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Job Analysis and its Purposes

According to the Conspiracy Doctrine, trade unions were associated with illegal conspired groups that should be therefore removed and subjected to punishment. As it could be seen, the trade unions were hampered and oppressed purposefully by the companies that were striving to increase their capital and power. Another legal instrument that converted the union prosperity into decline was Sherman Anti-trust Act accepted in 1890. The employers successfully used this doctrine, as they intended to suppress the unionists and to strengthen their own positions. Those acts, therefore, were created by the government was an attempt to decrease the wages and salaries of employees as well.

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When considering three aspects of job activities, namely job analysis, job evaluation and job classification, it is worth mentioning that all these are connected with a different interpretation of the task scope. Hence, job analysis identifies the scope of the task; the job evaluation process provides the estimation of the task relevance whereas job classification identifies the type of tasks to group them. Because the main task of the personnel is to accomplish those tasks, the functions of human resource management directly relate to the scope and quality of tasks. They should identify the knowledge and abilities of employees who could be capable to accomplish the task successfully.

Max Weber sees the organization structure in the form of subordinate relations of the department so that the lower office should report to the higher one. This type of structure is more beneficial for the upper department where bureaucratic approach prevails. The main drawback of this theory lies in the fact that the employees who are assigned the task do not fully understand the purpose of the work. However, this hierarchy allows preserving impersonal relations. Considering Frederick Taylor’s concept of scientific management, it should be stressed that his labor division concept considerably advanced the income of numerous industries. At the same time, it turned people into mechanized machines under the supervision of their managers.

The main purpose of job (position) description is to identify the task and duties according to knowledge, skills, and abilities of an employee. In addition, it also justifies the necessity of the position in terms of the tasks required. Unlike the above, job (position) classification determines the type and design of work, it’s worth and efficiency. In addition, job (position) description defines but not classifies the required list of duties whereas job (position) classification systemizes positions but not individuals defined according to the duties and responsibilities assigned to them. It should be stressed that the process of the position description is limited by job analysis, as it describes types of duties and responsibilities.

The main purpose of job analysis is to identify the scope of tasks about the skills and abilities required to accomplish those tasks. This process allows identifying the appropriateness and the difficulty of the task for an organization. Judging the above information, job analysis is the basis of a job (position) description, which is impossible to carry out without this procedure. Additionally, position consideration can be applied for designing new jobs or modifying the existed ones to increase their efficiency. However, this activity is rather time-consuming and complicated. Moreover, a coherent job analysis can lead to the creation of more efficient conditions and a task requiring fewer employees and provoking unemployment.

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