Alan Mulally's Leadership in Ford Motor Company | Free Essay Example

Alan Mulally’s Leadership in Ford Motor Company

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Topic: Business & Economics

It is significant to stress that Alan Mulally is an exceptional leader. The core of this statement lies in the fact that he did not concentrate on the contingency theory or transformational leadership approach. Still, the reverse – emphasized the role of every employee in the enterprise. He aimed to engage each worker in the process and to ensure his or her potential could be maximized. Importantly, he was aware of the importance of supporting employee productivity and promoting the joint understanding of corporate culture and vision so that co-workers could comprehend why they should apply themselves to their duties (Carey & Keller, 2012). Therefore, Alan Mulally should be considered an effective and ethical leader not only because of the breakthrough the company was able to make during his leadership but due to the particular emphasis on the workforce, which allowed the company to retain staff and mobilize every employee to be productive while providing them with the best support.

Notably, the example of Ford’s leader can provide insights into concrete practices a person could apply to ensure efficiency. First, it is essential to assist employees in working jointly. The manager’s role is to procure the team-based atmosphere in which every worker can contribute to achieving goals according to his or her competence and skills. Second, it is rational to delegate a task in which the leader is incompetent to those specialists who are masters in it (Shein, 2012). Third, it is of paramount importance to ensure and encourage regular feedback. By listening and talking to the employees, the manager will comprehend what should be done to help the workforce accomplish their tasks most efficiently. Following this approach, I will be able to encourage workers to use their potential to the fullest, ensure loyalty, and increase job satisfaction, which will be further reflected in the increased company performance and positive corporate culture.


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