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Leadership and Management Differences

The definition between a leader and a manager is still relevant, which is reflected in the materials read. Toor’s and Ofori’s research became key to understanding the differences between management and leadership. In the course of studying the material, it was concluded that there is no clear distinction between the two professions, as well as the use of the leadership framework for both the manager and the leader. However, there is research that helps to understand the difference between these concepts.

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According to Toor and Ofori, one of the essential distinguishing features is that the term leader was discussed by ancient philosophers, while the word manager appeared only at the beginning of the 20th century. Thus, the concept of a leader has evolved since ancient times and was hoped for by the authoritative qualities of a person who has influence. At the same time, the manager is defined by most scientists as the person who organizes the work and obeys the organization’s rules.

Moreover, all leaders are good managers, but not all managers have the proper leadership qualities. On the one hand, the behavior and work of leaders in the organization are determined by their personal values and the vision of the company’s future as a whole. On the other hand, management “involves being assigned, accepting and carrying the responsibility for the proper functioning of a system” (Connolly et al., 2017, p. 2). Managers are usually subordinate and directed by other people and are motivated by management’s goals.

The difference between leaders and managers can be seen in the example of their responsibilities at work. Leaders have qualities that help build relationships in a team and motivate people to do good work and achieve their goals. At the same time, managers are involved in budgeting, estimating, and scheduling in the company. Leaders are strategists and guide the development of the company based on their beliefs. Managers, on the other hand, are tacticians and develop rules and implement incentive programs.

A crucial part of understanding the difference between managers and leaders is the leadership frames. Many leaders are assessed according to the Bolman and Deal model. This model includes four frames (structural, human resources, political, and symbolic). Following many studies, the most successful leaders use more than one framework in their work. This is due to the fact that the effectiveness of a leader is determined not only by his ability to set goals and give a new idea but also by the ability to negotiate in a team.

Leaders differ from managers in that the former uses more human resource and structural skills in their work, and the latter mostly uses structural skills. However, managers and leaders do not use political and symbolic skills in their work, although this would help to improve their effectiveness. Despite this, the literature often supports the idea that effective management is associated with structural and human resources frames, while leading is connected with a political and symbolic framework.

It was concluded that although there is no clear division between leaders and managers to date, differences can be traced in their work and skills. In the context of studying, this issue is important for understanding the work of leaders and managers as links of one company. Since leaders and managers are an essential part of the business, understanding the difference between these two concepts will help to improve the efficiency of work in the company.

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