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The Fish Inc.’s Human Resource Project


Firstly, it has to be understood that the company Fish Inc. operates in the seafood industry and strongly relates its operations to the food processing. The plant is located close to the Charlottetown. Despite facing challenging condition with the attraction of the qualified personnel, the company is planning to expand in the following years. Nonetheless, the primary drawback of the job is the fact that the workers sometimes have to work extra during the holidays and after their initial shifts are completed. Additionally, the job requires particular training due to the specifics of the job. Working with the special machinery and dealing with the complicated and dangerous tasks increases the risks of the injuries. Providing high safety conditions and security to the employees are essential attributes of this industry.

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The employees of the company have to be considered as the key determinant of the company’s success, as they are the primary contributors to the achievement of the organizational goal and objectives (Duncan 2013). Maintaining the employees interested and motivated is one of the potential goals of the company due to the necessity spend time on the training of the new employees due to the lack of expertise in the seafood industry. The management has to make sure that they provide favorable conditions for the employees’ development and maintenance of their motivation. Nonetheless, the primary challenge is the effective distribution of the financial resources to increase the productivity of the company on all levels. In this case, the introduction of the new strategy in the maintenance of human resource management is one of the solutions to improve the current financial situation in the company. Focusing on the quality of training and production are assumed as the main attributes to enhance the company’s performance and reputation.

The primary goal of the paper is to provide the company with the recommendations. The potential modifications cover a recruitment and selection procedure, a compensation plan, training, development, a performance appraisal policy, form, and safety policy. Furthermore, the additional suggestions regarding the ability to retain the employees from year to year and the possible actions regarding the talks about unionization. In the end, the conclusions are drawn to understand whether the proposed solutions are reasonable and assist in effective managing of the company’s operations in all areas of operation.

A Recruitment and Selection Procedure

Recruiting plays and essential role in the future success of the company, as the human resources remain a distinct competitive advantage. In this section, the placement of advertisements to attract the attention of the right employees will be assessed. Moreover, the selection procedure has to be carefully established due to the desire to determine the key steps while making a correct choice. The recruitment and selection process has to start before the high season, as it will take some time to choose the personnel with the right set of skills. The primary characteristics have to include the ability to work towards organization, group, and individual goals, responsibility, and preparation for the challenges of the working place.

These tasks have to be tested with the assistance of the previous work experience of the candidates and various questions and psychological tests during the interview. This approach will allow understanding the future potential of the employees and their desire to pursue the career in the field. Furthermore, the employer has to explain and show the working conditions and risks, which are associated with the particular job, as the potential employee has to understand whether he/she would like to work in this sphere. Moreover, the employees have to understand the goals of the organization, and they have to be set in accordance with the S.M.A.R.T. goal setting strategy (Arthur 2012)., The goal is to improve the quality of the products and increase the quantity by 20% by the end of the year of 2016. Another aim is to increase the quality of expertise of the personnel of the organization.

The vacancies can be presented on the hiring agencies websites, as the majority of people have access to the Internet. Additionally, the information can be presented in the career fairs. Presence in the career fairs will allow gaining reputation and perception as the company, which is aimed towards innovation, tend to seek for the young professionals (Cornwell 2002). The company will hire new employees and create the reputation of being interested in the future candidates in this sphere (Rotherberg 2002).

As for the sample advertisements, the information for the line workers should be presented as “The Company is looking for line workers at the seafood plant, who are ready to face the challenges and pursue a career in this field. The primary duties include weighing, operating machinery, heading, gutting, filleting, cutting, brining, dry salting, mincing, inspecting, freezing, vacuum packaging, and general packaging. Additionally, the company provides compensation, which is based on the quality of the completed work. The training is provided by the company. Future growth and career development are the fundamental values of the company. Do not hesitate to contact us to learn more about this job offer”. As for the maintenance stuff, the advertisement will include the similar information about the job offer. Nonetheless, the maintenance and line workers should have a chance to visit the factory before starting working there, as they will be able to understand the nature of the processes.

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A Compensation Plan

A compensation plan is another important aspect, which has to be carefully assessed while determining the right salaries of the employees. Paying attention to the compensation of the work is an essentiality. The compensation has to be vehemently dependent on the quality of the performance, as this approach contributes to the development of the corporate culture and understanding of the key values of the company among the employees (Upadhyay 2009). The establishment of KPI such as revenue per employee and its dependence on the quality of the payment will help motivate the employees and increase the quality of production.

As for the payments for the extra hours and working additional shifts, the compensation has to be provided to the workers if their working hours extend 55 hours per week. Nonetheless, the company has to pay significant attention to the schedules of the employees and do not contribute to working extra shift and hours. In this case, the management of the plant should not strongly focus on working extra. However, it has to establish coherent compensation strategy, which will be beneficial for the employer and the employees.

A Training and Career Development Plan

The training is one of the essential aspects of the seafood industry, as it requires the development of the particular skills. The workers have to spend time on training if they have no previous experience in the seafood industry, as their primary duties include weighing, operating machinery, heading, gutting, filleting, cutting, brining, dry salting, mincing, inspecting, freezing, vacuum packaging, and general packaging. The duties are rather complicated and involve a high level of risk.

The development has to be monitored and established on multiple levels such as individual, group, and organizational (Jerling 2003). Setting goals on multiple levels will unite the employees and establish the right values in the corporate culture. The individual preference of the employees has to be taken into account. However, the group and organizational goals and development have to prioritized. This action will encourage the common spirit and develop the orientation towards the common goals.

As for the training, the costs of the training have to be minimized but the quality of the provided information and expertise has to be on the high level. The training process has to consist out of the multiple steps such “prepare the learner”, “present instruction”, “try out performance”, and “follow up” (Sisson 2001, p. 6). Following these stages is rather efficient due to the ability to provide the instruction of each process to the new groups of new employees, and they have a chance to repeat it after their job. The employees have a chance to repeat each task and ask questions about the procedure. The training has to be conducted in April, and the qualified staff has to supervise the process. The ability of the newcomers to comply with the main objectives of the training will allow determining which of them have a potential to continue the job.

A Performance Appraisal Policy and Form

As for the performance appraisal policy, the recommendations regarding this issue have to be established, as it helps employees to remain motivated and provide the customers with the high-quality products. Substantial attention has to be paid to the quality of the processes, as this approach will increase the revenues of the company. In this case, the organizational performance has to be considered as the primary value. This feature has to be announced in the company’s corporate culture, and the employees have to be educated of the existence of this plan.

Additionally, paying attention to the recruitment process is another way to hire the workers with high potential. This strategy will assist in the elimination of the time, which is required for the training. Moreover, the workers will be able to perform the duties on time.

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The particular features have to be considered while checking the employee’s appraisal. In this case, the primary characteristics, which have to be evaluated consist of adaptability to changes, cooperation, punctuality, responsibility, job knowledge, problem-solving, quality of the performance, and correspondence with the corporate culture. The ranking has to be provided from one to five. After the careful assessment of several months, the employees with the low scores have to be eliminated, as they are not able to comply with the critical principles of the company’s corporate culture.

A Safety Policy and Employees Discipline

As for the safety and employees’ discipline policy, the employees have to act in accordance with the safety regulations due to the abilities to get injuries. Nonetheless, the employees have to make sure that nobody is present in the section, and always wear the protection suits. Following the rules and safety regulations of the plant will help maintain the company’s profitability on reputation on the high level.

As for the employees’ discipline, the workers have to start and finish their shifts on time, as it will contribute to the establishment of the efficiency of the plant. Additionally, the actions’ of the workers have to be based on their schedules, which can be rearrange. Rotation shifts have to be implement to provide safety and avoid emergencies due to the employees’ tiredness. Furthermore, the employees have to have fixed amount of time for lunch, as it will allow having the continuous functioning of the plant. The employees have to change each other to go on break and follow this system, as it contributes to having a continuous flow of the processes in the organization. In the end, following this approach will contribute to the development of the coherent corporate culture and assist in the increase of speed and quality of the processes.

Additional Suggestions

The volumes of work have to be eliminated, as they remain high. Technological development is the primary driver for innovation in the production and manufacturing processes (Abbott 2013). This statement implies that the investment in the automatic machinery will improve the company’s quality of the production, its services, and allow eliminating the number of the employees. The introduction of this modification will allow the company to hire fewer employees and maintain their expertise and development on the high level. Moreover, their salaries can be increased, and company can cover traveling, housing, and food for the workers, who live far away from the working location. This approach will allow spending more resources on the maintenance of the employees, as the productions costs will be lower.

Additionally, the management of the company has to pay significant attention to the maintenance of the flow of the processes. In this case, the employees would not waste their time on wasting working hours on fixing the problem. Hiring the professional, who is able to fix the issue quickly, is one the solutions to this issue. This approach will allow saving financial resources be the absence of the need to provide wages for the extra hours. The overtime expenses can be avoided.

Actions in Case of Talks about Unionization

As for the talks about the unionization, the company has to develop a strong corporate culture. The primary solution is to change the corporate culture, as it allows the company to propose the potential alterations to the strategy. This approach will help minimize the future risks related to the inability of the organization to control the actions of the employees (Erickson 2008).

Another potential solution is to conduct the satisfaction survey to determine the potential reasons of the employees’ talks about the unionization. Conducting the survey is one of the potential ways to improve the processes in the organization (Popovic, Maletic & Paunovic 2015). The survey will assist in revealing the drawbacks of the organizational structure and dissatisfaction in the benefits and wages by the employees. Then, the meeting with the employees has to be organized to discuss potential compromises. In the end, the evaluation of all proposals will assist in finding the solution to the problem. Nonetheless, the decisions have to be expressed to the employees, as they have to understand that the particular functioning will benefit the achievement of the individual goals and objectives.

Finally, these risks have to be assessed in advance since the inability to react rapidly to the situation might result in the loss of profitability and absence of the employment capabilities for the company’s success in this sphere. Risk management has to be actively implemented since it assists in the assessment of the company’s performance and determining the right solutions to face and overcome the obstacles (Eamonn 2013).

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In conclusion, all of the aspects have to be taken into account while establishing a coherent plan for the human resource management. Nonetheless, the expenses in the other business spheres have to be carefully evaluated due to the essentiality of the right distribution of financial resources. Nonetheless, the budget has to be planned efficiently, and its significant share has to be devoted to the maintenance of the employees’ goals and training. Training, development, and compensation system are the primary states of expenditure due to the essentiality of considering the employees as the main asset.

However, the human resources are the primary assets of the company, which determines its success and the quality of the operations in future. The company has to devote a significant amount of time to the motivation of the employees, development of their skills, and enhancement of their expertise. In this case, the management has to pay attention to the employees’ appraisal and motivation, as this approach will lead to the maintenance of the employees on the high level and keeping the old employees motivated. Less financial resources will be required for training, as the employees pursue their careers in the long-term.

In the end, paying attention to the quality of the products while setting individual, group, and organizational goals will contribute to the development and creation of the right reputation of the company in the desired field. Additionally, providing relevant training and efficient compensation system will determine the company’s image among the other potential employees as the company is planning to expand. Playing close attention to this aspects and considering the human resources as the main aspect are the primary features of the company’s success.

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