Public Administration Studies and Its Role in the US

Citing the text, discuss the rationale behind creating a separate discipline of public administration and the creation of graduate schools of public policy

For years, public administration has been considered a sub-field in the political science discipline. However, scholars observe that it should be made a disciple because of various reasons. Cropf (2008) is one of the scholars who support the creation of the discipline. Even though the scholar underscores the fact that public administration is struggling to find its position in the academic world, the discipline is very important as far as governance is concerned.

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Public administration is the only solution to the many problems facing governments in modern society. Many countries are currently focusing on devolution, privatization of public enterprises, deregulation, and incorporation of public opinion in decision-making processes. In this regard, the establishment of graduate schools of public policy is critical. The study of public administration would allow civil servants to understand how devolution works. In matters related to privatization, the study of public financial management would be critical.

Do you believe that all public administrators should matriculate in a Masters in Public Administration program?

All public administrators should enroll in a master’s degree in public administration because the cause aims at offering administrative and analytical skills to students. Furthermore, the course is designed in a way that would enable students to obtain leadership skills. Civil servants should be people who are imbued to service delivery. In other words, civil servants should have adequate skills in management and leadership. The course provides all these. The theories studied in public administration could be applied to resolve issues facing the members of the public. For instance, the relationship between the government and the citizens has always been poor.

The study of the public administration would help in resolving conflicts between the governor governed. Studies show that many governments lag in terms of development because of poor management deformed policies. Public administration would empower civil servants to be agents of change at the local, state, and national levels. A master’s program in public administration underscores the fact that problems affecting citizens are interconnected. In this regard, the study of public policy, public administration, global policy, and health services policy are critical. Students at the master level gain knowledge on how to link various policies.

What advantages or disadvantages does this present to those interested in entering the field of public administration?

Enrolment in a postgraduate program in public administration is beneficial to students in several ways. Through the program, students are capable of evaluating inter-governmental, inter-organizational, and international policy. This would help them design strategies that would address the needs of the poor. Through public administration, students would be able to link up domestic policies with international policies. One challenge is that students must understand the dynamics of the international environment. Foreign policies affect domestic policies in several ways. Similarly, domestic policies shape foreign policies.

The disadvantage is that students must undertake courses in international relations. This is a great challenge to public administration as a discipline. To formulate domestic policy, the administrator must understand the behavior of politicians. This means that the administrator must undertake courses in political science. In other words, public administration cannot exist without political science (Bourgon, 2011).

Are there any differences that you can see between public administration and business administration or political science?

There is a big difference between public administration and business administration. However, there is no big difference between public administration and political science. Business administration aims at maximizing the profits of the organization. On the other hand, public administration aims at strengthening service delivery. Strategies designed in public administration suit non-profit organizations while strategies developed in business administration are for-profit organizations. Public administration cannot exist without political science. It relies on political science for subject matter, theories, and methods.

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