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Media as a Powerful Communication Tool

Media has become one of the most powerful communication tools in the modern world. For this reason, it has been given much attention, and numerous researchers have investigated this phenomenon. Thus, one of the major insights regarding the topic is the media’s ability to promote communication by creating new communication forms and backgrounds for it. From this perspective, these two notions become closely interconnected as the modern newspapers, social media, and online platforms can be viewed as potent communication tools delivering different languages to people and involving them in social interactions. For this reason, it is vital to understand the peculiarities of the concept and the way it works.

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The growing role of media is also proven by numerous concepts used to describe its functioning. Thus, the idea of metacommunication, or communication about communication, is applicable to the given phenomenon as media promotes vigorous debates about different data and methods to communicate it. The concept of the message is also crucial in terms of the modern information field. Being verbal and non-verbal elements of communication assigned with specific meaning by people, they are also used in various messengers with the same purposes. It shows the interconnection between media and existing communication tools.

Health-based communication also plays a critical role in the modern world. The most interesting aspect is that it leads to the growth in people’s awareness and readiness to consider specific information linked to their health. In other words, communication becomes a potent tool aimed at improving health outcomes and informing various populations about particular conditions or issues. The current COVID 19 pandemic evidences the critical importance of health communication in contemporary societies. It reduces risks, leads to better results, and unites people to achieve a particular goal.

In this regard, the concept of mass communication acquires the top priority. It is determined as communication to a large audience by using media. Regarding exiting health concerns, it helps to increase the awareness of broader populations and ensure they possess the knowledge needed for their improved well-being. Another essential concept is the idea of logical fallacy or a line that does not support a certain point. It is critical to avoid such statements as they result in the emergence of misunderstandings and decrease the value of provided information. Regarding health communication, it is vital to offer clear reasoning to motivate the audience.

The bright example of the use of media for health issues is the COVID 19 coverage. Today, it focuses on outlining the number of new cases, the critical importance of vaccines, and the necessity to observe the basic safety rules to avoid being infected. As a result, it contributes to the increased awareness among various population groups as they become informed about the correct behaviors and how to struggle against the disease. It means that media is an effective tool to resist the pandemic and overcome its adverse effects.

Theories of communication can also be helpful in everyday life. For instance, using the comparative advantage method, it is possible to organize a persuasive speech and defend a certain point if a person is sure that it is the best possible option. Moreover, in a work-related context, it might help to organize the functioning of a team and insist on the necessity to follow a selected course. In such a way, using different communication theories, it is possible to achieve current goals and improve outcomes.

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