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Medical Consultant Job Description

In the modern medical environment that changes rapidly with each year, the decision to hire a new professional to the team will rely on the variety of factors. First, it is important to account for the key characteristics of the job. Job description and requirements become crucial aspects of finding the right person for the position and achieving maximum productivity (Kurec, 2005). The position of the medical consultant for the latest HCIT solution requires the candidate to be articulate, sophisticated, and knowledgeable about the technological aspects of medicine. The consultant will frequently travel from Monday to Friday.

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Professional Characteristics

The chosen candidate for the job of a medical consultant is Karen Comfort, BSN. One of the key aspects of Karen’s resume that caught attention was her experience in a variety of medical specialty practices. She has worked for medical administrators, M.D.s, and D.O.s, which suggests that she has vast knowledge of the medical practice. The requirements of the consulting job include literacy as to medical terminology, and Karen fits this job description. Her past working experience also suggests that she may have excellent communication skills since she was present in the medical environment where cooperation, teamwork, and understanding are crucial. According to Taylor and Hall (2016), good healthcare professionals in any sphere of practice are, first of all, good communicators who can listen to other people, provide support, and offer a solution to a problem that will be understandable to the third party. Therefore, Karen’s experience in the sphere of medicine sets her apart from her competition and suggests that she may be the most skilled among them. Despite that the did not have direct experience with working as a medical consultant, her skills and knowledge will be easy to project to other spheres of practice.

Personal Characteristics

While the professional requirements of the medical consultant position have been discussed, it is important to review personal characteristics and the family status of the candidate. While family status bias in hiring is a complex issue that has not been completely resolved (OHRC, n.d.), it is crucial to account for the candidates’ family status due to the peculiarities of the job opening. A medical consultant for HCIT solution is required to travel to different locations throughout Monday to Friday, which means that he or she may not be able to return home each night due to the complexity of travel patterns. A person that is married or planning to marry has to dedicate time to the family, and being sent to various locations throughout the week will become a complication in fulfilling family-related responsibilities. While the candidate of Karen was chosen on the basis of her medical experience, it is important to remember that she is single and open to traveling and working extra hours, which is a bonus for a medical consultant who may need to conduct meetings outside the corporate environment or after the working day has ended.


To sum up, Karen Comfort will be an excellent worker in the position of a medical consultant because of her extensive experience in the field of medical practice. She knows the environment close enough to provide clients with insightful information as to how the offered HCIT solution can benefit them. She is single and willing to travel and work extra hours, which is also a significant bonus for the job of a medical consultant.


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