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Martin Luther King’s and Malcolm X’s Prosecution

Martin Luther King Jr and Malcolm X are well-known leaders of the cultivation and development of the black movement, which was aimed at the recognition of black people as a race in the United States of America (Howard-Pitney, 2004). It remains apparent that they had a high contribution and influence on the rise of the equality of rights and freedoms of the black people. In this case, King gained support while promoting the injustice of segregation, as it was a critical portrayal of the violation of the rights of the minorities (Howard-Pitney, 2004). In turn, Malcolm X had similar concerns about the existent situation, was a front-runner of the black movement, and supported the essentiality of discovering each race individually (Howard-Pitney, 2004). Nowadays, their intentions are regarded as positive moments of history while paying attention to the development of equality and democracy in modern society.

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Nonetheless, their activities are often associated with actions, which disrupt the political organization and might be considered illegal due to the violation of the order in American society. In the context of the presented assignment, I am as a prosecuting attorney of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, granted a right and possibility to prosecute these leaders for their crimes and unlawful activities. In this instance, King’s and Malcolm’s crimes are discussed individually to assure the presence of the details and evidence to support the statements. In the end, the conclusions are drawn to underline the essentiality of the claims in the selected context.

Martin Luther King’s actions have to be discussed profoundly to provide the basis for the prosecution of the leader of the black movement in the United States of America. Firstly, King is responsible for the organization and development of the boycotts and riots, which question the presented order in society (Howard-Pitney, 2004). In this instance, it can be viewed as a first argument for the necessity of the prosecution, as this action is a legal offense. In turn, another aspect is the ability of King to have sufficient propaganda of the black movement, which led to the establishment of the unregistered antigovernmental organizations (Howard-Pitney, 2004). Consequently, the actions and speeches of King were viewed as the weapons to change the existing order in the society while questioning the legitimacy of the present law and depicting the activities of the current government from an adverse perspective.

Alternatively, as was mentioned earlier, King was often referred to as a fighter for the extension of the rights and freedoms of black people (Howard-Pitney, 2004). However, in the end, he modified his vision since representatives of all nations are equal in front of God (Howard-Pitney, 2004). Despite having a positive association with King’s actions and development of multiculturalism, King can be regarded as an organized anti-white movement, as he portrayed representatives of the white nation as being able to scarify their rights for the freedom of others. In this case, he claimed that “groups tend to be more immoral than individuals” (King as cited in Howard-Pitney, 2004, p. 77). In this instance, King’s views can be regarded as a reflection of racism, as it led to the underestimation of the rights and freedoms of the other nations while prioritizing the black movement. Based on the facts provided above the rationale for the prosecution is portrayed as King promoted the opinions of the no essence of equality.

In turn, the criminal basis of the actions of Malcolm X has to be determined to assure the necessity of prosecution of this leader of the revolutionary movement. In this instance, the presence of the analysis of the activities of the leader will contribute to the understanding of the evidence, which can be referred to as a criminal action. Firstly, Malcolm’s actions were opposing the existing governmental structure, as he actively cultivated the development of race independence in the United States of America (Howard-Pitney, 2004). In turn, the existent government had the perception of the unity of the American nation and the absence of separation. This matter has to be discovered as an offensive action due to the rise of aggressive riots (Howard-Pitney, 2004).

In turn, both Malcolm X and King had a similar mission of increasing the recognition of the black race in the world. Nonetheless, they failed to choose the appropriate methods to deliver the core message to the audience, and it was a reason for the wrongful and violent actions among the followers of the movement. Nevertheless, Malcolm X misinterpreted the ideas of King and portrayed the necessity of violence for the goal-achievement (Howard-Pitney, 2004). In this case, it remains apparent that propaganda of violence is unacceptable and has to be diminished. Consequently, the discovery of this matter was one of the core reasons for prosecution, as it had a destructive influence on the societal values and adverse influence on the governmental structure and its perception in the society. Furthermore, King also underlined the wrongfulness of his actions and highlights the inevitability of the usage of non-violent methods after being imprisoned (Howard-Pitney, 2004).

Lastly, it cannot be unnoticed that the activities of the leaders led to a significant number of deaths (Howard-Pitney, 2004). The murders were severe, and many innocent civilians’ and their property was damaged, as the activities of the revolutionary movement contributed to the governmental response (Howard-Pitney, 2004). It remains apparent that their speeches were the cause of the development of the civil war, which had a destructive nature to morality and unity of the American nation. In this instance, both leaders have to take responsibility for their actions, and this approach can be regarded as a critical definer of the necessity of prosecution due to the presence of the principles of mass murder and underestimation of the value of the life of an individual.

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In the end, despite the positive intentions to enhance the level of equality and recognition of the black social segment, the actions of King and Malcolm can be viewed as requiring prosecution, since the evidence presented above revealed that some activities of King and Malcolm could be considered and regarded as having criminal nature. In this case, Martin Luther King and Malcolm X were the cultivators of aggression and violence with the elements of intolerance to the representative of other nations. In turn, their actions were aimed at the current government while questioning its legitimacy and reasoning for the actions. In turn, both leaders of the movements were highly responsible for the deaths of the individuals since they used people for the achievement of their objectives. Finally, it could be said that both leaders were the causes of the development of the subsequent movements, which had disturbing nature on the American societal structure, and their actions have to be prosecuted due to the presence of the alternative ways of achievement of their goals.


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