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Kellogg’s Unique Positioning Strategy

Originating from the United States, Kellogg’s achieved global recognition a long time ago. The company has long since entered the global market, and its ability to withstand local competition is exemplary. By examining the firm’s approach to market placement, it is possible to conclude what defines a valid strategy for marketing a product across different cultures. In this paper, Kellogg’s unique positioning strategy will be reviewed.

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The basis for the company’s success lies in its flexibility and universal customer-friendly appearance. Starting from its mission statement, the brand positions itself as a producer of family-centered products that are healthy for all generations (Shivaranjani, 2020). With its target customer covered, Kellogg’s continues to define its place in the market through direct communication with customers via media outlets. Its social media posts often contain mothers with their children enjoying cereal (Shivaranjani, 2020). Its continuous efforts to bring attention to the importance of breakfast produce a significant positive impact on the company’s sales (Shivaranjani, 2020). Moreover, the company adapts its products to local markets through region-specific flavors (Shivaranjani, 2020). Even nowadays, Kellogg’s produces advertisements that influence its target groups across the globe to consider eating breakfast.

In conclusion, Kellogg’s approach to marketing allowed the company to act upon societal changes in the most efficient way that addresses newly appearing adverse factors in a timely fashion. The firm positioned itself as a provider of healthy products that are modified for each regional market depending on the local population, culture, and food traditions. This method, alongside its easily recognized brand, gave Kellogg’s a significant advantage over local competitors. With all its advertisements, the firm ensures that breakfast is not leaving people’s schedules anytime soon.


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