Master of Business Administration in Changing World

Globalization and technologies are rapidly changing the world of business. This change of technology leading to globalization is greatly affecting many sectors and departments of organizations as well as governments. Thus the education sector in most developing and developed countries is not spared by these transitions. Many schools are being affected and especially those offering MBA courses and other related business control subjects.

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Although there is a great advantage of accepting a change, it should be remembered there is some negative result arising due to such change. As I focus on the result of the new technologies, reports from researchers have shown that the credit of MBA courses has gone so low. This raises alarm concern over the reasons attached to this, hence a call for change in the MBA programs.

The fact remains that we are nowadays living in a world of business. Thus MBA course must remain relevant to those students who have a passion for business. This can only be achieved by changing from the old systems, whereby students were trained in the classroom waiting to go to the outside world to do the practice. It is, therefore, necessary for the programs to be changed from the ordinary way of operation by offering students the real-world picture in this course.

This is of eminent importance for the student will be able to learn from practical hence when the go out, they can start their own business well. the programs of MBA should change to suit the current technologies which are in use. Deny a change is like denying development in these programs.

The programs should include some of the courses which are dealing with new technologies. This will require the employment of technical experts, who will enable the creation and implementation of current updates of the new technologies. When students are aware of the new technologies, they will not be faced with difficulties in executing their duties in the business sectors. It is well known that knowledge is power; hence this will be a kind of empowering the student to combat the challenges of technologies.

MBA programs must also change their way of admission of students. They should ensure that they interview the aspiring candidates who would like to join MBA courses so that they absorb those students with technical know-how. This will enable the outgoing student to venture into even new technologies they come across without hard times. The screening of the students gives greater hope for the prosperity of credible MBA graduates.

Another way the changing the program to combat the challenges of technology is to focus on work with workshops on emerging new technologies for those old students. In these workshops, they need to invite a greater number of technical experts to bring to light the usefulness of different technologies at ease. This will give the students the relevant skills which will facilitate the application of new upcoming technologies in any one particular period. Through extensive networking in the new technologies, the MBA program should offer such service to its students to remain updated.

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In my view, the following are the features which NUS MBA prepares students for business for the future:

They prepare students for business system analysis. They also model them to be responsible for the management of business processes and data modeling. They also have training on the high level of facilitating practical work on technology to enable students to prepare for the future through sourcing information from the internet. The inclusion of workshops with experts of engineers is a good feature of preparing students to embrace the new technology.

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