Curriculum Development for Higher Education


Curriculum designing is an integral part of any field of study. Maximum output can be expected if the module that is designed through collaborative work analyses key concepts of the curriculum with expert guidance, justifies the rationale for the choice of the curriculum design, critically estimating the curriculum, functioning as a responsible member by owning responsibility for contribution and taking into consideration the decision makers and other influencing factors. Collaborative work involves studying a particular curriculum from different angles thereby minimizing glaring inadequacies in it.

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A proper understanding of the theories, their design and construction, a study of the consumer and the market, the tensions and innovations that go with the knowledge and difference as a product of the outcome are pre-requisites to the framing of a curriculum. The design of the curriculum should favor all sections of society and include diverse learning strategies. The main point to be noted here is that the member contributing to the design of the curriculum knows the ins and outs of the pattern which would definitely help in future opportunities for radical changes in the respective field.

‘Education goes through several phases of change that primarily affect how it operates.’ ( It should be borne in mind that the design of the curriculum should be in tune to government priorities for change. Learning gaps should be identified, new technologies should take learning to a new vista wherein the learners could be of advantage. Higher

education changes are clearly signaled. “The vision ‘is of a society where high skills, high rewards and access to education and training are open to everyone’ (DfEE, 2001, p6)”. (

To provide a rich environment to widen participations in the curriculum management program it is inevitable that the key concepts of the curriculum are analyzed critically. This means the group should be aware of the theories in curriculum planning, the pattern of work, contradictions which would arise, tensions and innovations involved. In order to formulate the curriculum integration of various concept is required. It requires accreditation and validity. For this purpose, subject experts should provide guidelines to the learners so that their method of working is within the context and would serve the novel change in the contextual framework.

Yet another challenge before the learner of curriculum, is the consumer who finally gives his final say to the effectiveness of the curriculum. Whatever is framed in the curriculum is directly reflected upon the mass who estimates the worth ultimately. The market is the other field wherein the originator experiments with his innovative techniques. It goes without saying that an effective curriculum is the one wherein there is perpetual conflict between innovation and the conventional which finally give way to a new order of things. Till then curriculum designing remains a challenge to the learner as the framework of the curriculum should suffice the needs of the individual. Possession of mere knowledge of the innovation should be put into practice and a final analysis should be estimated.

In order to produce and effective e curriculum the different stages of its planning have to be analyzed. Market demand has to be identified and a planning group should be formed which would considered the above aspects. Identification of planning groups have to be constructed in such a manner that every loop hole into its working should be diagnosed and remedial measures are to be taken immediately.

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A proper approach to group strategic planning has to serve as the ultimate solution to the identification of planning. Before setting ones feet on the curriculum, the proposal should be analyzed carefully, learning outcome should be planned properly, the academic level of the institution concerned should be assessed, various resources that are required for its implementation to be unearthed and evaluated. Finally, the action has to be planned.

To get into the detail, the proposal of the curriculum should be addressed giving due regard to the learning outcome. This will depend on the effectiveness of the curriculum in enhancing expertise and education in the field of work. This further depends on the initiative by the government in providing resources and their limitations. Knowledge cannot be outsourced at the cost of quality. The academic level to which the curriculum would supplement has to be of the standard that would meet international requirements. To this extent a planning strategy that is based on practical approach has to be formulated.

All the above mentioned points would directly relate to sequential structuring of group planning. The delivery of the product should enhance teaching –learning approaches. A final assessment would grade the application of theory. This requires in-depth analysis and study of the areas wherein the learner has contributed to the curriculum. It is mandatory that a consumer friendly and practical approach would serve the need of the hour.

Assessment should take into consideration the availability of the curriculum to serve the needs of ever changing technological innovations and consumer awareness. The practitioner of medicine should be familiar with the latest trends in the market and the loopholes in the curriculum should be effectively filled. A bench comprising subject experts should contribute to the construction of the curriculum. Very often curriculum is heavily prized to satisfy the political designs of the government. This would cost dearly the consumer and producer as upward trends would suffer downfall.

A final revaluation of the process of framing the curriculum has to remove the drawbacks set in curriculum before it is directly reflected upon the socio economic and political conditions of the society. Medical field at large is solely at the control of the masses for they are the direct recipients of the pros and cons of the medical program. To this effect through analysis from the grass root level should be the prime concern. The concerned authorities should sit to not only analyze the framework but also to comment through open forums the practicability of the design.

It is indeed a genuine and sincere effort on the part of a handful of dedicated employees who spend time and money from the framing to the realization of the program. Therefore, a broad consensus should be taken. Open discussions involving international participation should enhance the quality of the product.

As I will be appointed as an academic lecturer in a nursing college, I believe this opportunity would enable me to enhance the quality of my product. The introduction to theories into framing of curriculum, the design and constructions of the curriculum as a means to achieve realistic goals, effective output in terms of the consumer and the market would enable me to have a bird’s eye view of the familiarity of the public of a particular product. Everyday sees new expansions in various fronts in the medical field. It would lead to a through analysis and implementation of the best suited method to my knowledge. A lecturer should serve both as a consumer and producer of knowledge. I can act according to the dictates of my experience not relying on theory alone.

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Professional expertise requires participation in forums particularly designed to effect changes in curriculum and the needs of the society. Personal gain in the forms of expertise to meet the requirements of people is my goal. Regarded as the most noble profession, I would certainly employ all my knowledge in enhancing the quality in my area of study. Rather than organizing lecture classes I would take the initiative in organizing international conferences which would bring in the best of research theory and knowledge into play. I would also be a part of the program wherein collaborative effort using latest technological advancement would provide not only basic but also improved infrastructure to the discussion.

I could develop into a better person as I would be familiar with the sufferings of the poor and I could look into the problems faced by patients. I could provide maximum support and my conscience would guide me to serve the poor. Through effective program I could enhance the patients’ knowledge of treatment. It would give me an opportunity to explore an entirely different world which I have not yet come across. Rather than being selfish individual I could develop into a selfless practitioner studying and reading individual mind. Often, fear of disease rather than the disease itself is the cause of death. I would look into each and every aspect of my field before arriving at the right diagnosis. This would enable me to be a better human being.


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