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The Problem of Juvenile Delinquency

The problem of juvenile delinquency has been always a burning problem for the society. Adult generation is always concerned with impropriate behavior of the youth and gives different explanations to the increased rate of juvenile crimes. The eternal conflict between generations exists due to the reluctance of the law to perceive this phenomenon not the infringement of the law but the youth desire to be independent. Nevertheless, in fact, the government and legislative bodies pay little attention to the psychological aspect of the problem, namely, to the nature of the youth misbehavior. Thus, the article “Private Pain and Public Behavior” written be R. Robinson depicts the veritable reasons for the incorrect behavior of the youth and explains the nature of female delinquency.

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In the article, Robinson emphasizes that there is a distinction between the female victim and the female offender, which is frequently confused by the legislative authority. In this respect, Robinson advises to focus on the fact that working with delinquent girls needs a special consideration since it differs greatly from the male delinquency. The distinction of the victims and offender, however, is an important one, since it contributes to a more profound role of the girls’ hidden behavior.

According to him, the problem of the female offenders lies in the irrelevant attitude to the sexual relationships and can be explained as the girls’ protest against the girlhood framing. In other words, the lack of upbringing forms wrong outlook of young girls on the independence. Therefore, the girls’ desire to be independent and safe should be considered in terms of their lives and legislature could eliminate the problem by more effective methods. Robinson calls for rethinking of the problem and start perceiving the girls opinions more seriously and regarding them as personalities that need help but not punishment.

Analyzing the article, it should be mentioned that Robinson’s statements are of great value and can have an enormous value for the reconsideration of the law system in terms of juvenile punishment. Secondly, the article will surely influence the government’s attitude to the problem of the female delinquency. Hence, it will help to realize the veritable girls’ needs and their problems who were involved in the sexual abuse relations beyond their will. Thirdly, the government should decide how to provide the delinquent girls with a diligent education and appropriate jobs in order to introduce the equality of the social status.

In addition, juvenile justice should be more sensible to the problematic layer of girlhood whose misbehavior was predetermined by the unhealthy environment in the family. The state should give second chances for the girls who are passive and dependent on the circumstances. Hence, there is a strong necessity to define new principles in coping with problematic girls and make effort to reveal their individual talents instead of pressuring them by a rude attitude.

In conclusion, due to the fact that this phenomenon is strongly influenced by the public behavior, and is the result of the political and economic instability in the country, the current society must also participate in elimination of this problem. Therefore, special rehabilitation organizations for difficult girls should be established so that they could feel safer. The society as well as the government should not refuse such girls. Instead, they should do their best to make the girls to adopt to the current social situation.

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