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The FinChats Company’s Start-Up Pitch


FinChats is an online internal communication platform for professional collaboration, specifically banks. Successful platforms like Google Chat, Slack, Flock, and Microsoft Teams are examples of how these systems function, as they are programmed to support constant communication and shared access to work databases through a common platform for every company, department, and even project.

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The company has been exceptionally efficient in its performance. So far, FinChats has been taking one of the leading positions in the market. The company has been functioning largely in the financial domain, focusing on the development of related skills and services. Remarkably, the company was not initially designed for its current purpose but, instead, developed to support the banking system and the firms operating in it. However, due to the lack of enthusiasm regarding the subject matter, its leader, the organization, has changed its direction. Due to the focus on innovation and the increasing effectiveness with which FinChats manages its goals, the organization should be seen as an ideal partner for Kroy Fund.

FinChat’s Potential

One of the primary goals of this presentation is to present arguments in favor of investment in a start-up company like FinChats. If currently, the platform presents itself as a platform for banking, its potential includes a wide variety of benefits and potential income. More detailed information on each point will be discussed further in the presentation.

Remarkably, the company has tremendous potential in regard to its management of financial concerns; in fact, the focus on clarity in communication and efficacy in data management, which FinChats has been prioritizing, has led to the company to the top of its market, allowing the organization’s product to become one of the essential tools for managing financial interactions in the target market. Overall, the company can be seen as the leader in its domain since it has selected a unique niche that it has filled perfectly.

The rationale for Choosing FinChats

When considering some of the aspects of the company that has contributed to selecting it as the most promising investment target for Kroy Fund, one must mention the way in which FinChats has managed the pandemic concern. Namely, the company’s response to the crisis has been immediate and effective, minimizing the threat of financial loss and the loss of human resources. Therefore, one can claim the company to have a perfectly balanced business strategy that is worth making an example of as a stellar case of addressing risks. The specified aspect of FinChats’ performance can be regarded as the key rationale behind choosing it as a potential investment target.

Furthermore, FinChats has been quite prolific in its choice of communication strategy and its further implementation. The importance of building and sustaining a perfectly functioning communication channel cannot possibly be underestimated in the current context of the global economy., where competition is defined by the extent of communication with customers and the ability to process their feedback promptly. Therefore, as an organization that has succeeded at managing information expeditiously and with due diligence, FinChats must be seen as a potentially lucrative investment option.

FinChats’ Advantages

The focus on communication as the main aspect of the company’s performance is what makes FinChats an especially promising partner in the target context. Due to the increasing role of effective data management in running a business, partnering with FinChats will allow the organization to boost its competitive advantage ad attract new audiences to its product. Though communication issues might seem irrelevant to the realm of finances and the management of venture capital, they, in fact, shape the performance of finance-oriented companies to a substantial extent. Namely, effective communication allows for streamlining the company’s key ideas, philosophy, and ethical standards to staff members, thus, informing their decision-making (). Consequently, premises for shared leadership and the increase in staff members’ autonomy can be built, allowing Kroy Funds to embrace a broader range of tasks and enter the global market effortlessly.

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The relevance of this start-up is proved by the experience of messaging companies that reached momentum during the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak. If, at the beginning of the pandemic, this trend was fueled by the inevitability of social isolation, currently, companies seed digital solutions after realizing the unavoidable shift towards online communication within the team. For this reason, by investing in FinChats, we have the potential to enter the promising market of professional digital communication.

Specifically, the emphasis on digitalization that the coronavirus outbreak has entailed has necessitated the transfer to the digital realm for all organizations. Consequently, the provision of digital tools that allow for galvanizing a company’s performance, particularly management of financial data and creation of vital financial forecasts, seems a legitimate offer that most organizations are likely to accept immediately. Offering a vast competitive advantage, FinChats must be seen as a critical partner for Kroy Funds.


The leading team of FinChats has collectively gained an impressive number of successful professional collaborations and insightful experience in technology. The leadership team has previously worked for such enterprises as CIBC, Rheno Ventures, Shopify, and Clearco. Moreover, the company has managed to find a bank willing to participate in the FitChats pilot program.

Thus, the overall extent of the company’s expertise is stellar. FinChats has a clear and accurate grasp of the role of communication in the workplace and in building relationships with customers, which makes its digital tools especially effective. With the integration of FinChats’ devices into Kroy Funds’ operation, a significant boost in the efficacy of customer relations is expected due to increased reciprocity in the conversation with buyers.


It becomes evident from the example of other companies that this market secures continuous financial growth, securing the capital of investors. While helping other teams increase their ROI, investors of FitChats can establish a long-term and fruitful relationship with the platform users.

Indeed, even with the current stellar performance record, the organization will need to ensure that its revenue streak remains consistent and allows for further development., Due to the need to meet the ever-changing and continuously increasing demand of its target audience, Kroy Funds must remain one step ahead of its customers and competitors, which implies that Kroy Funds must supply innovations to the target market regularly. In turn, the financial support obtained from increased ROI rates due to collaboration with FinChats will give Kroy Funds the opportunity to enhance its performance.

Target Audience

The existing business model of FinChats is aimed at serving banks as a digital space for interprofessional collaboration and data storage. However, the overall business model of the start-up presents the opportunity for rapid requalification for other businesses and end-users. Therefore, Kroy Funds’ target audience can be described as organizations in need of financial support as a means of boosting their performance in the target market and gaining traction within it.

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Investment Considerations

As for the amount of money that Kroy Funds should consider allocating as the sum to be invested into FinChats, one should consider the possibility of allocating a total of $75,000-$80,000 as the amount of money to be invested into the organization. The specified choice is justified by several key factors, the current investment standards of Kroy Funds, the FinChats’ present earnings, and the overall financial situation in the global context being the key ones. Specifically, when considering Kroy Funds’ current investment principles, one will notice that the company allocates approximately $500,000-$1,000,000 annually. Since the organization offers investment opportunities to several businesses, viewing $50,000 as a reasonable suggestion to FinChats would be appropriate. However, since FinChats is a start-up and, therefore, in need of additional financial support, exceeding the specified sum by 60% would be a sensible step to ensure that FinChats has a solid platform for future development.

Additionally, in regard to the current investment suggestion, FinChat’s current earnings have played an important role in the decision-making process. Specifically, given FinChat’s present position in the target market, which can be described as substantially favorable, allocating the specified extent of funds would be appropriate. Moreover, in the context of the global economy, the specified sum appears to be reasonable given the challenges that the pandemic and the related events have determined for start-ups (“Earnings”). Being in need of a boost, FinChats is likely to make efficient use of the suggested investment.

Rationale: FinChat’s Characteristics

One of the most important features of a successful start-up is the uniqueness of the market proposal. Thus, when it comes to FinChats, the marketplace for bank-oriented communication platforms does not have any serious competitors. This opportunity is the company’s chance to enter a niche market and set the trend for other applications.

Therefore, given FinChat’s uniqueness and the inimitable nature of its services, using its support as Kroy Funds’ partner appears to be a rather reasonable solution. Specifically, with FinChat’s focus on communication and the provision of unique tools for achieving high-quality dialogue with customers in the financial setting, the firm is likely to propel; Kroy Funds to the top of the market.


The notions of quality, and potential minimal competition, along with the external environment that motivates online communication as a means of conducting business operations, point to the fact that FinChats can become an extremely beneficial investment.

Overall, FinChat must be seen as a vital part of Kroy Funds’ successful performance in the global economic setting. Due to high levels of product uniqueness and the emphasis on communication between the participants, FinChat deserves Kroy Funds’ investments. Indeed, with the current promising framework, FinChat represents a unique opportunity that Kroy Funds must not overlook.

Appendix A

Slack's Customer

As Appendix A shows, the company’s stocks have been increasing even in the context of the pandemic, which indicates the high potential of FinChats. For this reason, the organization must be viewed as a vital investment opportunity for Kroy Funds. The extent of financial opportunities that FinChats will bring to Kroy Funds due to the enhanced dialogue with customers and the rise in the company’s reputation, its image becoming emblematic of reliability and trust. Thus, FinChats must be regarded as the best investment option for Kroy Funds at the moment.

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