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Medicare Decision-Making Process: Study Design

Paradigmatic Commitment

The research paradigm that forms the foundation of this study is constructivism, which seeks to create meaning based on qualitative data. Constructivism was selected as the most appropriate paradigm for the study since the research considered the participants’ perspectives and their decision-making process. Hence, constructivism was more relevant to the goals of the study than positivism or other paradigms.

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In accordance with the selected research paradigm, knowledge comes from constructing the meaning of information drawn from subjects’ experiences. Hence, the study will produce knowledge by collecting information from participants on their Medicare decision-making process and influencing factors and analyzing this information to identify central themes and relate them to one another in a conceptual model.


The research paradigm applied here posits that reality is constructed based on how humans process information. The research will seek to offer a view of reality based on the information collected from the participants.


The study seeks to assist scholars and institutions in understanding the decision-making process of Medicare beneficiaries. This could help to improve offers available to them and develop new services.

Purpose and Rationale

Although Medicare insurance plans serve over 64 million seniors and disabled persons in the United States, there is limited data available on the factors that influence their decision-making during the annual open enrollment. Collecting information and constructing a theoretical view of this decision-making process will help to improve service quality and access. Hence, the purpose of the study is to identify factors that beneficiaries consider when selecting a plan and describe a decision-making process when deciding to enroll in a plan.

Research Questions

There are two research questions that the study will focus on:

  1. Which factors influence Medicare beneficiaries’ decision-making during the annual open enrolment, and why?
  2. How do Medicare beneficiaries make choices during the annual open enrolment?


As the scholarly knowledge on the topic is limited, I do not have a clear position in relation in relation to the subject of this research. Nevertheless, based on my experience with Medicare customers, I believe that fulfilling the purpose of this study and answering the research questions would help to improve the service they receive and contribute to public health in the United States.

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The study will draw on qualitative methodology, which aligns with the selected research paradigm. Specifically, qualitative narrative methods were selected for the study since they allow analyzing the participants’ perceptions and decision-making process, thus helping to fulfill the goals of the research.

Study Boundaries

In order to overcome the limitations imposed by the qualitative methodology, the study will focus on collecting in-depth data during interviews. The study will be conducted in (Location) from (start time) to (end time) 2020. The sample will include 20 participants who receive benefits under Medicare insurance programs. Hence, the population will mainly include seniors and disabled persons who are current users of Medicare and will participate in the next annual enrollment.

Recruitment Methods

The appropriate participants for the study will be identified through a healthcare facility providing services under Medicare. The research will be advertised in the facility, and people who respond to the advertisement will be admitted based on whether they are current Medicare beneficiaries. The participants will also be asked to provide information regarding their general health status to verify that they can participate in interviews and provide informed consent to be part of the study.

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