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Lee’s Eatery Marketing Strategy

Marketing Strategy

The target population for Lee’s eatery will be mostly the middle-aged population of, men and women. Such a choice is conditioned by the eatery’s location: the highly developed district where the business centers’ cafeterias provide low-quality food for clerks. Thus, workers will visit the nearby restaurant to get more delicious and healthy food. Moreover, the products provided should be nutritious and easy to consume because the long waiting time will be inconvenient for the target customers. Thus, it would be rational to offer lunch boxes, including the various products. As far as the project’s mission is to create eco-friendly goods, it would be reasonable to avoid plastic in packages.

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The bamboo or revitalized paper can be used for the containers, which usually have a beige color empowering the appetite. The promotion of an eco-friendly eatery can be done through social networking sites. Also, the electronic banners nearby should be placed for customers to find the place quickly. The price skimming strategy is the most relevant approach to use here because it allows showing that the high quality of the food should be paid respectively. This will attract people who want quick but healthy snacks. Later, this strategy will engage the less interested in healthy food customers by lowering the prices.

The principle of compatibility is suitable for Lee’s case placing method. It is characterized by the capability of goods for joint placement without loss of consumer properties. The rule of commodity proximity should be taken into account since the laid-out goods do not adversely affect each other (absorption of foreign odors when laying out coffee and spices, water vapor when placing dry and wet goods). It is necessary to consider aesthetic requirements such as color and shape.

The average company can use the four growth strategies: market penetration, market development, product development, and diversification. The first one is oriented toward estimating the sales volume accordingly to the total target available in the market. The second one allows covering the new market segments. The third one is oriented toward developing the quality of the products. The last one is oriented toward creating new products to launch into new spheres. In Lee’s case, the first and third strategies will be relevant to use. The first one will allow accessing the sales volume of healthy products and understanding customers’ preferences (Fadah & Zakiyyah, 2020). Through this strategy, Lee can increase the market share of the created products. Product development is necessary to execute the project’s mission. The usage of innovative eco-friendly technologies in packaging and food design is the perfect way to increase the quality of the product.


For the efficient realization of the eatery, in reality, Lee will need good human resource management ideas. It includes a strong leadership strategy and rational job assignments and activities description. Lee’s employees will work efficiently and productively thanks to pre-planning and detailed activities distribution. That would be practical to use a mobile application where the tasks according to each working day will be noted. Generally, implementing technologies in the working process will help organize the employees’ activities.


One of the possible ways to evaluate the strategy’s effectiveness is by developing a questionnaire for the consumers. Moreover, Lee can also compare her plan with the successful competitors. It is also possible to evaluate the competitors’ actions, such as pricing, as a reaction to the company’s activity. Sales performance is also one of the most relevant factors that can show the marketing plan’s efficiency.


Fadah, I., & Zakiyyah, A. (2020). Product sales increase strategy through product diversification and market penetration. International Journal of Scientific & Technology Research, 9(2), 4180-4184. Web.

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