McDonald’s: Recommendations on Training and Development

Revenue profitability for fast food restaurants depends on customer traffic and competent utilization of inventory. Therefore, staff training can serve as a vital tool to improve continuity. First, improving communication and mannerisms with consumers which will increase satisfaction and rate of returning customers. Furthermore, to make the work process the most efficient by reducing waste, predicting how many portions to prepare, training managers in inventory management can greatly increase profitability for McDonald’s franchises. Training at McDonald’s is standardized based on company policy, but management can continue offering specialized staff training focusing on improving in-restaurant processes and addressing deficiencies.

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A major factor in customer satisfaction in a fast-food restaurant is the quality of service which directly depends on restaurant staff. Namin (2017) suggests “the standardized coefficient estimation results show that the most important factor in determining service quality is reliability” (p. 78).

This can be expressed as punctuality and meeting commitments made to customers without errors by staff. To reach the excellent quality of service, additional staff training should be provided which would set high standards for service levels and teach competent communication with consumers. Often, when staff is knowledgeable about the food and processes of the restaurant, reliability improves (Namin 2017). Therefore, managers can benefit from introducing custom training programs based on the specific attributes of each McDonald’s location, depending on menu choices, foot and drive-through traffic, and individual dimensions which may affect service quality, and consequentially customer satisfaction.

Commitment among the employee base is driven largely by job satisfaction. Fast food franchises such as McDonald’s are notorious for relatively high staff turnover. Among pay and working conditions, commitment can also be improved through training focusing on job skills, responsibility, and relationship with supervisors. If workers experience respect, participation in the decision-making process, clear communication from management, and some degree of autonomy, this has been found to be effective in reducing turnover and improve satisfaction, which reflects on service and consumers as well (Ukandu & Ukpere 2014). Through the implementation of employee-oriented programs which focus on incentives as well as empowerment of low-level workers at McDonald’s can increase commitment.

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