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Meeting Physical and Dietary Needs

Diabetes mellitus is a series of disorders that alter how the body utilizes glucose. Diabetes can induce artery thickening, leading to heart attacks, cardiovascular disease, and stroke risk. Consequently, a person with diabetes may have to avoid certain foods. Nevertheless, while diabetes requires adhering to specific rules, with the proper Nurse Aide, it is possible to meet physical and dietary needs that can satisfy the patient and alleviate the symptoms of the disease.

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Potential Barriers for the Nurse Aide

The first potential barrier the Nurse Aide can encounter is the communication barrier. The patient might feel discomfort and pain, including digestive system pain, numbness, or heart pain (American Diabetes Association, n.d.). Therefore, a patient needs to be able to communicate their feelings. Another potential barrier has to do with the nutrition options. Mr. Cheng is Asian, and among the common foods that Asians consume are rice, noodles, bread, and jujube, which is dried fruit. It is well known that the foods listed above increase blood sugar levels.

The next issue is concerned with foot care and is quite significant. The feet of diabetic people can feel numb, and the disorder can reduce the blood flow. It is the responsibility of a nurse to communicate this information clearly and teach the diabetic person not to go barefoot. The issue is that Asian people are used to being barefoot. According to this culture’s beliefs, this approach helps the feet breathe and reduce pressure.

Measuring medicine intake and signs for too much or too little insulin is also crucial. While taking medication can reduce health risks, such as heart disease, high cholesterol level, or kidney damage, Asians might adhere to the traditional ways of treatment, including herbs. With this attitude comes the last barrier, such as indicating health problems. Due to the desire to remain stoic and maintain the level of self-control, Mr. Cheng might refuse to complain about his high blood sugar or numbness.

Techniques for the Nurse Aide

The first technique will be pertinent to the language barrier. In this situation, it will be vital to assess the language abilities of Mr. Cheng, and in a case when the patient does not possess strong skills, the nurse will have to establish the agreed ways to communicate. For example, Mr. Cheng can nod or shake his head to indicate his feelings. On the other hand, if Mr. Cheng has sufficient knowledge, a nurse might ask him to repeat the information given to ensure that the patient comprehends it.

When it comes to the food options, instead of consuming foods rich in carbs, the nurse might choose to select foods rich in fiber instead. For example, Mr. Cheng experiences issues with his digestive system, and to alleviate the symptoms, foods such as avocado, broccoli, and peas can help (American Diabetes Association, n.d.). Moreover, dried foods can be replaced with fruits low in sugar, such as strawberries or raspberries, which are also rich in fiber. Additionally, due to the love for spices in Asian countries, it might be rational to use another technique and prevent spice consumption to stop diarrhea.

As for the numbness and soreness that diabetic patient’s experience, it might be helpful for Mr. Cheng to be more active. Sports are prevalent in Asian countries, and even minor physical activities can help the patient maintain muscle mass and general physique. It is also noteworthy that various activities are helpful for diabetic patients due to insulin sensitivity. To help navigate the process, a nurse might use another technique, such as the involvement of family members. Asian cultures venerate family ties and, therefore, it might be helpful to involve family to help the patient.

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Hence, in order to help Mr.Cheng, it is vital to comprehend the issues of diabetes. Here, it is vital to understand the communication barriers, nutrition limitations, foot care, pain treatment, and medicine intake. In order to deal with such obstacles, it is crucial to pay attention to Asian culture’s preferences, encourage the patient to change his diet, be more active, involve the family in the treatment process.


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