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Learning Entrepreneurship in Examples

Even though the possibility to effectively teach or learn entrepreneurship remains a highly debatable question, I strongly agree with Drucker’s assumption that entrepreneurship is a discipline that can be learned.

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Possible Reasons

Results and conclusions may vary from one research to another, and hence, there is a significant number of studies that provide reasons both supporting and disproving the theory. According to recent studies, approximately 25% of successful businesses are managed by experienced entrepreneurs (Lafontaine and Shaw, 2014). Moreover, their experience and obtained skills play a key role in building a successful organization, which proves the possibility and the necessity to learn entrepreneurship. Another study states that it may be possible to develop entrepreneurship skills through social contacts (Guiso, Pistaferri and Schivardi, 2021). Finally, some researchers believe that even though entrepreneurship potential may be inherent, it may be possible to develop leadership skills (Phare, 2021).

However, there are also those who strongly disagree and argue that entrepreneurship is inherent and may not be learned. According to some sources, people with particular characteristics and personality specifies are more likely to become entrepreneurs (Dutta, 2017). Other sources also state that it may not be possible to obtain leadership skills, which are an inseparable part of successful entrepreneurship (Neck and Corbett, 2018) (Gupta, 2019). Nonetheless, the studies that insist on the inherent nature of entrepreneurship skills do not deny the possibility of improving these skills by learning (Neck, Greene and Brush, 2021). In most cases, it is stated that innate aptitudes may contribute to the learning process yet are not inalienable. Nonetheless, the idea of teaching and learning entrepreneurship is relatively new.


There are numerous examples of successful people who learned entrepreneurship and significantly benefited from it. Modern entrepreneurship education is closely linked with innovation in general and innovative management particularly (Drucker, 2015) (Mitra, 2020). Melinda Gates and Tim Cook may serve as prime examples of people who considerably benefited from learning entrepreneurship and studying MBA. Nonetheless, the idea of teaching and learning entrepreneurship is relatively new (Hisrich and Kearney, 2014). Therefore, such famous entrepreneurs of the past as Andrew Carnegie may represent people who succeeded in business without related education. In most cases, they relied on natural leadership talents and personal experience, using their own mistakes as learning opportunities.

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