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Marketing Mix: Distribution Channels (Place)


The place is the vital aspect in the marketing mix, it is the final launch of the product in the market, and the customers are the end results in the marketing process. The distribution channels are the interconnections or the series of the network which bind the manufacturer with the consumers accompanied by the distributors, wholesalers, and retailers.

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The choice of the distribution channel varies depending on the product in the market and the promotion tactics related to the product. The distribution channel can be said to as an intermediary in the marketing process and the plan of the same. “After all, using intermediaries means giving up some control over how products are sold and who they are sold to. Intermediaries are specialists in selling. They have the contacts, experience, and scale of operation which means that greater sales can be achieved than if the producing business tried to run a sales operation itself” (Distribution-Introduction: The nature of distribution channels, n.d, para,5).

Channels of distribution

The product will be distributed through the retailers to the customers in the market, the retailers will be selected depending on the specific criteria relating to the product and the specific features. The location of the product will be present in almost all the metropolitan cities and the towns and also the very next plan is to extend the product to the inner side of the towns and to make all the services available in a separate roof and to make the product much familiar to the people and to increase the publicity.

The timing of the product will be fixed at the regular intervals from the manufacturing time, the time taken for the reach of the product from the manufacturing division to the retailers and to the customers are within a very short span, a time limit of minutes. The availability of the product is the major issue that needs to be considered much deeply and the absence of the product paves the way for the substitute product. The product finds itself in the much-reputed market stores and makes the availability, efficiency in performance, and success in the market.

The location is a constraint that contributes to the success of the product as the product are made available in the major cities and towns the issues of them are settled to a greater extend. The use of the agents is impressive, they act as the catalyst in smoothing the marketing process and achieving success in the market.

The various services included for the customer service and the purchase of the product are splendid, the customers are at the liberty to order the product through mail, telephone and fax, the home delivery system and the online payment system are provided to them and the feedback from them is also welcome. A 24/7 service for the customer query is also available which paves an excellent method for the customer to keep in touch.

Variations in distribution

There will be several variations in distribution that require the use of selling experts, together with transportation and storage groups, wholesalers, and dealers. There must be a proper scheme for the present distribution of the product as well as the future. There should be proper consideration of the distribution of the place. A customer would like to buy the product at a place suitable for him to purchase and reach the destination with the original quality of the product. The customer does not like to go far to buy a simple product. This distribution variation will have a major effect on the target market. It should be properly planned also. “The critical place questions are: How much exposure do we want? And how shall we go about getting it? The marketing manager must develop place policies to answer these questions. It is his job to see that the “right” product reaches the “right” place” (Marketing Management, 2010, para.5).

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The product quality, targeted consumer’s advance to that item, their eagerness to purchase the product, the total rate of overhaul preferred, are some of the factors which will affect the distribution. The distribution variation will be mainly followed by the interaction of consumer behavior and the character of the product. The distribution variation is affected by different types of customers in the target market. The wider distributions at low costs are preferred by most of the companies and shoppers can reach more outlets. The materials, safeguarding, maintenance, working provisions, and good services are required in the distribution of the product to the target market. The distribution should be with the level of market disclosure and the sort of distribution channels in the intended market. The variation in the distribution is targeted to reach as many customers as possible. Each of the customers needs different kinds of promotional tactics and selling blends. This will assist to achieve and convene the exact category of clients and can deal out the product according to the customers. “Common segmentation schemes are based on demographic or behavioral data. While these forms of segmentation are useful, they rarely provide the type of breakthrough insight that lead to innovative new consumer solutions or business models” (Customer needs & segment analysis, n.d, para.3).

These effective variations in distribution ultimately target to increase the purchaser fulfillment, price competence and will lead the competitive improvement.

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