107 Jazz Essay Topics

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🏆 Best Essay Topics on Jazz

  1. Attending Music Concerts: Musical, Jazz, Classical and Opera
    Nowadays, it would prove rather impossible to find many people not appreciative of music in one way or another.
  2. Early New Orleans Jazz Piano Styles
    New Orleans is considered the birthplace of traditional jazz music. It dates back to the 20s of the past century, right after the end of the World War I.
  3. Jazz’ Influence as a Cultural Object in Germany
    This paper focuses on the influence of jazz as a cultural object in Germany. It traces the ban of jazz by the Nazis and importation to Germany after World War II.
  4. Jazz Music and Its Role in Society
    Jazz gets its appeal from the blend of different musical elements and the fact that different performers have different improvisation and personal interpretation.
  5. Duke Ellington: Jazz Legend and Music Innovator
    Duke Ellington – a man whose talent was rare, whose improvising abilities were admired, and whose legacy continues to excite jazz lovers all over the world.
  6. The Meaning of Freedom for Jazz Instrumentalists
    Jazz appeared at a very important period of time. African American musicians gathering in New Orleans to improvise and share their music could be taken as the founders of this music genre.
  7. Opera, Jazz, and Hillsong United Concert
    The first opera appeared in Italy, in Florence at the turn of XVI – XVII centuries. It was composed by the members of a small company the admirers of ancient art.
  8. Wynton Marsalis: Jazz in Marciac 2009
    Wynton Marsalis is an internationally acclaimed vocalist, musician, and composer. This paper dicusses the performance by Wynton Marsalis and the ensemble at the Jazz in Marciac festival in 2009.
  9. Monterey Jazz Festival: Where Art Meets Diversity
    Incorporating the elements of different cultures, the Monterey Jazz Festival featured an extraordinarily diverse and immensely talented band.
  10. The Birth of Jazz Fusion: Miles Davis
    The purpose of this paper is to analyze the differences between fusion and other types of jazz in relation to Miles Davis and his work.
  11. Jazz and Politics: “The History of Jazz”
    Free jazz musicians had made moves in the thematic structure of music in that the songs that were sung were framed in a way that they were able to give melody.
  12. Jazz Music: Comparison to Music in Previous Eras
    Comparison and contrast of jazz music to previous eras; Benefits and importance of acceptance of music; How to foster an interest and acceptance of music of all styles.
  13. Performing Arts. Minton’s Playhouse Jazz Club
    Mainstreaming the jazz sounds would take the establishment of popular night spots that featured this type of music, such as the famous Minton’s Playhouse in Harlem.
  14. Jazz Music History and Appreciation
    Masterpiece jazz is a combination of soaring sophisticated Western music and jazz melodies. It originated in the United States in the early 20th century.
  15. The Newport Jazz Festival
    Newport Jazz Festival is a grand musical occasion held every summer in Rhode Island. It was initially established as the first annual American jazz festival.
  16. “Free to Be”: A Jazz Concert Review
    The concert ‘Free to Be’ revolves around freedom, its joys, and its sorrows. The big band arrangement does the hard bop justice and sounds American to the core.
  17. Performance by the Frost Concert Jazz Band
    The goal of this paper is to analyze the performance of “Bridge” by the Frost Concert Jazz band and outline the specifics of its execution.
  18. The YouTube Broadway Jazz Class
    The famous song “All That Jazz” from the musical “Chicago” largely contributed to the understanding of Fosse’s dance style.
  19. Monterey Jazz Festival on Tour (Live in New York)
    The opening part of the concert set the dynamic for the remainder of the performance. The band’s rendition of “Fog” comprised a strong vocal part by Cécile McLorin Salvant.
  20. Jazz Music and Civil Rights Liberation
    Jazz music originated as a form of expression by Oppressed Black slaves in the 20th century but has grown into a popular genre in modern times.
  21. Portico Quartet Jazz Concert Review
    In their 2020 concert in Sala Apolo, Barcelona, Jack Wyllie, Duncan Bellamy, and Milo Fitzpatrick pushed the boundaries of the perception of jazz.
  22. Two Genres of Music: Rap Music and Jazz Music
    The paper compares two genres of music: rap music and jazz music. Both genres of music once became a symbol of the protest of their time.

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  1. Edward Ellington: Greatest Composer in Jazz History
  2. Most Influential Jazz Singer, Billie Holiday
  3. Jazz and Its Influence on African American Communities
  4. Babylon Revisited: Life after Jazz
  5. The Roaring Twenties, the Jazz Ages, and the Age of Paranoia
  6. Jazz Music and Its Impact on the 20th Century
  7. The Most Influential Jazz Musicians of All Time
  8. Lewis Armstrong and His Influence on Jazz History
  9. Understanding the Joys and Pains of Playing Jazz on the Trumpet
  10. The Correlation Between Jazz Musicians and the World of Addictive Substances
  11. The Origin and Development of Jazz Music in New Orleans, Louisiana
  12. Jazz and Literature Representative Works
  13. Blue Notes: Slovenian Jazz Festivals and Their Contribution to the Economic Resilience of the Host Cities
  14. The Definition and History of Jazz in America
  15. Chicago and New York as Focal Points in Jazz in the 1920s
  16. Early Jazz and How It Affects Music Today
  17. The Jazz Age Was One of the Many Highlights of the 1920s
  18. Jazz Music and Its Influence on African Americans
  19. The Definition and History of Jazz Music and How It Changed the Shape of the Nation
  20. The Jazz Age: Aftermath of War and Prelude to Depression
  21. Folk and Jazz Influences On Igor Stravinsky’s Compositions
  22. Southern Florida and Jazz Music
  23. The Music Life and Legendary of Max Roach in the Jazz World
  24. Listeners’ and Performers’ Shared Understanding of Jazz Improvisations
  25. Correlation Between Baroque Music and Cool Jazz
  26. Female Trendsetters During the Heyday of Jazz and Big Band
  27. The Similarities Between Classical Music and Ellington’s Jazz
  28. Improvisation and Other Jazz-like Techniques in Jack Kerouac’s Writing
  29. Latin Jazz Orchestra Players and to the Right the Trombone
  30. Jazz and World War II: Reciprocal Effects and Relationships Assignment

💡 Simple Jazz Essay Ideas

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  1. Brief Jazz History and Django Reinhardt
  2. The Mysteries and Intricacies of Jazz
  3. Blues, Jazz, and the Early Civil Rights Movement Assignment
  4. The Evolution and Impact of Jazz Dance on the World
  5. Jazz Music- The Roots of Our Everyday Life
  6. Heroin and Its Effects on the Lives of Jazz
  7. Temperance, Prohibition, and Jazz
  8. French Jazz and French Classical Music
  9. The Origin and Growth of Jazz Music in the United States
  10. Jazz Music and Its Impact on America‘s Music
  11. Black Culture and Jazz Music
  12. The Jazz Era That Introduced Many New Innovations to Literature
  13. Jazz Music and Its History
  14. Paving the Way for the Jazz Age
  15. Jazz Music and Its Development
  16. The Original Dixieland Jazz Band Influence
  17. The Jazz Industry and Had a Big Influence on Music
  18. Miles Davis and the Development of Improvisation in Jazz Music
  19. Rhythm and Blues: The Harmonic Connection Between Jazz and Blues
  20. The History and Influence of Jazz in America
  21. The New Orleans Jazz and Music
  22. Jazz, Society, and Technology
  23. Civil War and the Age of Jazz
  24. Tracing Back the Origins and History of Jazz Music in America From the Early 1800s
  25. Jazz Music, Freedom, and Women
  26. The Life and Musical Accomplishments of the Greatest Jazz Musician, Miles Davis
  27. Jazz Music During the Industrial Revolution
  28. The Guitar, Its Evolution Into Jazz, and Innovations Guitarists Have Developed Within Jazz
  29. Youth Behaviors and the Jazz Age
  30. The Gypsy Swing Cats and the Beginning of Jazz

❓ Questions About Jazz

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  1. What Are the Three Approaches to Defining Jazz?
  2. What Are Some Misconceptions in Linking Free Jazz With the Civil Rights Movement?
  3. What Is a Concentric Model for Jazz History?
  4. What Are the Roots of Jazz and the Dance in Place Congo?
  5. What Is the Evolving Role of the Electric Bass in Jazz?
  6. What Jazz Techniques Did Sidney Bechet Use?
  7. Who Are the Most Influential Jazz Musicians of All Time?
  8. How Did American Culture Change During the Jazz Age?
  9. What Is the Origin and Development of Jazz Music in New Orleans, Louisiana?
  10. How the American Jazz Age Is Imaged in Fitzgerald’s “The Great Gatsby”?
  11. How Swing Dance and Jazz Music Impacted America?
  12. How the Terms Temperance, Prohibition and Jazz Are Related?
  13. Whats the Connection Between Jazz and Innovation?
  14. How Jazz Came From Various Elements into One Complex Genre?
  15. How Commerce Has Helped Put Jazz Out of Business in Today’s World?
  16. How Gershwin and Jazz Influenced American Composer?
  17. What Are the Historical Origins and Development of the Cool Jazz Movement?
  18. What Was the Status of Female Trendsetters During the Heyday of Jazz and Big Band?
  19. What Were Social, Technological and Political Changes in the American Jazz Age?
  20. Whhat Are the Main Characteristics of a Specific Style or Period in Jazz Since World War II?
  21. What Is Bebop Jazz and How Did It Influence the Whole Genre?
  22. What Do Baroque Music and Jazz Have in Common?
  23. What Were Cultural Developments During the Age of Jazz?
  24. What Were Folk and Jazz Influences Upon Igor Stravinsky’s Compositions?
  25. What Was the Influence of Saxophone on Advancement of Jazz Music?
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