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Manifestations of Lyme Disease


Lyme disease is an infectious condition that is carried by bacteria primarily carried by ticks. The first signs of this condition appear three days after the bite (“Signs and symptoms,” 2020). These include fever, chills, headaches, and muscle and joint pain. These indications persist for up to 30 days, after which more severe symptoms appear, such as increased rashes and heart problems. When answering questions regarding this disease, it is necessary to pay attention to the unusual nature of the inflammation and complications in neuralgia and paralysis.

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RAST Testing on Client Who Has Seasonal Allergies

The radioallergosorbent test is a blood test for particular IgE antibodies (Dresden, 2018). This type has several significant advantages that distinguish it from a skin test. First, the RAST procedure does not require any extensive preparation. Secondly, there is no possibility of a strong reaction to the allergen. Thirdly, this analysis allows the patient to continue to take the necessary medications. In this regard, RAST testing may be preferable for patients with seasonal allergies during the period of allergic reactions. However, it is essential to take into account possible false results and test duration.

Rheumatoid Arthritis: Anticipated Treatments for Client

Rheumatoid arthritis is a relatively common inflammatory disease with no known cause. This condition mainly affects the joints, causing pain, difficulty walking, and even disability (Venables, 2020). The mainstay of treatment is to control symptoms and prevent joint damage through rest, exercise, physical therapy, and proper diet. If symptoms become too severe, particular drugs from the DMARDs, NSAIDs, steroids, and pain relievers may be prescribed. When analyzing this topic, it is necessary to pay attention to the patient’s medical history and characteristics to choose the best approach.

Reinforcing Teaching About Raynaud’s Phenomenon

Raynaud phenomenon is a vasospastic disease that occurs in only a few percent of the population. Due to its low prevalence, this disease is not well understood by people; therefore, it is necessary to increase education on this topic. First, it manifests itself during periods of stress or exposure to cold temperatures (Wigley, 2019). The disease is characterized by various symptoms depending on the condition’s extent: from vasospasm to ulcers and tissue necrosis. However, there is no specific clinical symptom that would indicate the presence of Raynaud’s phenomenon. Thus, to detect this condition, it is necessary to monitor blood microcirculation and pay attention to the fingertips’ reactions to cold and other stimuli.


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