Managing Diversity in Public Administration and Policy

Diversity becomes an integral part of everyday life as individuals are exposed to communication with various groups daily. Understanding the process is especially crucial for a Public Administration role. Having a clear definition of the diversity and ability to see more global influence it has on society helps to build effective communication that contributes to the prosperity on various levels and allows performing the job more effectively.

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Due to the complexity of a subject, diversity can be complicated to discuss. Diversity is the freedom to express yourself while still serving society but appreciating the uniqueness of each person. As society develops, it gets more complex, and new concepts take place that requires appropriate attitude and determination. People are categorized not only by sex and gender but also by social class, sexual orientation, religion, language, and more. This categorization means that diversity touches almost every sphere of social life, from education to the economy. As we live in a globally connected world, an understanding of the influence of diversity on local areas can be a challenge.

For me, understanding how diversity influences society is crucial as individuals are facing it every day of their lives. Public Administration’s role requires a more profound knowledge of various communities’ needs and challenges due to the responsibility they face. As public administrators serve increasingly diverse citizens, they need to adapt to the dynamic changes that occur in society.

Talking to classmates influenced my views around the issue of diversity due to the various people I have met during the study process. Different background, age, and preferences gave a clear understanding of the uniqueness of each individual and let to the thought of how the environment craves society.

The Master of Public Administration program influenced my attitude towards respect and helped to reach deeper understanding of various communities. For some people who do not share the same culture, it may be challenging to accept others’ views and appearance, which can create certain conflicts in the group. Learning to respect each individual regardless of nationality, sex, race, or any other criteria is crucial. Such an approach does not only refine a human but also contributes to the prosperity of society. In my experience, respectful relationships are beneficial for both sides as they create a meaningful connection, which is also essential for the public administrator role.

In my understanding, culture shapes individuals and helps them be identified in the world. Diversity is essential as people can live in different communities and get various experiences but still save their identity and respect their roots. Moreover, cultures benefit from such connections as it becomes more prosperous, and people learn to be more open-minded.

Moreover, diversity can help to understand global issues and reveal tendencies in society that are also important for the position. As the job is closely related to the management, it is important to set an effective communication between the sides. For me, it is important to understand what place diversity is taking in different communities to build long-lasting relationships based on trust. Therefore, government and organizations implement policies to promote diversity in society by holding different events and encouraging people to develop a correct attitude towards diverse groups.

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For instance, diversity in the workplace becomes an integral part of the business and it includes implementation of policies that promote the use of minority languages in the workplace (Gazzola, para. 3). Such policies are also implemented to influence the behavior of targeted groups, which is the public administration itself.

Therefore, diversity is a complex subject that is being investigated on various levels. The government promotes policies and holds events that promote diversity to educate society. Understanding of diversity contributes to the development of a healthier community where each member is respected and treated with the correct attitude.

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