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  1. Leadership and Organizational Change
    The efficiency and success of an organization greatly depend on the type of leadership approaches or strategies that are practiced in the corporate organization
  2. Leadership: Mission and Skills
    Being a leader means accomplishing goals and caring about the team. It requires a strong focus on the goal, motivation, and preparedness to learn from mistakes.
  3. Organizational Culture, Structure, and Leadership in the 21st century
    Traditional organizational culture stressed commitment, solidarity, identity, and sameness. New companies are oriented on responsiveness, cooperation, performance, and diversity.
  4. Conflict Management and Leadership Skills
    A conflict is a disagreement between two parties of different levels. This essay explores methods of conflict resolution and leadership skills that can be applied in business.
  5. Leadership and Followership
    Democratic leadership style which is also referred as participative style since it strives to involve employee in organizational management and decision making.
  6. Leadership at the Workplace
    This paper will focus upon the different leadership behaviors and the best leadership behavior which should be adopted to meet the company’s goals.
  7. Executive Leadership for Women: Examining the Rhetoric and the Reality
    It is true that Men and women are not randomly distributed through out organizations but there are evidences of discrimination on the ground of gender are evident.
  8. Leadership and Organizational Behavior
    This paper assumes this connection to be true, tries to develop two viable structures for a given organization. The organization we intend to study is Procter and Gamble (P&G).
  9. Leadership Elements of the California State Library
    Leadership is a crucial component of the operations of any given organization. The focus of this paper is on the leadership of the California State Library.
  10. Theories of Effective Leadership
    The term “organisational dynamics” is widely used to examine how human capital in a company can be managed to improve the level of business performance.
  11. Leadership Styles in Business
    The key to success is to apply the style most suitable to the company, its products, its structure, its people, the organizational environment and natural style of the leader.
  12. Leadership Vision, Its Goals and Objectives
    Leadership refers to the process of influencing people in order to achieve certain goals and objectives. Leaders posses certain qualities and skills that determine their levels of success.
  13. Ulysses Grant’ Leadership Type
    Ulysses was a visionary leader, as his foreign policy focused on improving the influence of America on the global market by fostering good relations with other powerful countries.
  14. Strategic Team Leadership
    In order to be able to lead team towards the desired success, it is important to understand the personality of every one of them in order to be able to know how to approach them on different issues.
  15. The Impact of Humility and Leadership
    Humility’s impact on leadership: enhancing leaders’ effectiveness, legitimizing learning and followers’ personal development, reinforcing listening, coaching, trust, confidence.
  16. Humility’s Impact in Leadership
    In the leadership, humility refers to the ability of an individual to act modestly by learning and accepting the truth people management.
  17. Robert Nardelli Leadership Style
    Robert Nardelli was the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and the chairperson of Home Depot from the year 2000 up to 2007 when he resigned.
  18. Transformational and Transactional Leadership Models
    This paper set out to discuss the transactional and transformational leadership models and show how the two are applied in some real-world organizations.
  19. Drucker and Leadership: the Father of Modern Management
    Drucker elevates the concept of management to an entirely new level, where one is capable of choosing the most adequate solution from the available options.
  20. Management and Leadership: Defining the Relationship
    The terms “management” and “leadership” are often confused and used interchangeably despite the different timing of their evolution.
  21. Transformational Leadership: An Ideal Solution
    Extant scholarship on leadership and management demonstrates that transformational and transactional leadership styles are widely validated in business and industry.
  22. Leadership Styles: Garry Kelly in Southwest Airlines
    Existing scholarship shows that leaders, through their leadership styles, approaches and practices, have the capacity to positively or negatively influence outcomes for their respective business organizations.
  23. Leadership Styles Assessment: Evaluating the Impact
    The impact of the style approach to leadership on individuals and organizations focuses explicitly on the behavior of the leader. Employees and organizations stand to benefit from the style approach.
  24. Leadership in Organizations: Concepts and Approaches
    Leadership must be designed as a condition, an attribute or ability of an individual so that the set goals and objectives of an organization can be met.
  25. Taxonomy of Leadership Theories
    Ethical leadership is considered transactional-oriented by emphasizing ethical standards and moral management, rather than common transformational characteristics of vision.
  26. Nursing Leadership and Management
    This essay explores the similarities and differences between leadership and management in nursing. It focuses on how nurse leaders and managers perceive quality improvement.
  27. Leadership: Power, Authority, and Influence Selections
    Researchers have identified numerous models that can be used by managers to lead and guide their employees. Successful leaders embrace the best concepts and theories.
  28. Concord Hospital Leadership Management
    Given the need for Concord Hospital to enhance its collaborative care approach, the use of Belbin team roles theory plays a significant role in the goals of the program achieve.
  29. Corporate Fraud as an Ethical and Leadership Dilemma
    This paper discusses corporate fraud as an ethical and leadership dilemma, which helps in balancing the interests of stakeholders within corporations.
  30. Effective Team Leadership’s Keys
    This paper provides an explanation of how environmental variables come into play in deciding which factors take precedence in leading an effective team.
  31. Andes Survivors Expedition Leadership Model
    The paper discusses the model of leadership in the Andes Survivors expedition and applies situational leadership theory, contingency and path-goal theory to the case.
  32. Hernandez & Associates Agency’s Team Leadership Model
    The Hernandez & Associates advertising agency has to apply to the Team Leadership Model to overcome difficulties of economic downturn and change their business strategy.
  33. General Leadership Perspectives
    Leadership is a multi-disciplinary concept that requires a person to make sacrifices to attain the desired results. A leader’s ability to influence and inspire people determines the level of success.
  34. Humility in Leadership for Americans
    This paper discusses how Americans view leadership and humility and explains the importance of humility in leadership.
  35. Jack Welch’s Leadership Style in General Electric Company
    Jack Welch encouraged his employees to adopt his vision and eventually made General Electric a successful organization.
  36. A Social Identity Theory of Leadership by Michael Hogg
    Hogg’s article A Social Identity Theory of Leadership analyzes this theory, which describes leadership as a group process rather than the role of an individual.
  37. Leadership Role in Shaping Organizational Culture
    Leadership largely determines how culture is formed and maintained within an organization and ensures the promotion of ethics.
  38. Leadership: Challenges, Change and Responsibility
    Businesses need to adopt different leadership and management styles to be prepared for the future. The leaders need to be progressive in thinking and fast in decision making.
  39. Leadership Aspects in Nursing Practice
    The leadership program has to involve the evaluation of the real-life cases while working in teams. Nurses have to combine the characteristics of the leaders and managers.
  40. Lincoln’s, Churchill’s, King Jr.’s Leadership
    This paper examines the leadership characteristics of Abraham Lincoln, Winston Churchill, and Dr Martin Luther King Jr and their differences from those of other leaders.

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  1. Starbucks’ Culture and Howard Schultz’s Leadership
    Success at Starbucks Corporation is directly attributed to the efficient communication and practical leadership.
  2. Democratic Leadership and Management Style
    The paper analyzes democratic leadership as the management style adopted by the author’s group, and approach to management indicated by the management style questionnaire.
  3. Gary C. Kelly’s Leadership at Southwest Airlines
    Gary C. Kelly, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Southwest Airlines, greatly contributed to the company’s success in diverse areas of engagement.
  4. Capital Veterinarian Clinic’s Leadership Dynamics
    Leadership is important in any organization because the effectiveness of leadership influences all processes, relations, and operations in a company.
  5. GLOBE Study of Leadership for Multinationals
    The results of the GLOBE have wide-ranging implications for cross-cultural leadership. Multinational enterprises could utilize this study to create a cultural fit.
  6. The Film “Remember the Titans”: Leadership Roles
    Boone did not want to accept the leadership because of racial prejudices and because he felt like he was doing the same thing that was once done to him.
  7. Autocratic, Consultative, Group-Based Leadership
    This paper discusses the attributes of autocratic, consultative and group based types of leadership and how does a manager proceed to select one of these types of leadership.
  8. Leadership, Decision-Making and Self-Managed Teams
    This paper examines self-managed teams, effective leadership theories, and decision-making theories and links the three artifacts in forming the organization canvas.
  9. Mark Zuckerberg’s Leadership Strategies
    Mark Zuckerberg is one of the most successful leaders despite the criticisms presented by many stakeholders against him.
  10. Leadership in Project Management and Team-Building
    The paper discusses leadership in team-building and project management, compares leadership and management, classifies leaders and styles of leadership.
  11. Can Effective Business Leadership Be Learned?
    The question of whether effective business leadership can be learned remains a contested debate. Many individuals believe that business leaders are born.
  12. Power, Its Sources and Relation to Leadership
    Power is the ability of a person to influence and define the actions of other people. John French and Bertram Raven introduced five types of power relying on their sources.
  13. Primal Leadership Unleashing the Power of Emotional Intelligence
    The book Primal Leadership explores the role of emotions in leadership practices and suggests a framework for applying the obtained knowledge in the field of professional use.
  14. The Nike Brand Success and Phil Night’s Leadership
    The specific ways of the Nike organization, as well as personal qualities that helped Phil Night establish a world-famous brand, will be discussed in this paper.
  15. Nursing Leadership Styles and Model Case
    The traditional approach towards leadership implies that leaders possess different personality characteristics compared to their followers.
  16. Western State University’s Insufficient Leadership
    The focus of this paper is the analysis of a situation provided in a case study about Western State University that has been suffering from the incompetent leadership.
  17. Leadership and Entrepreneurship
    Whereas the fields of leadership and entrepreneurship have their differences, there is much they have in common, and they depend on each other based on the experiences they share.
  18. Social Change, Leadership and Advocacy
    The paper studies concepts of social change, advocacy, and leadership comparing similarities and differences as they all focus on innovation, shifts, and collaboration.
  19. Leadership’s Evaluation and Philosophy
    The following paper is to evaluate and to compose a personal leadership philosophy, which will be helpful for daily activity.
  20. Wal-Mart’s Leadership in Crafting and Executing Strategy
    Wal-Mart Company was selected because it was associated with sustainable business strategies capable of fulfilling the emerging needs of more stakeholders.
  21. Entrepreneurial Leadership: Strategies and Challenges
    As far as entrepreneurial leadership is concerned, it should not be a preserve of the entrepreneur alone. This is because it is embedded in economic, social, environmental and cultural aspects.
  22. Leadership and the Graduate Nursing Role
    Leadership in an advanced nursing role is associated with a high degree of workplace adversity that requires a fair amount of courage and inspiration.
  23. Women in International Business and Leadership
    Women are poorly represented in both business leadership and entrepreneurship due to cultural barriers, but the situation is improving with a reduction in the gender gap.
  24. Leadership and Management Importance in Organisations
    This essay seeks to establish whether managers can be trained to be leaders, especially in organisations that thrive in ever-changing, competitive business environment.
  25. Leadership in Nursing and Midwifery
    Efficient management and leadership approaches must be developed to help nurses acquire the relevant skills to cater to the needs of a wide range of patients.
  26. Team Leadership in the “Engaging Others” Video
    Competent leaders will engage their followers, identify and tackle their problems, and empower them to deliver meaningful results.
  27. Quality Leadership Communication in Organizations
    A great number of organizations and projects failed due to poor leadership and team communication. Effective communication can be of great benefit to the firm.
  28. Change and Conflict Theories in Healthcare Leadership
    This paper discusses change theories, conflict theories, and leader as a change agent, and analyzes how the ability to handle conflict affect effective leadership in health care.
  29. Perspective in Women Leadership in United Arab Emirates
    This essay explores the perceptions that surround women, their participation in leadership, and analyzes how culture, religion, and opinions impact on women leadership in the UAE.
  30. The Ford Company’ Management and Leadership Approaches
    In the present case, we will discuss the case of Alan Mulally who had headed Ford since 2006. Mulally is also a member of the board of directors of Ford Motors.
  31. Nurse Leadership Case
    The case under consideration describes a situation with a registered nurse at a large psychiatric unit. An incident happened and a nurse can have a problem with her license.
  32. Transformational Leadership for Nurses’ Motivation
    Motivation has a positive effect on patient health outcomes when nurses are willing to apply their knowledge and skills to work and achieve their full potential.
  33. Seven Habits Profile for Leadership Style Evaluation
    The Seven Habits Profile is used to evaluate the people’s leadership styles. The tool is a practical way of assessing an individual’s strengths and weaknesses as a leader.
  34. Effective Nursing Leadership and Management
    In the USA, various factors influence the availability of registered nurses. This paper describes the differing approaches of nursing leaders and managers to issues in practice.
  35. Motivation Types and Leadership Styles in Nursing
    A better quality of care is possible when a nurse is internally motivated to achieve positive results and grow professionally.
  36. Nursing Leadership and Management: Isaac’s Case
    This paper discusses Isaac’s case, offers the solution options to the problem, using nursing leadership, and analyzes issues and conflicts on the work.
  37. Marriott Hotels: Organisational Leadership and Strategy
    Marriott Hotels is one of the most multifaceted and internationally assorted organizations of the hospitality industry. The researcher has put emphasize over the leadership of the organization.
  38. Leadership: Importance and Types
    Every organization or collective needs a leader. This paper analyses different types of leaders whose main aim is to understand the difference between these types better.
  39. The Situational Leadership Model
    Situational leadership is one of the most commonly used leadership models in the contemporary world. Its impact and effectiveness boost its popularity among some of the best business leaders today.
  40. Leadership Style and Motivation in Health Care
    Of all the functions, leadership involves managers most directly with subordinates. Leadership in Nursing is very crucial as it ensures safety and quality health care for the public in hospitals.

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  1. Leadership and the Graduate Nursing Role
    A graduate-level nurse must meet an array of challenges and accept a plethora of responsibilities, establishing communication with the multicultural audience being the key one.
  2. Leadership in Cross-Cultural Context
    The way people perceive leadership varies from one culture to another. Additionally, the perception of employees determines the success or failure of the adopted leadership style.
  3. Leadership within Non-Profits Organizations
    In this paper, the challenges and opportunities of non-profit organizations are taken as an independent variable, while non-profit leaders are the dependent ones.
  4. Home Depot Company’s Leadership and Culture Change
    The financial level of Home Depot Company was decreasing every new day, and they needed to come up with far-reaching changes to save the situation.
  5. Managing Leadership: Traits and Characteristics
    Leadership requires a wide range of qualities allowing a person to become a kind of role model for other people. Importantly, being a leader involves having “followers”.
  6. Just Culture and Transformational Nursing Leadership
    Transformational leadership positively affects nurses and other clinical specialists within any given medical environment and has a substantial impact on patient satisfaction.
  7. Narcissism in Organizational Leadership
    This essay argues that all organizations will have managers in power that are narcissistic and incompetent. Narcissistic leadership traits illuminates undesirable characteristics.
  8. Reviewing Leadership: A Christian Evaluation
    Reviewing Leadership: A Christian Evaluation of Current Approaches by Banks & Ledbetter analyzes the influence of leadership from a theological point of view.
  9. Examination of Transformational Leadership among Nurses
    The selected article for this critique is “An Examination of Transformational Leadership among Graduating Baccalaureate Nursing Students and Practicing Nurses” by Lizy Matthew.
  10. Leadership Management Style in Technological Era
    Changing consumer trends dictated by technological advancements and globalization of the modern market require a wise selection of leadership and management styles.
  11. The Thorntons Company: Development and Leadership
    This report examines the differences and similarities between leadership and management and explores the leadership and management needs in Thorntons.
  12. SilkQueen Company Leadership Styles and Cultural Differences
    At the present moment the SilkQueen company faces the organizational difficulties caused by the misunderstanding between the line manager and the employees of the enterprise.
  13. Situational and Adaptive Leadership in Organizations
    Leadership as an element of social influence in an organization should accommodate the social requirements in every setting.
  14. Leadership in Health Information Technology
    This work shows key drivers within the healthcare industry today for which HIT leaders must align their mission, vision, and strategy, and reflects Carolinas Healthcare System.
  15. Mandiant Cyber Security Company’s Leadership Style
    Mandiant Cyber Security Company, renowned for forensic expertise and computer security programs, was founded in America by Kevin Mandia in early 2004.
  16. Company W’s Bureaucratic Leadership
    Company W is a private bank that offers a range of standard operations to its customers, including deposit accounts, loans, transactions, etc.
  17. Transformational Leadership and Management
    The paper compares leadership and management and analysis the theory of transformational leadership applying it to healthcare and business contexts.
  18. Federally Qualified Health Center: Leadership Interview
    Sarlonda Moore is a leader who was interviewed. She is a Referral Coordination Manager for Legacy Community Health Services.
  19. Advanced Practice Registered Nurse and Leadership
    As the number of medical staff reduced while a significant rise in patients was observed, advanced nursing practice was established as a step to solve this problem.
  20. Richard Branson’s Organic Leadership
    Richard Branson has demonstrated that organizations can influence the commitment of their employees through the development of an organic organizational structure.
  21. Nursing Leadership and Management
    This work discusses nursing leadership and management in the context of two cases: Isaac’s disruptive behavior and needs of nurses concerning their holidays’ preferences.
  22. Alan Mulally’s Personality and Leadership at Ford Company
    The paper diagnoses the personality of Ford’s CEO Alan Mulally, using the Big Five personality dimensions. It evaluates his leadership style and change methods.
  23. Organizational Management vs Leadership
    To understand what concept is more appropriate for contemporary organizational management, the differences between management and leadership need to be approached.
  24. Robinson Insurance Agency’ Leadership Assessment
    Robinson Agency faces the challenges of selection, transition, and replacement associated with the human resources because of the necessity to select persons who have great leadership potential.
  25. Management and Leadership: Common and Different Features
    The main goal of this paper is to discuss terms “leadership” and “management” that have been interpreted differently by people around the world.
  26. Ronald Heifetz’ Type of Leadership
    Heifetz presents a form of leadership that involves leaders providing leadership when the organization they are leading is under siege from external factors.
  27. Nurse Leadership and Advocacy
    The proponent of this study examines capability to undertake a managerial role using an assessment tool called the Nurse Manager Skills Inventory framework.
  28. The Leadership of Richard Branson
    Richard Branson is an English investor, entrepreneur, businessman, author and philanthropist who founded the Virgin Group, which includes more than 400 companies.
  29. Skrill Limited Company: Leadership and Management
    Skrill had a promising future because it came up with a unique product that was able to meet the needs of its users appropriately.
  30. Artistry, Choice and Leadership in Organizations
    The growth trend that an organization takes is attributed by the type of the management system used to run the organization.
  31. Communication and Leadership in Nursing
    Communication is an essential part of life. No institution can operate without communication between its staff and leaders. In nursing, leaders have to utilize effective communication strategies.
  32. Leadership for Graduate Family Nurse Practitioner
    This paper analyzes the leadership style and discusses the attributes of leadership needed for a graduate-level nurse, specifically as a family nurse practitioner.
  33. President Obama’s Style of Leadership
    Obama’s administrative policies have influenced the economic stability of higher education and have an indirect impact on the educational system as a whole.
  34. Leadership Styles in “Apollo 13” by Ron Howard
    In Apollo 13 directed by Ron Howard, it is possible to observe several types of leadership that are mostly represented by such characters as Jim Lovell and Gene Kranz.
  35. Richard Branson’s Leadership Style
    Sir Richard Branson is one of the world’s most fascinating, triumphant, and enduring entrepreneurial business leaders. This essay provides an overview of Richard Branson’s leadership style.
  36. Linda Nurse Leadership Case
    From the case study, it is evident that Linda is experiencing legal, ethical and professional difficulties due to the issue of nursing shortage.
  37. Americans and Germans New Leadership in 1933
    Franklin Roosevelt and Adolph Hitler both came to power in 1933. They found themselves in charge of nations still suffering from the consequences of World War 1 and the Great Depression.
  38. Organisations: Leadership and Management Role
    In as much as the challenges face leaders and managers, very few individuals understand the differences that exist between managers and leaders.
  39. Leadership Theory and Adaptability in Nursing
    The adoption of an appropriate leadership approach will help promote the importance of continuous learning among nurses.
  40. Nursing Shortage, Turnover and Leadership Measures
    The paper describes the issue of nursing shortages and turnover in healthcare facilities, compares and contrasts different approaches to addressing this identified problem.

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