Laura Pausini: Live Music Event Critique

In this paper, I will present my analysis and reaction to the live concert of Laura Pausini, which took place in Miami on July 26, 2018. The event started at 8:00 PM at James L. Knight Center and lasted for a couple of hours. It was dedicated to Laura’s new album “Hazte Sentir,” and it can be suggested that the concert was held to promote the album and offer Laura an opportunity to come in contact with her fans. As I happen to be one of them, I was excited to attend. I arrived rather early, but the event was worth it, and I was glad to talk to the people who were equally interested in Laura as I waited.

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Laura made an exciting entrance, during which the stage and lighting were set in a way that would not draw too much attention to the other performers, but the setting changed very soon. In general, the scene was very dynamic; Laura used it to diversify her performance, and there were instances when other people were placed in the spotlight. Similarly, the lighting and the screen behind the scene were employed to complement the songs and make the performance more entertaining. Additionally, lighting helped Laura in transitions from one song to another. As for costumes, they were not very special; rather, they looked like comfortable and elegant clothing, in which none of the performers was set apart too noticeably. Even Laura’s costumes (she changed them several times) were not very colorful, although they were beautiful.

Laura was not working on her own; she had the support of other singers and musicians who played electric guitars, drums, and a piano. All the mentioned people appeared very skilled to me; the performance was definitely polished. Laura interacted with the performers, but she interacted with the audience even more often. She joked, came up with the comments that would help her introduce new songs, and thanked the audience for their support. She also invited us to sing along with her. It seemed that Laura took the opportunity to communicate with us very seriously.

It was also clear that Laura enjoyed being on the scene and liked her performance. Overall, it appeared to me that Laura and the other performers were working very hard but enjoyed the process. The songs were diverse, especially in their mood, and I loved all of them, but “Nadie Ha Dicho” was the one that was particularly memorable to me because it was the first one. Additionally, it was a very powerful song; it described a lost love and focused on the feelings that remained, which resonated with my personal experiences.

Furthermore, I enjoyed the performance that was designed for the song “Escucha Atento” very much. It involved red lights and images on the screen, which corresponded to the song’s message that was concerned with the concept of independence. I also think that the two songs demonstrated the diversity of Laura’s work: the first one was softer and bittersweet, and the second one was more assertive and energetic. The two songs did not involve instrumental solos, but they placed Laura in the spotlight, which was precisely what I wanted from the concert. Regarding the genre, Laura Pausini Official Website states that she is a pop singer, and it also notes that she has received some Latin music awards. I agree with this classification, and I think that Laura has a distinctive style that has been influenced by multiple genres. Pop-music and Latin music are probably the most prominent ones.

The audience at the concert was rather diverse; I saw men and women of different ages and ethnicities. Also, all the people that I have met seemed to be excited about the event; I think that they were either the fans of Laura or the people who were very interested in Latin pop-music and live concerts. I believe that the reason for this attitude was the fact that Laura’s music was the primary focus of the event; a person who would not enjoy it would have no reason to attend it.

Regarding my personal enjoyment of the event, it was immense. I think that I would have liked it in any case since I was excited about the opportunity from the very beginning. However, the efforts of Laura Pausini and other people who were involved in the process contributed to my experience. The concert was more than a person singing the songs that I was familiar with; rather, it was a performance, which involved much interaction with a singer I admired. While I did not talk to Laura in person, it still felt like it, and I think that it was her intent. As a result, the main thing that I recall about the experience was Laura: she engaged the audience, and she was engaged in the performance herself. That was exactly what I expected to see during a live concert, and it was delivered. As I returned home, I was filled with creative ideas and positive emotions.

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Thus, I can conclude that several elements of the concert contributed to its success from my perspective. First, it was the audience: we came to the event because we wanted to be there and were interested in what Laura had to offer. Second, it was the professionalism of the performers: they were skilled and delivered high-quality music. Third, the special effects and settings were noteworthy: they were developed to improve the work and augment the presentation. Most importantly, however, it was Laura who helped me to enjoy the concert: she performed well, employed the special effects to her advantage, and interacted with the audience, giving us what we wanted. I am very grateful to her for this experience.

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