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Meditech System as an Electronic Health Record’ Tool


A consistent improvement in the quality of the nursing services provided to the target audience is the first step toward promoting wellbeing and meeting the essential responsibilities of a nurse (Kisokanth, Prathapan, Indrakumar, & Joseph, 2015). Therefore, the introduction of the latest technological advances is crucial to maintaining the quality of nursing services high.

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Meditech is a set of software tools designed to support a range of nursing processes, including efficient documentation processes, provision of the opportunities for successful collaboration between the members of the nursing facility, monitoring the patient’s safety levels, maintaining the quality of care high, and increasing the range of care specialties so that nurses could cater to the needs of a larger number of patients.

The software helps design the strategy that aligns with the current health information standards. Specifically, the process of reporting the laboratory results will become much faster and more efficient. Consequently, a nurse will be able to tend to the needs of the patients more accurately and successfully.

By submitting the records and appropriately processing them, one is likely to register the changes in the patient’s health status and manage the emergent issues correspondingly (Healthcare Information Technology Standards Panel, 2016). In other words, the tool can be viewed as the means of enhancing information management transfer. The specified change is likely to trigger immediate improvements in a range of processes, such as the process of the patient handover, the diagnosing stage, the identification of the necessary treatment and interventions, etc.


Another issue that Meditech helps address concerns facilitating patient security. There is no need to stress that the shift toward the use of digital technologies and data has not only opened a plethora of opportunities for nurses but also created an array of threats, the patients’ data security being the key one (Kaur & Bhambri, 2015). With the help of Meditech, the process of transferring essential information becomes simple and fast.

The tool in question makes the bedside verification procedure very simple. By scanning the barcodes provided on the patient’s wristbands, the nurse obtains the data essential for the identification of the medicine that the customer required or the intervention that must be provided. In other words, the process of administering treatment to the patients is simplified significantly. The core information about the patient is stored in the Transfusion Administration record, or TAR, which will need to be scanned to retrieve the necessary data and determine the type of care that must be provided to the patient (Meditech, 2016a).

The identified approach toward managing patient’s personal information and health record prevents a range of misconceptions and misunderstandings, such as the failure to deliver all essential pieces of information, confusing the records, etc. As a result, the services of the nursing staff become increasingly better, and the process of recovery occurs at a much more rapid pace. Hence, the patient’s confidentiality levels are maintained high. With only the staff members having access to the personal data of their customers, the information is completely safe (Meditech, 2016b).

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A Nurse Administrator, in their turn, may use the information stored with the help of Meditech to assign the staff members with appropriate tasks and responsibilities. The patients may be handed over to other nurses so that the workload could remain tolerable and workplace burnouts could be prevented successfully. At the same time, the patient will be provided with the finest services as the nurses will receive all the information necessary to tend to the customer’s needs in an appropriate fashion.

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