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Launching Bendable iPhone

Apple is one of the most successful tech companies that are known for their innovative solutions in the field of customer electronics and computer software. The mission of Apple is to provide the best user experience by offering innovative software, hardware, and services (Rowland). The goals of this company are associated with focusing on dynamic changes and satisfying customer needs. One of the key goals is to produce top-quality products, which allows Apple to leverage over its competitors (Rowland). Also, public empowerment and the improvement of people’s lives are the goals that are expected to achieve through user-friendly technology.

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The launch of a new bendable iPhone is a decision that can transform the way customers perceive their gadgets and exceed their expectations. This device is to have a foldable screen, which can integrate iPhone and iPad in a single device. However, the question is whether customers would value such an option, and would the price be affordable. In this connection, a behavioral segmentation method is relevant to use the available data and understand what customers are likely to do. This method implies that a company should design the products in accordance with clients’ needs, usage rates, and loyalty (Hooley et al. 132). The first segment that can be composed of those who are already familiar with Apple’s products, highly loyal customers, both with high and middle incomes. Technically-oriented customers can be identified as the second segment, with the aim of simplifying their lives and enriching with innovative technology. People who are oriented to social acceptance and fashion are the third potential segment for bendable iPhone introduction.

Speaking of the target market for foldable iPhone, it is important to mention such competitors as Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi, and others also work on similar products. To stay competent, Apple should target a global middle range market. An emphasis on this market would cultivate more customer loyalty by offering a luxury product at a relatively affordable price. The evidence shows that such an approach is especially valued by Millennials (Rowland). In addition, the chosen market approach strategy would help in competing for new customers with the strong rivals, including Samsung, Xiaomi, et cetera.

Apple should continue its current multi-segment positioning strategy to launch bendable iPhone. While the first model of such a product would be primarily for those with a high income, its further models can be more diversified to target different segments. Bendable iPhone’s identity should be reflected through innovation promotion, imagination, and customers’ emotional experience. The positioning of this product should be considered as a new lifestyle that would be simpler and more pleasant. It should also be pinpointed that a corporate branding strategy is another way to link customer experience with a high-quality brand image with a unique mission (Hooley et al. 84). The communication and promotion of bendable iPhone can be provided via partners and social media to create the opportunity of feedback from customers.

To conclude, bendable iPhone, the new product of Apple, should be positioned as a unique technology that can make a person’s life easier and fill it with discoveries. The behavioral segmentation approach is recommended to identify several segments: highly loyal clients, technology-savvy people, and those who are oriented towards social acceptance. More to the point, the strategy of multi-segment positioning is suggested to differentiate foldable iPhone and satisfy the needs of various customers.

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