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Tom Reid’ Views on Ayurvedic Medicine

The video reveals a story of a Western skeptic who learns about Ayurvedic medicine through trying it. Tom Reid, a veteran reporter, had some orthopedic issues as he had a severe injury in his right arm (Reid, 2010). A surgeon (Reid consulted) noted that he needed surgery. The surgery would involve placing a titanium element in the patient’s shoulder. At that, the surgery was costly and, more importantly, associated with various risks. Ayurvedic medicine provided a different type of treatment that involved fewer risks.

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The film covers the entire treatment and Reid’s journey from a complete skeptic to a person eager to continue the treatment in the USA. The filmmakers show major aspects of the treatment. The process of diagnosing and treatment proper seem to be very different and somewhat less efficient than the Western medicine. The reporter makes various comments that reflect the way Western people see medicine and Ayurvedic practices.

Thus, some Ayurvedic strategies seem very strange or too religion-based. The film also features perspectives of various people as regards the non-conventional treatment. At the end of the film, the reporter stresses that he has acknowledged the benefits of the Ayurvedic treatment and was eager to continue having the necessary massage and other practices. The presenter stresses that he believes in the approach new to him.

I have learned quite a lot from the video. In particular, I saw the way the patient is treated and the treatment is provided. I also understood the way the spiritual is incorporated into the treatment. Remarkably, the Indian worldview affects a western skeptic who starts sharing basic beliefs. The spiritual component of the treatment is closely connected with the psychological state of the patient. The reporter becomes relaxed and peaceful. This psychological well-being has a significant positive effect on the overall physical state of the patient. Reading and hearing about these aspects were insufficient. After watching the film, I realized the power of the spiritual aspect as well as learned about some techniques Ayurvedic practitioners employ to treat patients.

Background Knowledge

I should admit that my knowledge of Ayurvedic medicine was very limited. I knew that it involved oil massages and some focus on the spiritual component. The video made me change my view of the practice. I used to be a complete skeptic as I thought that Ayurvedic medicine was only for relaxation and stress treatment. However, this practice is appropriate for various chronic conditions (Sharma & Clark, 2011). I have acknowledged that the use of oils and herbs can be beneficial for soothing pain and for facilitating the healing process.

The video also changed the way I think about Ayurvedic practitioners. I used to think that they are too concerned with the spiritual element and rely on herbs and their techniques too much. I thought those people were opponents of the conventional medicine with its empirical approach and reliance on surgery and medication. However, the video features practitioners who stressed that conventional or Western medicine is effective and appropriate in cases of emergency. They state that various infections or injuries need drastic measures and Western medicine is the best option. Nonetheless, they stress that Ayurvedic medicine is the most appropriate variant for chronic conditions as this practice does not simply remove symptoms but address the core causes of the illness.

Finally, the video provided important insights into the idea of balance of the doshas. Ayurvedic practitioners believe that Vata, Pitta, and Kapha should be balanced (Pole, 2012). More importantly, the entire practice brings peace to the patient’s heart, which is of paramount importance for the healing process. The way the reporter changed his attitude and his emotional state is remarkable.

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On balance, it is necessary to note that the video is essential for a healthcare professional. It provides insights into the way alternative medicine can be different from the conventional Western practices. The filmmakers provide insights into the peculiarities of the Ayurvedic medicine and the way it heals people. It is clear that this type of medicine should be learned properly. It is also possible to use some techniques and strategies employed in Ayurvedic medicine.

One of the most valuable aspects of this type of treatment is its focus on the balance. Physical, mental and psychological aspects are balanced, and the patient becomes more peaceful and oriented on the healing process. Western healthcare professionals should try to incorporate some of these values into their everyday practice. They should try to make the patient feel more peaceful and relaxed. It is also important to take into account the spiritual aspect.

The way Indian practitioners made a Western skeptic change his mind is outstanding. Therefore, Western medicine should be more concerned with long-term effects and prevention. It is essential to focus on the core causes of the illness rather than try to address its effects immediately. Being a healthcare practitioner raised within the Western ideology, I will still try to learn more about Ayurvedic practices (as well as other types of alternative medicine) to be able to incorporate this knowledge into the system of the Western medicine.

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