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Location of Chemical Disposals

To state the fact that chemical disposals located near the community can cause severe illnesses, it is necessary to complete the careful research, to analyze the findings, and focus on conclusions. Thus, it is important to clarify the type of research needed in order to find the necessary materials on the issue. Unsafe chemical disposal practices are threatening not only for the life of the community but also for the environments, and the negative effects of the chemical processes can influence the generations of inhabitants. That is why careful research should be performed.

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The development of the successful investigation depends on the effective questions asked. Moreover, there should be a purpose for asking these questions. The purpose of the research always depends on the problem which requires resolving. The purpose of this research is to state the connection between the location chemical disposals and persons’ illnesses. The main questions associated with the case are open-ended questions developed to find the cause for the persons’ illnesses within the community.

Thus, the researcher should ask if there is a clear connection between the location chemical disposals and persons’ illnesses and what substances can cause the development of such diseases. However, the main question should be divided into sub-questions in order to receive the complete information connected with the issue. For instance, the questions about the causes of locating chemical disposals near the living neighborhoods should be rather clear and asked precisely. It is important to speak with specialists in medicine and intoxication to have the expert’s point of view (Ruggiero, 2011). It is also reasonable to talk to the local authorities, administrators of the plants and factories who can use chemical disposals to know the vision of the persons interested in the case.

To find the answer to the research questions, it is important to focus on such three stages or researches as stating the cause and effects connection, relations based on possible variables, and on the description of the problem and its aspects. Overcoming the associated obstacles of critical thinking, it is necessary to pay attention to all the possible variants of resolving the problematic question and be open to different opinions.

To investigate the root causes of illnesses, it is significant to pay attention to multiple variants of resolving the situation. To begin with, it is important to shape the personal point of view basing on the careful analysis of credible evidence. In addition, the researcher should focus on all the weaknesses in discussing the causes of the problem and find the more appropriate answers to the questions which are supported with the factual evidence.

The evaluation of the information should be free from biases and making definite conclusions which support the hypothesis, the researcher should concentrate on the idea that there are different variants to interpret the information gathered during the research (The Guide to Critical Thinking, 2008). Thus, the researcher’s position should be supported with a lot of credible data and facts on the problem.

Analyzing the assumptions, it is important to ask the question about the aspects of the case which can be taken by the researcher for granted. If the assumption is based on the idea that chemical disposals cause the persons’ illnesses, the researcher can oppose rational evidence that the situation is quite different, and chemical disposals are not harmful or not used during a long period of time (Critical Thinking, 2007).

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Thus, conclusions made from the research should be accurate, and the research should be characterized by relevance, depth, and logic.


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