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  1. Goal Line Technology and Football
    Football matches are not only about the issue of teamwork but also about strict competition and the importance of the defining last-minute goal which can tip the scale between victory and defeat.
  2. Virtual Reality Technology: Theory, Practice and Research
    Virtual reality involves use of senses to interact with and manipulation of a computer based external environment. Magnetic tracking is used to measure the movement in the environment.
  3. The Implication of Information Technology on Marketing Strategy of Healthcare Industry
    The growth of information technology has transformed marketing strategies of most industries. In the healthcare industry, IT has changed the way marketers relate with customers.
  4. Information Technology Enabled Online Learning
    This paper investigates on the aspect of Information Technology – enabled online learning and the relevant technologies that are utilized.
  5. LED Lighting and the Future of Lighting Technology
    This paper assesses the foreseeable prospects for LED lighting, principally against the existing alternative, fluorescent lamps.
  6. Technology and Its Effects on Society
    This paper supports the argument that technology has more negative effects compared to positive ones in society.
  7. Technology in Information Mining
    Information mining is the concept which is also known as data mining, and it can be defined as the process of seeking for the necessary information or data to analyze it.
  8. Concepts of How Science and Technology has Shaped the Modern World
    Science and technology will always be highly regarded as a beneficial package to human beings, as it holds the key to the future of societies.
  9. Science and Technology in Shaping of the Modern World
    Science refers to the systematic study of how the physical and natural world operates through experiments and observations.
  10. Communications: Technology and Personal Contact
    Technology is making communication easier in today’s world, but at the expense of personal contact as many people choose to interact from home in front of a computer screen.
  11. Education Issues: Differentiation and Technology
    Differentiated teaching requires instructors to present content that is customized correctly for the range of children in each category.
  12. Negative Effects of Technology on Society
    The speedy insurgency in technology has extremely influenced the societal daily life both negatively and positively. It becomes intolerable to refute technology.
  13. Technology as a Tool for Governments
    Currently the government is using technology contrary to the public’s interest. Through surveillance, the government has proved that technology can be abused.
  14. The Vendros Technology Company Successful Negotiation
    Vendros Technology is in a negotiation with the Netcom Brazil with the intention of getting a licensing agreement. This proposal will assist the company as a guide to their actions.
  15. Health Information Technology Role
    Healthcare terminologies play crucial roles in healthcare institutions in enhancing interoperability of data across systems.
  16. Healthcare Information Technology
    Our system uses the EPIC software system, and the same software network to enhance sharing of information among departments.
  17. Technology History: The Cost of Technological Advances
    Technological growth has led to the development of products that mankind would have never thought. This paper will look at some of the costs associated with technological growth.
  18. Food Science and Technology of Genetic Modification
    Genetically modified foods have elicited different reactions all over the world with some countries banning its use while others like the United States allowing its consumption.
  19. Technology and Communication
    The rapid development of information technologies has made communication much easier. For instance, people, who can be separated by long distances, can now writer without any difficulty.
  20. Technology of iPhone Jailbreak: Guide in 5 Steps
    This is a guide on how to easily jailbreak the iPhone to manipulate it and access more applications using Spirit software.
  21. Technology and Communication in Today’s World
    Information technologies and various means for distant communication have created an opportunity to talk to those who are away.
  22. Technology and Interpersonal Communication
    The use of technology in communication has improved the quality and quantity of communication and promoted human relations in the society.
  23. Has Technology Killed Personal Contact?
    The benefits of technology to human life are immense, as it is evident in the modern society where everything has become more convenient and easily accessible, due to advances in the trend.
  24. The Effect Technology on International Relations
    With information technology, different countries have come to realize the benefits of trade; for sustainable trade, good relations among the trading partners are required.
  25. Volkswagen Company’s Information Technology
    This case relates to the efforts that were put by Volkswagen in an effort to set up an Information Technology infrastructure in the organization.
  26. How Technology Has Changed Communication?
    Social networks have made communication simpler, faster and better by enhancing accessibility in both social and business fields.
  27. Are We too Dependent on Technology?
    Technology is a positive thing. In fact, the constant advancement in technology means that the execution of duties is becoming easier.
  28. Technology in Nursing Practice
    The patient care environment has changed significantly because of the introduction of technology in nursing practice. Many nurses use technology to provide quality patient care.
  29. Using New Technology in Nursing Practice
    In the 21st century, the nursing practice is characterized by the more complex character in comparison with the situation observed several decades ago.
  30. XXI Century Technology and Its Toll on Communication Skills
    The key problem with the new media is that it does not allow for recognizing the elements of nonverbal communication – at least, not as fast and efficiently as live communication does.

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  1. Technology’s Influence on Design Evolution
    The introduction and adoption of the new technology in the contemporary world has significantly intertwined graphic design practices and other reproduction techniques.
  2. Information Technology in Emergency Cardiac Care
    In the article, the authors discuss the use of ACI-TIPI-IS in the diagnosis, triage, and treatment of acute coronary syndrome (ACS).
  3. Science and Technology Roles in Society
    Science and technology have played critical roles in transforming society, particularly in the transport and communication sector.
  4. Medication Errors Prevention by Information Technology Systems
    In this case, the use of Bar Codes, Smart Pumps, and Computerized Physician Order Entry (CPOE) reduces the rate of medication administration errors.
  5. Information Technology – Network Security Tools
    This paper compares three network security tools: GFI Languard Security vulnerability assessment, Tenable Nessus Network Vulnerability assessment, and Saint Vulnerability assessment.
  6. Unix System Technology for Legal Company
    The paper describes the designed file system, directories, user groups, and permissions for employees of a legal office that uses a Unix type operating system.
  7. Information Technology Project Failures in 2006-08
    The paper analyzes the article by Levinson on the increased failure of information technology projects. The results were focused on the rate during 2006-2008.
  8. Cisco’s Change in Information Technology Structure
    The present paper aims to use Bullock and Batten’s Integrated Four-Phase Model to discuss the 2008 Cisco’s planned change in organisational IT structure.
  9. Radiofrequency Identification Technology vs Barcodes
    RFID technology is a much more advanced alternative for barcodes that can be used to improve product tracking, building access control, and other aspects of various operations.
  10. Training New Technology in the Classroom
    This paper shall seek to explain how teachers are trained to the new technologies, the procedures involved in rolling them out, and how beneficial they are to students and teachers.
  11. Alaska Airlines’ Technology and Customer Loyalty
    It will be advantageous for Alaska Airlines to resort to new technology and improve customer loyalty initiatives. Such actions will meet current organizational needs.
  12. Technology in Learning and Its Social Relevance
    New information technologies create an environment of computer and telecommunications support to the organization and management in various areas including education.
  13. Information Technology Standards in Health Care
    Information technologies (IT) are widely spread today. They are frequently used in the sphere of healthcare to maintain everyday operations.
  14. Technology for Human Capability Development
    Technology is an important in developing and developed communities that focus on the innovation of highly sophisticated advances in neuroscience, computing, and biotechnologies.
  15. Adoption of New Technology Systems: Rogers’ Theory
    The present report outlines the use of Rogers’ theory during an upcoming meeting with a group of nurses that is aimed at facilitating the implementation of a new electronic health records system.
  16. Health Information Technology
    The research problem of the reviewed article consists in the fact that new technologies transform the process of care and introduce large-scale changes to this area of practice.
  17. Technology in Nursing and Governmental Financing
    In this paper, the researcher seeks to determine the relevance of technology in nursing and determine how to lobby the government to budget for these facilities.
  18. Wells Fargo Company’s Technology and Training Systems
    This paper examines the current use of technology and training systems at Wells Fargo. It offers powerful suggestions that can be used to improve Wells Fargo’s profitability.
  19. Transitional Nursing Technology and Education
    Creating the devices that will help nurses determine the emergent threats and communicate essential information to the rest of the staff will enhance the quality of services.
  20. Advanced Technology Investment Company: Problems and Decisions
    The problem is in the necessity to improve the ATIC’s current approach to planning and management in order to contribute to organisation’s performance and competitive advantage.
  21. Healthcare Technology’s Integration and Interoperability
    The pivotal aim of this work is to investigate how integration and interoperability could be achieved using outstanding technologies and devices.
  22. Business Information Technology Governance Models
    Information technology plays a strategic role in corporate decisions. IT governance aims to align the IT processes with a firm’s business strategies.
  23. Information Technology Trainer Job Analysis
    The position of IT trainer requires cognitive testing through the task-based job analysis. This paper presents a comprehensive job description for the IT trainer job.
  24. QR Codes as a Physical Marketing Technology
    The paper overviews QR Codes and outlines the potential of the technology for marketing using physical media with a focus on digital tracking of physical marketing.
  25. Reading & Technology. Curriculum & Assessment
    The essay discusses two educational topics: reading fluency on the elementary level and technology and using curriculum and assessment to strengthen the classroom.
  26. Health Information Technology and Interoperability
    The paper is devoted to the in-depth investigation of the issue of interoperability and its current status in diverse hospitals across the state.
  27. Personal Isolation and Technology in Communication
    Technology is an interruption to physical communication and promotes personal isolation, as well as anti-socialism.
  28. Bring Your Own Device: Embracing Technology
    The current paper provides a description of the approach as well as an overview of its viability for resolving the patient safety issue.
  29. Momenta Pentop Computer’s Design and Technology
    Known as a pentop – a touch sensitive tablet computer operated by means of a pen – it was a revolutionary and innovative technology at the beginning of the 1990s.
  30. Impact of Technology: Nicholas Carr’s Views
    Nicholas Carr expresses concerns about the changes in reading patterns that we experience due to the Internet; it makes our reading less deep and shallower.

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  1. Rich-Poor Gap in Wages, Technology, Society
    The paper is aimed at the investigation of the essence of economic inequality in the United States, factors that has led to such a divide, and possible solutions to reduce the gap.
  2. Leadership in Health Information Technology
    This work shows key drivers within the healthcare industry today for which HIT leaders must align their mission, vision, and strategy, and reflects Carolinas Healthcare System.
  3. Technology in Fukuyama’s “Policies for the Future”
    This paper discusses and analyzes the work of Francis Fukuyama named “Policies for the Future” and gives answers to related questions.
  4. Reproductive Technology in Ethical Debates
    Advocates and opponents of surrogacy appealed to cultural and social tradition, law, psychophysiology, religious belief, without coming close to a definitive conclusion.
  5. Jide Technology Business Project
    It takes a special kind of person to become an entrepreneur. The purpose of this paper is to analyze the story of Jide Technology and their newest product – the Remix IO.
  6. Social Media: Science, Technology and Government
    Social media has become one of the most utilized platforms in the world today. Advances in technology have enabled a lot of access to information and eased communication.
  7. Second World War: Cause and Technology
    This essay discusses the major cause of the WWII. It explains how the technological advancements in the Second World War have shaped modern warfare in the world.
  8. Technology in Health Care: Current Trends
    This paper examines the relevance of technology in health care and how it can be applied in clinical settings to transform patients’ experiences.
  9. Advanced Technology Investment Company’ Problems
    The problem is the need to improve performance of the Advanced Technology Investment Company, which is based in the UAE.
  10. Information Technology Approach to Interoperability
    The HIE-based approach is a feasible way of engaging the patients in the health care delivery process by allowing patient-oriented services to interface with the network.
  11. How the iPhone Is Changing Technology?
    It needs to be said that smartphone market was not the same ever since Apple presented its unique device in 2007. The functionality and innovative approach has shocked the public.
  12. How Can LEGO Use New Technology?
    The LEGO Group will have to incorporate all types of media, including both traditional and new ones, to maintain communication consistent and receive feedback from target demographics.
  13. Technology and Learning Experience
    The researcher seeks to get the opinion of relevant stakeholders (students) who have used technology in one way or the other in their academic lives.
  14. GPS Technology: How It Works and Who Uses It?
    GPS is a technical marvel, which uses satellites positioned such that they transmit appropriate signals that allow displaying the speed, location, and the time information object.
  15. Healthcare Technology’s Usability and Integration
    The integration of healthcare technologies refers to a combination of methods that employ technologies for the appropriate management of available health information.
  16. Technology in English Language Institute Curriculum
    Technology provides a simple and an interesting way of learning English. Students will always be eager to learn more as they interact with emerging technologies.
  17. Information Technology Sourcing and Cloud Strategy
    This paper summarizes the articles “Cloud Sourcing – Next Generation Outsourcing?” and “Home or Overseas? An Analysis of Sourcing Strategies Under Competition”.
  18. Disney and Information Technology Infrastructure Library
    This paper provides information about Disney’s experience with ITIL implementations, such as reasons for it, results achieved, possible challenges, and reasons for success.
  19. Technology for Medical Students’ Experience
    Using VR technology and the appropriate program software, the students will be allowed to practice and perform complex operations without endangering anyone’s life.
  20. Patient Education Technology in Health Care
    Most of the advances recorded in the field of healthcare are aimed at improving the quality of medical services. Modern technologies have become consequential in the sector.
  21. Ethics in Information and Communications Technology
    Design and application of ICTs in our society also come with serious ethical issues which cause dilemmas on whether to fully adopt such technologies.
  22. Information Technology Certification and Accreditation
    This paper examines the certification and accreditation procedures of IT systems. It assists in describing the security needs, the answerable stakeholders, and their functions.
  23. Patient Education Technology
    The topic of patient education technologies is extremely important as the latter allow healthcare specialists to encourage patients to change their lifestyles and become more responsible.
  24. The Wiley Handbook of Psychology, Technology, and Society
    “The Wiley Handbook of Psychology, Technology, and Society” studies the effects that IT innovations have on people’s cognitive and personal development.
  25. Information Technology Governance in Healthcare
    This paper analyzes information technology governance and value creation models to lead healthcare innovation reviewing the video.
  26. Population Health Analytics: Technology and Healthcare
    Machine learning provides the healthcare system with a unique possibility to analyze thousands of cases and extract all necessary data from it.
  27. Information Technology Oversight and Governance
    The activity of boards concerning IT differs in various companies because there are no foxed standards for governing the IT-sphere.
  28. Lean Approach in Healthcare Information Technology
    The advantages of applying lean approaches are apparent. Their development for the promotion of healthcare information technology innovation is an appropriate endeavor.
  29. Patient Monitoring Technology in Miami Hospitals
    Patient monitoring is one of the essential steps toward the enhancement of the quality of care and the promotion of improved patient outcomes in the hospital setting.
  30. Clerks in the Workplace and Information Technology
    The paper studies experiences of clerks at work, primarily their connection to information/office technologies and manual work, and their subordination in the system.

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  1. Journalism Future After Technology Change
    This paper integrates a case study to argue that, despite technological changes that influenced the death of newspapers, the future of journalism is still bright.
  2. PassAct Inc.’s Global Operations and Information Technology
    At the moment of its beginning, PassAct labelled itself as a functioning unbiased online market for consumers and providers of the supplies and tools.
  3. Technology Description’s Diary
    Modern life is impossible to imagine without a great number of devices that make people’s lives easier and help to keep many things under control.
  4. Drones and Robotic Technology
    Drone technology is an example of a cutting-edge technology. It is the end-result of combining or modifying earlier forms of scientific knowledge.
  5. Using Technology in Healthcare Setting
    With the integration of technological advances into the TUH context, nurses will be enabled to improve their skills, whereas improved guidelines can be provided to the nursing staff.
  6. Nursing Education Technology
    Many students and tutors find it interesting and effective to use smartphones in the classrooms and benefit from the opportunities available.
  7. Artificial Technology’s Ethical, Social, Legal Issues
    Artificial intelligence (AI) refers to the creation of intelligent machines that can perform actions that were traditionally reserved for human beings.
  8. Science and Technology in Ancient Civilizations
    This paper is a consummate discourse on the role of the scientific and technological advancements in the development of the ancient civilizations.
  9. The Information Technology Risk
    One risk that is of concern is the information technology risk. This report discusses cloud computing and information security in the area of information management and control.
  10. Uber-U Education Technology for Global Connections
    Uber-U emphasizes the “doing” aspect instead of “listening” since the latter cannot be used to tell whether learners have grasped what is delivered to them.
  11. Generali Worldwide Insurance Company Information Technology
    Generali Worldwide Insurance Company recognizes the need for the effective and safe use of information technology for furthering its governance, risk, and compliance functions.
  12. Ethical Manufacturing and Technology Trends
    The ethical manufacturing aiming at the elimination of human discrimination at the workplace seems to be an essential step in establishing ethics across societies.
  13. Appirio Company’s Information Technology Changes
    Appirio should reconsider IT services and implement changes that relate to them because it will reduce IT costs, increase revenue, and enhance personnel performance.
  14. “Strange Sounds: Music, Technology and Culture” by Taylor
    The relationship between globalization and music is at least as promising as other cultural and social manifestations of its impacts.
  15. WestJet Company’s Information Technology Governance
    One of the overarching purposes for WestJet to hire Cheryl Smith was to receive an accurate assessment of its own IT infrastructure.
  16. Fifth Wave of Technology
    The fifth wave is associated with such concepts as creativity, openness, and accessibility as social media create the platform for potentially limitless information sharing.
  17. Emerging Technology in Hospitality Business
    This report includes an analysis of the technologies employed in the tourism industry, as well as their use at Jumeirah Beach Hotel, and some recommendations for further development.
  18. Ultrasound Technology and Intravenous Access Quality
    The research question is how the implementation of ultrasound technology may affect the quality of intravenous (IV) access in patients at the given hospital.
  19. Technology Access: Enhanced Broadband
    The issue of limited access is multifaceted and requires a coordinated effort of several stakeholders, including the communication providers, policymakers, state and local authorities.
  20. Information Technology in Preschool Structure Change
    Information technology plays an essential part in the organizational process by improving the speed of information transfer.
  21. Information Systems: Patient Education Technology
    Technology plays crucial roles in patient education and engagement. As such, healthcare systems and organizations put considerable focus on technology.
  22. Technology in Pre-School Education Facility
    Information management plays an important part in the modern schooling process. Even in preschools, teachers and managers would be required to manage electronic curriculums.
  23. Global Positioning System Technology in Cargo Operations
    The Global Positioning System technology has significantly added to cargo visibility, a fact which has led to a rapid improvement in the general cargo operations.
  24. Healthcare Information Technology Plan and Structure
    Healthcare company’s IT area is the foundation of the transition to conducting personalized statistical reporting in the health care sector.
  25. Professor-Student Communication Using Technology
    The essay discusses the problem of communication between professors and students and the role of innovative technologies in making this communication easier.
  26. Mobile Telephony and Kranzberg’s Laws of Technology
    In his book “Taken for grantedness: The embedding of mobile communication into society,” Ling maintains that technology has become ingrained in the social fabric.
  27. Wireless Charging Technology’s Evaluation
    This evaluation report addressed to the VP is a critical analysis of the usability of wireless charging technology developed for smart devices.
  28. Health Information Technology Leadership Ideas
    The ideas on good leadership can be found in different sources, including those focusing specifically on HIT leadership.
  29. Healthcare Organizations: New Technology Systems Adoption
    The hospital in New York has planned to introduce a new electronic health records system. This new initiative must be supported using a powerful change process if positive gains are to be realized.
  30. Radio Frequency Identification Technology
    RFID technology is often regarded as a successor of the technology that has dominated for decades. Bar codes have been in place since the second part of the 20th.

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