lead to fighting for their rights. The songs that were sung were targeted at ensuring that blacks were free and ready to get their freedom. This showed that with the things that took place in the US concerning the African American group there was a need for liberty so that they could have access to education without discrimination has access to employment and health care. (Ben, 1983)

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This meant that human action was required so that they could have changes that could lead to their freedom. In other words, what they termed liberation was to be based on the freedom to education, employment, and rights been that they were not given their rights but they were forced to fight for them as they needed to have their children have access to education and still have their women getting jobs just like white women. But with this liberation, there was still the problem of lack of equity in that there was no equality in income distribution. This meant that even if the black women had access to education and employment the payment was very different in that they were seen to be people who could not bring changes that were expected in changing the economy even if they had education and qualifications that were the same as those of whites. This meant that gender inequality was very much pronounced and therefore they saw the need to have liberation. In liberation, they also needed freedom been that they were blacks in that they needed freedom so that they could have access to their needs. Therefore generally liberation was the target of the discrimination that was done to blacks by whites and lack of representation in the government was still in their fight.

AACM was revolutionary because it had its main target made to blacks so that they could have their freedom in that same manner as whites. During the history of jazz music then there was productivity and fame that resulted and this meant that the organization that had to be formed was to bring changes to black freedom. This is what took place because at the time when they had a spokesperson then these people saw the need for their rights and they come up so that they could have their rights been known in the country. The musicians were mainly in this organization and the songs that were sung were the target of freedom for blacks. This meant that the organization was revolutionary as it could be seen that the changes that took place after the formation of this organization were able to assure blacks that freedom was necessary and saw the need to have their freedom in place. The organization had to strive for its success been that people needed freedom so that it had to do was to ensure that jazz musicians were ready to make changes that could lead to black people’s freedom. ( Ben,1983)

This organization was formed in the middle of the 1960s when there were cries of black power, cries of unjustness, cries of grieving for black leaders lost to the guns of white supremacists, and the cry of riots. After the signing of the emancipation proclamation, the blacks fused their wish to end racism and they had a leader who spoke on their behalf and claimed that the black population was sick and tired. This meant that they were ready for action but due to the failure of martin blacks realized that it was their time to make a change in their lives and a rash of the organization was formed to further their cause. Four organizations were formed to be instrumental in the black revolt and included, NAACP, SNCC, SCLC, and CORE. The NAACP was able to fight racism in that it had anti-racism courts, the SNCC began its efforts by staging sit-ins in places like restaurants so that they can have the right discussion made that was based on the need to have freedom just like other people in the country. This organization was linked to politics because it had most of its members been saxophone players who joined CORE so that they can have fought against racism in employment, housing, and education policies. At this time then blacks began to have riots in protest against racism and took some cities like San Francisco to their knees. (Anthony, 1978)

The Panthers gained their infamy by openly brandishing rifles and pistols and followed the members of the police department to ensure that blacks were not disturbed. The action of these panthers arose due to murders that were done to blacks and this meant that there was a need to have security for blacks as they fought for their rights. Members of the art ensemble of Chicago who were a famous group in AACM became renowned for their stage costumes. These groups wore African robes and face paint and made use of the instruments that we’re able to create a texture to their music. During this time then an African campaign was launched across America that insisted that blacks were ready to separate from conventions of whites and the need for African liberation which led the Americans to pay attention to the political changes of Africans and listened to the teachings that were from African scholars. At this time the western world had a focus on technology, industry, and science and the simplicity of life of African tribes was welcoming and attractive. The formation of this organization of jazz musicians had puzzled looks as jazz was focused on individual virtuosity and fame.

This organization laid its roots when well-respected jazz musicians of Chicago formed a rehearsal band that was called experimental band which had several players but it later divided due to disputes that come their way. At first jazz music had no meaning but with the introduction of this organization then changes were made that led to the use of words like Chicago politics and in this, they had other things that were put in places like socialism and communism.

Jazz music had played a role in ensuring that the blacks had their freedom, this is. From the history of this music then it can be seen that with the formation of organizations the blacks were able to see the need for freedom and this worked because they were encouraged and were ready to participate so that they could have their freedom. AACM organization that was formed gave the African Americans a way through to have their cries stopped and they saw the only way that could stop this cry was to have freedom and liberation. This meant that this jazz music was in link with the fight for black people’s freedom so that they could have access to their needs in the same way as the whites. Therefore the organizations that were formed showed that blacks were tired and therefore they were ready to have the freedom that was with their other parties. Even if the jazz musicians faced many challenges they were able to come up with songs that showed that blacks were safe and had freedom. The link of this jazz music to politics came in because the organization that was formed had its main members been musicians therefore they had to ensure that they fight for black people’s freedom and this is what was done. (Anthony, 1978)


Jazz music was changed even though it reached the target that was intended by the blacks in that they had to ensure that freedom was in existence in that it had to result from them blacks been ready to have their leaders and at the same time have changes that were required. In fact with this music then it can be seen that many black people had their way through many challenges.

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