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Literature and Composition in Education


Literature and Composition are formed to enlist students in the careful understanding and essential examination of creative writing. In the course of careful interpretation of a particular genre, learners intensify their perception of the ways an author utilizes words to give both meaning and satisfaction to their readers. As part of my experience, despite the kind of a reader an individual is either an avid reader or just a person who reads for fun or is not a serious reader. Consequently, in my experience, I regard the writing organization, method, the recurrent area that is unifying in the work as well as such minor fundamentals as the exercise of symbolic language, descriptions imagery, and character. Composition on the other hand involves inscription about literary works.

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Writing to comprehend literature work may entail writing answer and feedback documents besides comment or instructions, liberated texting, and maintenance some type of a reading diary. As part of my experience, I discovered that writing to make clear a literature work calls for examination and explanation, and possibly will incorporate writing concise determined examination on expressions of language and arrangement. Also, writing to appraise literature work includes creating and clearing up assessments regarding its artistic quality and researching its fundamental community, and enlightening ethics through scrutiny, explanation, and dispute. Nevertheless, as part of my experience, I observed that writing training should comprise consideration of creating and coordinating information incomprehensible, articulate, and convincing language. The swot up of the fundamentals of the method used and consideration of accuracy should be considered in the literature.

Literature Analysis

Literature examination comprises the swat of genres, the development of characters, and the utilization of a unifying idea recurrent in the literary work known as a theme. Written writings are arranged into genres regarding definite structures and procedural features they have in common. The subsequent is a list of a number of literary genres discovered from my Literature and Composition experience:


This is a script of what is supposed to be truthful or true-life. This is written to educate or to enlighten the reader. Such writings include chronological records, reasonable explanations, informational aids, and articles in the media or magazines. Life history and autobiographies are also included in this genre.

Creative writing/fiction

As part of my experience, it is perceived that this literary work is based on the imagination and not necessarily on fact. Is tale writing which implies narrating a story? In line with this, it was discovered that most author uses creative writing, deriving it from thoughts rather than from olden times or truth. The term is frequently used to portray novels and narratives. Fiction can be precise but influential or it can be lengthy and filled with exploration as in Tom Clancy’s The Hunt for Red October.


This is literature writing in lines and verse, unlike ordinary writing as distinguished from the verse, which follows benchmark language rules? Also, clear imagery, rhythm, and rhyme regularly formulate poetry dissimilar from prose. The sound special effects of poetry listen well when the poems are studied out loud. Examples: John Keats “Ode to autumn,”


This is a narrative told in action or conversation involving actors who carry out the various roles as characters. Drama or plays may be written in prose and poetry. They can possibly be studied as books, although they are planned for presentation on the theatre. For example, Moliere’s Tartuffe and Tennessee Williams streetcar named desire as well acknowledged and accepted drama (Pintozzi, 276).

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In creative writing literature, characters, the invented persons that come into view in the work, must educate the reader about their ideas and view. The manner in which the character in a narrative relates with each one is a huge part of conveying the story. In the course of their language and behavior, the story will become real for the reader. There are diverse types of characters in a narrative.

The phrase theme is used largely in discussing essential ideas of short stories, novels, poetry, and plays. The theme is considered as the message that the complete passage is communicating to the reader. At times the meaning is difficult to determine, like a communication written in undisclosed code. This demands keenness and proper assemblage of the various parts by the reader in order to get the message (Pintozzi, 276).

I may consider myself not to be an avid reader. Although I mostly read any form of literature I prefer novels because they are easy to read and it is mostly for fun unlike wanting to find out something or doing research. Literary works are taken seriously in school for the purposes of bettering one’s mastery of the language but outside the class is mainly as a result of for fun or pleasure. Some people do have good reading culture and will go to an extent of reading on the train or bus. While others just don’t like reading and you will never see them with any book let alone buying any reading material.

Poetry is mainly preferred by poets and those with a liking or a talent in poetry. Since poetry is more interesting when read out aloud or performed, some individuals would rather be listeners than writers. I used to like poetry because of the interesting sound of rhyme but I could never write one. Literature is a diversified field. I used to enjoy the literature classes, especially for the short narrative because no matter what answer you gave so long as you had supportive evidence from the story you were always right no matter what the author intended to pass across. One could always come up with many themes from the passage depending on your approach or perspective of what has been written. Work may be written by an author with one particular examination in consideration but the readers, as well as their literature teacher, will deviate away from the piece of work with a variety of themes the author may not have intended and each reader may have a completely different explanation (Graham, 100).

Most of the time people read books but they don’t get into the extent of getting to understand it from the other person’s perspective. As soon as they are done with the book they return it to the shelf. It is only in literature classes where students get to sit in groups and discuss the themes and stylistic devices the author uses. Most of the time the author uses different characters in his writing and the characters are supposed to carry the theme of the story to the end. The characters are used by the author to pass across the message, though it takes the author a lot of time and imagination very few readers are able to realize this and appreciate the much effort put in by the author. With the genre of drama, it has made it much easier for the readers especially when performed other than being read as many people even the students are able to see the story in action in reality, unlike fiction which is just in the book. This has resulted in the growth of the film industry and many careers have been developed in this field. The conclusion of the matter and in relation to my experience I believe that literature is to be read and appreciated and that composition seems to maintain its claim on the general education curriculum only when it focuses on primary rhetoric. Nevertheless, if students are to be served well, the composition must be about something more than environmental literature.

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