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Health Education and Health Promotion

In the modern world, almost every person can obtain information regarding their health through various publications. However, people who do not study medicine do not commonly opt for reading scientific medical researches. This happens since these sources need adaptation to more straightforward language, as they are often written for other experts (Chapman & Felton, 2021). Thus, simplified to the public rather than specialized standards, health education and promotion are highly crucial. They can connect the audience and expert knowledge and sustain the link between professionals and the public.

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Without it, ordinary people will not be able to receive reliable medical data continuously. This association can be identified as a collaborative member, relational, and organizational partnership, and these notions constitute effective functioning (Drits-Esser et al., 2019). Health education and promotion also influence partnership models of care such as volunteering and care centres in information distribution. Combined with these services, it helps to remind people of controlling their health. Volunteers themselves become a source for promoting health education by informing service users. In turn, service users get vital health information simplified and might be advised to visit the medical centres for a clinical investigation. Thus, health education and promotion are critically important, as they allow the effective dissemination of vital information, the absence of which can significantly impair the quality of life.

With the rise of infection of COVID-19, the United Kingdom is becoming concerned about the health of its citizens. The UK Department of Health invokes medical workers to promote health care in schools and universities (Hoekstra et al., 2016). This illness continues to affect the population over the globe, and it is imperative to promote health care today. Medical workers should instruct and encourage self-care rules in this challenging period to assist in people minimizing their risks of suffering from post-illness side effects (Haines et al., 2020). To be more particular, the virus is widely-known for damaging weak immunity at first; despite many people saying this infection is inescapable, it might be prevented by improving a person’s immunity to withstand various illnesses.

Today, many scientists and medics research this topic, considering its drastically growing popularity and the increased need to treat people. The studies state the effects of the coronavirus and explore its influence on human organisms (Graham et al., 2020). For instance, one of the clinical research projects narrates demographic information, clinical observations, medical test results, and diagnostic imaging of patients (Jacob et al., 2020). It correlates with health promotion and education so that the information is accessible for citizens of the United Kingdom, and they can examine the real-life case. The study describes the effects of the virus thoroughly and demonstrates clinical imaging, and it might make people wear masks and protect themselves from the infection. By and whole, the academic literature aims at exploring the methods for strengthening the immune system to educate society on the ways of averting contracting the virus.


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