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Marketing Strategy for Hair Care Company

The current key sources of growth within worldwide hair care industries relies on the expansion of middle class clients. The U.S. is currently home to at least 84,000 establishments that provide hair care either through beauty salons or barber shops (Dun & Bradstreet, 2021). Though the industry is noticing continuous growth and development, it is also highly competitive. Much of the increased demand for hair care can occur due to demographic changes such as population growth within a certain area or fluctuations in personal income of local residents. As such, the profitability and creating of a strong clientele pool for hair care depends on effective marketing and the management of returning customers. Currently, large industries are able to advertise quite easily and profit from purchasing and marketing. While smaller firms can compete by offering superior or specialized services and favourable locations, without proper marketing, they may not see desired growth. The major sources of revenue for all types of hair care companies come from haircutting, hair coloring, skin care, nail care, and product sales. As such, smaller industries are currently unable to consistently advertise their services and products in ways that can compete with the massive marketing done by larger firms.

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The solution which has been suggested prior includes a number of strategic actions to generate customer interest and sales. This includes offering discounted services, making video-content for social media platforms such as Instagram or TikTok, running special promotions on Instagram, providing special offers and products to frequent buyers, and allowing for discount codes. The more casual approach of social media for marketing is likely to reduce costs and is easily accessible to most customers (Nufaishwa, 2020). It does not rely on timing or physical presence of a client the way T.V. advertising or billboards do. As a majority of the intended audience, such as women between the ages of nineteen and thirty are likely to be using these social media platforms, they are more likely to come across these ads. The aspects of the strategy which affect the customers more directly, such as discount and special offer programs are also more price-saving as they depend on already purchased products while also inciting customers to buy due to time-constraints of discount programs.

The feedback of the clients was positive towards supporting local businesses and specialized hair care firms. Additionally, repeating discount programs and special offers were also considered beneficial. Because the campaign is almost completely digital and relying on social media it was noted that it is likely to appeal to the younger side of the demographic spectrum. Some improvements that were discussed included being more considerate of the population even outside the selected audience in the local residence, creating a variety of content frequently, and to eventually think about increased audience engagement.

Because the majority of the marketing done through platforms such as TikTok or Instagram includes video or image content that does not have a high production cost, it is likely to keep the costs of the marketing campaign low (Riley, 2021). With an increased interest in the content over time, the budget can be expanded in order to provide varied and improved content. After receiving feedback from the testers, the digital campaign is the best solution for a smaller firm within a very competitive industry of hair care. However, some revision is necessary, such as more attention towards the local populace of the firm and improved interaction between the company and it’s clients.


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Appendix A

  1. How likely are you to buy a product or service after watching a review on social media such as TikTok, Instagram, or Facebook?
  2. How likely are you to purchase products, services, or bundles if you are offered a discount either through social media or the salon directly?
  3. Does interaction with a local business’ employees or proprietors, such as a beauty salon, affect your customer experience negatively or positively? Why?

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