Kindliness and Its Importance in Teaching

I am writing to share my thoughts about the importance of kindliness and why I reckon it will help you solve the problem that you have faced in your school environment. I believe that kindliness is the core of compassion and caring attitude towards people, which is especially crucial in educating and raising children. Quite often, kindliness is associated with morality that regulates human interactions. However, it is designed to regulate the relations between people; meanwhile, kindliness is not adjusted to the narrow understanding of this idea when people do not cause inconvenience to one another, it is to contribute to the construction of a better future and a society that is more tolerant (Jalongo 29). Kindliness is a force that creates excitement, hope, confidence, and inspiration. If kindliness and empathetic attitude become a universal norm of treating others in society, it will evolve spiritually and materially.

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After working as a teacher in the community school for a couple of years, I was able to draw a conclusion that kindliness is an inherent quality of life and human identity. The emanation of kindliness will enable educating a child that will be clement, kind, and compassionate (Hartas 20). When the child treated with kindliness will become an adult, he or she will be capable of integrating kindliness into his or her own family. The more people will emanate kindliness through thoughts, speech, emotions, and actions, the more often this state will become a permanent norm of life of the society. When children become independent from their parents, the essence of kindness starts influencing other people, thus, contributing to the overall welfare of the people, which, in turn, will enable other generations to face the society that is more kind, empathic, and tolerant.

Nevertheless, it is the human consciousness that frequently complies with the intention to act kindly. Consequently, it is reasonable to wonder why humans obey and are reasoned by the call of conscience rather than being guided by the notion of kindliness. The answer lies in the educational environment that a child faces. It also depends on the pedagogical attitude with the help of which kindliness is being nurtured in a child. It is essential that kindness is raised through a kind attitude and patience without any prejudice. It should be noted that the evil treating of a person could not raise the feeling of compassion. However, goodness is capable of transferring bad intentions into positive ones (Jalongo 41). Such a pedagogical approach as authoritarian and peremptory carry violence in their core, and they are detrimental to the child. It can diminish the positive nature that is inherent in almost every human. Authoritarian pedagogy teaches formal awareness and compassion that is to say a child knows that he or she must be good (Hartas 22). However, the authoritarian pedagogy cannot wake the empathy in the child as it does not give him or her the opportunity to experience compassion and rejoice it. Only humane pedagogy and attitude can raise compassion through the development of the spiritual and sensual base in a child.

For that reason, I believe that kindliness does not expect any benefit and mutual kindness as it is selfless. It is essential to treat the child facing controversy with patience and tolerance to help him, or she decide what is right in a non-violent way. It is crucial to raise tolerant and compassionate children as they will be capable of making the society complete.

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