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Dental Plans and Dental Insurance

How does the ADA Plan Save Money for the Consumer/Patient?

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American Dentist Association Direct Reimbursement (DR) plan is one of the innovative programs advanced in the quest to improve the dental care and treatment received by individuals in the United States. The plan has a number of benefits that patients enjoy once they commit to it. One of the benefits associated with the plan is its effectiveness in saving cost incurred by patients using other treatment plans. The fact that the DR plan is flexible and gives patients the chance to receive services from dentists who meet their preferences is one of the ways that helps reduce costs and save money (American Dental Association, 2017). It is important to explain that majority of insurance and treatment plans limit individuals to certain facilities who may not have the relevant expertise. Due to the limitation, some individuals suffer the effects of poor service delivery and end up in other facilities, which require payment in an attempt to manage the dental issues, as well as the effects occasioned because of poor treatment.

Consequently, another benefit associated with the DR plan that enables patients or consumers to save money is its flexible plan. The varying plan is one that does not restrict patients to pay a fixed amount, as is the case with other treatment plans in the United States. In the DR dental plan, employees and the employers examine the plan and choose the best option that suits the employees in relation to their payment and eligibility. According to Dental savings plans 101 (2017), the payment plan can range from 100% accrued from the initial $150, 80% for the preceding $250 to 50% for the next $1,300 dental expenses. The independence that the plan accords to employees from all levels is one that helps them from incurring unwanted expenses common in other plans that provide single payment options for all individuals.

Does DR Increase or Decrease Employer’s Administrative Burden for Dental Insurance?

Notably, the benefits advanced by ADA dental DR plan extend to the employers. Besides the several financial savings that the employers enjoy once they utilize the plan, they also enjoy minimized administrative burned. American Dental Association (2017) elucidate that unlike other treatment plans, which compel employers to pay continued premiums in order to have their employees covered, DR plan is timely and reimbursement takes effects once an employee receives treatment. The administrative burden that the employers experience only concerns examination of the patient’s eligibility, creating awareness amongst employees on the benefits of the plan, paying checks, as well as keeping employee records on reimbursement. As such, regular premiums that incur penalties whenever an employer defaults decrease and the roles that employers engage in reduce to those that utilize direct contact with their human resources.

Apparently, once the employers have ascertained the eligibility of their employees, their main role is to issue reimbursement upon verification that the patient has received treatment. The scenario is very different from other treatment plans that call for a monthly commitment from the employer. Moreover, the challenges associated with regular meetings and interaction with middle organizations that limit the amount of money earned by medical practitioners when employers submit premiums diminish (Dental Savings Plans 101, 2017). The diminishing interactions and meetings take place because the employers only need a treatment receipt to make reimbursement directly to the employee. Therefore, it is in order to claim that indeed ADA DR dental plan has significantly reduced the administrative burden on employers.


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