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Entrepreneurship Climate Analysis


Entrepreneurship climate largely determines how an organization is revitalized from time to time. New ideas need to be incorporated to the management of companies and organizations because the world is very dynamic. Entrepreneurship refers to the ability to organize, undertake and manage ventures that are productive by taking risks and focusing on profit as a reward. As one talks about entrepreneurship climate, he or she is referring to the conditions that surround the whole process of entrepreneurship and the attitudes of people towards it (Subhasish, 2008).

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Main Body

The culture of entrepreneurship determines the steady growth of any organization. This is the entrepreneurial value within individuals and consequently groups of people. Some may not be and some may be entrepreneurs. For those companies and organizations that have this culture, they keep growing. Given a good environment, the culture of entrepreneurship will thrive well. Government policies are the main aspects that would encourage entrepreneurship or discourage it (Subhasish, 2008).

I am an affiliate to a mobile telephone service providing company. For it to keep growing and leading, it has employed young innovative people. These employees are the sources of many new ideas in the company. This is coherent to Subhasish’s (2008) statement in his article ‘Entrepreneurship Climate’ which says, “This is where we must encourage entrepreneurs, particularly young people to develop ideas into business opportunities”. The other thing we have made sure is to subject all new ideas into rigorous analysis, and taking the selection to profound tests. We have also considered the target market. Most of the people are not wealthy. In that case, prices were balanced in such a way that most of them became loyal customers. To harness the rich, different tariffs were crafted to suit their needs. This has hitherto put the largest percentage of the whole country’s customers to the company’s side. Normally we offer calling and message services. In addition, the organization is now offering unique electronic money transfer service called M – PESA. Finally we are offering data service through mobile phones and on modems.

For this organization to keep over 75% of the market to itself, it has encouraged quality entrepreneurship culture, and has made use of the advantage of improving entrepreneurship climate and environment. Government policies that are there to help existing businesses keep growing and for new ones to come up, have enhanced this improving climate.

As the other organizations come up, they place competitive products on the market. This is a formidable threat on us. They are soon taking more of the lion’s share that we have of all the mobile telephone users. For instance, it was reported that by 19th March 2009, the percentage had fallen from 88% to 77% ( 2009). Safaricom Company in Kenya is reported to be performing well in the market having a subscriber base raised to 12 percent between 2007 and 2008. The challenge is that the market share is shifting to new competitors in the market. Due to this reason, its market share has fallen from 81 percent to 77 percent ( 2009). I therefore recommend that we should continue adjusting some guidelines to keep holding the customers. This would largely depend on the products that our competitors launch. We also need to come up with an overall plan to ensure that we maintain our customers.


The other example that will show us the reality about this analysis is Zain, then Known as Celtel. What made it lag far behind Safaricom is its inability to embrace entrepreneurship good culture, environment and climate. Since its launch in 2004, it has not grown substantially in Kenya. From the web, Zain admits that it has faced stiff competition, as the report reads, “Acquired in 2004, Zain Kenya faces a highly competitive market with a relatively low ARPU.” (Zain Investor Presentation 2009). The example given, together with Safaricom gives us a clear understanding on this subject of discussion.


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