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Kudler Fine Foods Stores’ Strategic Analysis


To begin with, it is necessary to mention that any organization should have its principal goal, clearly stated mission, values and goals, which are planned to be achieved. The fact is that, the clearness of the goals defines the strategy for achieving the goal, and defines the process of strategic planning, which is the most essential factor of any business activity.

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Kudler Fine Foods is committed to providing its customers with the finest selection of the very best foods and wines in order to simplify the lives of the customers, and offer them the products for the most delicious meals. The mission of the company is to provide the wide choice of the products of the highest quality. Moreover, successful attainment of this goal puts the company on the top among the most successful retail companies. It is stated in the company’s vision that Kudler Fine Foods is the premier gourmet grocery store for those perceptive shoppers who are searching for the finest meats, produce, cheeses, and wine.

The primary reason of this company’s existence is the strong necessity of following the setup aims and goals, and the primary aim of meeting the customers’ requirements and expectations. In order to meet these expectations of production and service quality, the company aims to hire the best professionals in the sphere of marketing and strategic planning for the elaboration of the HR, customer care, financial and marketing strategies.

Reason and the Key Positions in Organizational Structure

First, it is necessary to mention that the structure of this organization is not extensive: the size of the organization is small, and there is no space for extensive and multi-level strategy, nevertheless, the management team of Kudler Fine Foods copes with their assignments perfectly, achieving all the setup aims and goals. It is stated the following: “In order to get the best price possible for products, Kathy buys in bulk for all three stores.

While this approach saves Kathy money, ordering for all three stores on a weekly basis takes so much of her time, that she hardly has time to interact with the customers anymore. Because customers expect a high-quality product, Kathy makes sure that the product is pulled from the shelf and replaced as soon as possible if the turnover rate is less than expected.” (Strategic Plan, 2003)

As for the matters of the key positions of strategy, the fact, that the company does everything possible for satisfying its customers and extending the retail network of the groceries. The firm’s marketing strategy may be regarded as one of the key positions of the structural modifications: “Kudler’s has budgeted $368,200 for sales and marketing efforts for the year 2004. When Kathy started the first store in La Jolla, her sales and marketing efforts consisted of some internal and external signage.

While she did some advertising in the local school yearbook and other small efforts, those ads were placed mainly to help other members of the community. As the store became a success and the second store was opened, she decided to take a more formal approach to sales and marketing.” (Strategic Plan, 2003) Taking this fact into account, it should be stated that the organizational structure of the company is defined by the key points of the strategic planning and requirements, set up in the goals of the organization.

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