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“Learn About Being a Police Officer” by Kane

Being a police officer is one of the most challenging professions because it requires dedication, determination, and sacrifice. Some people view the uniformed men and women performing their usual patrols and envy them, while others pity the officers because they do not understand what it takes to be one. In partnership with the public, police officers enforce the law and reduce crime through their patrols and legitimate use of force. Concluding this profession requires one first to know the educational requirements, working conditions, employment opportunities, and salary range.

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In their article, “Learn About Being a Police Officer,” which can be accessed through the link, Sally Kane gives answers to the most frequently asked questions about the profession. The primary job duties of police officers include law enforcement and reducing crime. They patrol the streets regularly or respond to calls from the public and gather evidence by conducting preliminary investigations of suspects. In addition, they maintain order on the roads by directing traffic and attending to road-related incidents such as accidents and vehicle checkpoints. Moreover, they use the data they gather from crime scenes for prosecution and deposition or court testimonies. Therefore, the duties of a police officer range from the most straightforward control of traffic to the more complicated ones, such as preparing crime reports to ensure successful prosecutions of criminals.

Typically, police officers work full time, but the conditions under which they work vary significantly, depending on several factors such as the number of incident reports, location, and staffing levels. Sometimes, for poorly staffed departments, the officer may be required to work overtime because crimes and accidents can occur at any time of the day or night. The odds of injury of a police officer are higher than in other sectors. Moreover, when responding to emergencies and accidents, the officers are exposed to diseases and viruses. Some of them develop mental illnesses due to working under stressful conditions for long hours a day, although there are policies that help reduce workplace hazards. In addition, some police officers are office-based, investigating particular crimes, while others are deployed to patrol certain regions. In most instances, border agents and detectives must travel long distances to investigate crimes, even on short notice.

The educational requirements for a police officer are quite high, although there is a common ill-informed generalization that not much academics are required. The minimum for an officer is a high school diploma or its equivalent for lower ranks, while senior levels and larger departments may require some college years. For example, a degree is a requirement for state and federal agencies. Moreover, regardless of the educational qualification, an officer must pass a civil service examination to be considered for appointment. Additionally, many other tests must be passed beforehand, including drug, lie detector, personality, and physical examinations. After recruitment, the officers undergo mandatory training in a police academy lasting approximately 14 weeks (Kane, 2017). All these efforts are aimed at ensuring the appointed police officers are well attuned to the profession.

The salaries and benefits for police officers are attractive and range between the low forties to mid-nineties. The scale of payment depends on a number of factors such as experience level, size, and department location. The total compensation usually exceeds the set salary because of such add-ons as pension plans, uniform allowance, and overtime pay. There are also many other allowances accrued to police officers, for example, when assigned to patrol high-crime districts. There is an increasing demand for police officers because of the security-conscious society and increased crime, while competition remains due to attractive benefits. Therefore, their salaries are attractive, and their amount depends on many aspects, and employment opportunities are many.

I chose this article because it contains almost all the information regarding being a police officer and answers a significant number of frequently asked questions about the profession. The article is “Learn About Being a Police Officer” from The Balance Careers website. It was written on June 26, 2017, by Sally Kane. The article’s tone is serious and professional because the formal language has been used to discuss the various elements of what it entails to be a police officer. No offensive or confusing words have been used; hence the article’s tone matches the purpose. Moreover, there is no passive voice throughout the article, making it more persuasive and easier for the readers to understand.

The website is well organized with various sections, making it easier for the reader or viewer to find the information they are looking for. Additionally, the general presentation of information is appealing to the visitor, and there is a “search” option if one does not quickly find the needed information. Furthermore, there are hyperlinks to external sites that contain similar information to the one being covered in the article and additional resources related to the content under each piece. These features make the website reliable, coupled with the fact that its terms of use, privacy, and cookie policies are included at the bottom of the web page. There is not any reason I might question the reliability of the article. The author, Sally Kane, is an experienced writer in the legal field for the website. She is also an attorney and editor who has worked in legal services for over 20 years. Thus, there is no reason to question the reliability of the article.

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