Miami Beach Windshield Survey


Miami Beach is a city which is separated from Miami by a bay and has its government, infrastructure, and community. Even though the life of the community is closely connected to Miami, all required facilities and services are represented on islands. The windshield survey provides an opportunity to estimate community’s geographical boundaries, people, health resources, infrastructure, and protective and welfare services.

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Geographical Description

Miami Beach Community is located on the natural and man-made islands. Miami Beach is a city with a well-developed economy based on tourism, information technologies, healthcare, and arts and culture industries. The city has its commission which consists of a mayor and six commissioners (“Government portal,” 2017). A residential area of the city includes single-family and multifamily houses. The residential area is located in the North part of Miami Beach, while the South part is mostly occupied with commercial and governmental buildings. The largest commercial centers are the Miami Beach Convention Center, Miami Beach Chamber of Commerce, and skyscrapers hotels, for example, Ritz Plaza Hotel, Loews Miami Beach Hotel, and others. No visible signs of decay can be observed.


The total population is 87,779. The majority of people (87%) are white. The average age of the population is 39.5 (“Population demographics,” 2017). It could be supposed that in common, the community leads healthy life style. A lot of people of different ages use bicycles for transportation. There are sports zones in parks which are frequently occupied. No visible signs of risk behavior (drug or alcohol use) were observed. In general, the level of people’s income is middle and high. However, homeless people could be seen on streets and in shelters. Therefore, further improvements of the community state are required.

Health Resources

Health care is one of the most important branches of Miami Beach’s economy. Therefore, a wide range of both governmental and private health care providing centers are available in the city. The largest private non-profit medical center is the Mount Sinai Medical Center (MSMC). The full range of medical services could be obtained in the Miami Beach Community Health Center. This center provides help for different illness, including mental health problems (“About Mount Sinai Medical Center,” 2017). Another mental health center is the Douglas Gardens center (“Douglas Gardens,” 2017).

Private MDs in the city are Stolzenberg MD, Godinez MD, Toonkel MD, and others. Two large Dental Centers are located in the North part of the island. A lot of pharmacies and drugs stores are distributed along the island, for example, CVS pharmacy (“CVS Pharmacy,” 2017). In conclusion, it could be claimed that consumers will not have problems with buying medications or obtaining health care. However, no healthcare promotion organizations were indicated in the survey.

Miami Beach Infrastructure

Children’s education is very important for the community. In Miami Beach, there is a range of private and public schools. Educational centers are distributed among all the city’s districts. Therefore, no problems with children education should appear (“Miami Beach schools,” 2017). Occupational health services are not widely presented on the island and represented only in MSMC (“About Mount Sinai Medical Center,” 2017).

Volunteering is another important area of community’s life. The government encourages people to participate in various volunteering programs. These programs provide help in a wide range of areas, including the health care, environmental and animals care, education, elderly people support, and others (“Volunteer opportunities,” 2017).

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Psychological comfort is important for the community’s health and happiness. There is a range of support groups in the city for different types of citizens: children and teenagers, divorced women, LGBT, parents, and others. People can find psychological consultation and appropriate help in difficult life situations (“Support groups in Miami Beach,” 2017).

For religious people, several faith-based organizations exist in the community. Churches of different confessions are presented in the city. As examples, St. Francis de Sales and St. Patrick Catholic churches, Miami Beach Baptist Church, Kingdom Hall of Jehovah’s Witnesses, Temple Emanu-El Synagogue, and others could be cited. Except for churches, different national and religious cultural centers are represented in the city.

Island infrastructure is well-developed. People could find everything they need for life. There are several large shopping malls along the island with different goods and services, for example, Lincoln Road Mall, Bal Harbour Shops, Fifth and Alton, and others. The majority of shopping centers are located in the North part of the city, except for Bal Harbour Shops. Besides, a list of shops, stores and different kinds of services (restaurants, laundry, and others) is wide. People in all districts do not have problems with getting needed services or goods.

The transportation system in the city consists of private and public transport. Citizens use private cars, and it makes the traffic situation rather tight. Public transportation, including metrobuses and metrorail above the ground, could be used. Also, bicycles are popular among local people and visitors. There are a lot of bicycle rent stations. Bike roads are laid along the island.

The main recreational area of the city is a beach line along the Atlantic Ocean. Besides, there are several park zones in the city, for example, Fairway, Muss, and Flamingo parks. All these facilities propose a range of outdoor sport-and-play activities.

Citizen Safety and Protective Services

The Miami Beach Police Department is located in the central part of the North Miami Beach. It includes the Operation Division which is divided into three patrol areas: South, Middle, and North. Also, the Police Department includes Ocean Drive Division and Homeless Outreach Units (“Police Department,” 2017).

Miami Beach Fire Department exists for fire prevention and high-quality help in case of emergency providing. Several fire stations are located in different parts of the city. The Fire Department includes the Administration Section and different divisions: Fire Suppression and Prevention divisions, Support Services, and the Ocean Rescue Division (“Fire Department,” 2017).

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Protection services should be provided for the most vulnerable members of the community. People who faced violence can find the protection in several shelters in the Land part of Miami. However, there are no such organizations on the island (“Women’s shelters in Miami Beach, Florida,” 2017). Community protection and improvement services are provided by the local neighborhood organization Stillwater Drive. People from the community in collaboration with police department put their efforts to improve safety through neighborhood patrols and the watch program (“Stillwater Drive,” 2017).

Community Welfare Services

Welfare services provide food, clothes, medical help, medications, and shelter for distressed people. Mostly all of these organizations are either a part of a national program or provided by the local government. Among non-governmental facilities, Chai Lifeline organization for seriously ill children is present in Miami Beach (“Welfare info,” 2017). Thus, people who need help can find it in welfare organizations.


It could be concluded that Miami Beach is a city with well-developed infrastructure. People can get all required for the comfort life goods and services. Besides, citizens can get help and support in case of emergency and/or in difficult situations. Vulnerable people are also protected by a range of volunteering and welfare organizations. The healthcare system is highly developed in the city. People with a different level of income can get qualified medical help. In general, it could be supposed that all members of the community can feel themselves comfortably.


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