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Miami: Community Assessment

Geographic Description

  • location in the south-eastern part of Florida (“Miami, Florida,” 2017)
  • location of the city on the Atlantic coast
  • the territory is dominated by flat terrain
  • Gulf Stream flows nearly the coast
  • height above sea averages 4.5 m

Miami’s location on the ocean coast, elevation above sea level, and the proximity of the Gulf Stream are factors which determine a soft and warm climate, which positively affects the health of residents.

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Geopolitical Description

  • considered as the gateway to Latin America (“Miami, Florida,” 2017)
  • presence of headquarters of international companies
  • many international banks on the territory
  • characterized by a developed level of tourism
  • airport is the busiest in the state

Miami’s geopolitical characteristics suggest a close engagement with Latin America in terms of business and trade. Simultaneously, tourism and transnational commercial activity are an essential part of the economy.

Financial Level

  • significant financial center of the USA
  • gap between the financial situation of residents
  • low unemployment rate among the population (“Miami, FL,” n.d.)
  • high level of low-income areas and families
  • lack of health insurance for many people

Although Miami is one of the most significant economic centers in the United States, there is a problem of the gap between residents’ financial situation and the presence of low-income families.

Educational Level

  • secondary education has 75% of the community (“Miami, Florida Education Data,” n.d.)
  • 25% has at least a bachelor’s degree
  • the amount of school dropouts is 23%
  • availability of the best schools and colleges
  • high percentage of the reading population

Most of the community in Miami has a secondary education level, but only 25% of the population received higher education, which may be due to the presence of low-income families.

Ethnic and Phenomenological Features, Types of Social Interactions

  • the ethnic composition includes mostly Hispanic population (“Miami, Florida,” 2017)
  • percentage of Blacks and Whites is equal
  • most of the community are foreigners
  • there are refugees from Central America
  • presence of social cooperation and accommodation

Ethnic and phenomenological features include a high percentage of Hispanic and foreign populations; thus, cooperation and accommodation prevail among types of social interactions.

Common Goals and Interests

  • sports activities, including football, volleyball, and others
  • water activities such as scuba diving, surfing
  • scientific performance, in particular, marine research
  • practice related to tourism and international trade
  • the common goal is to enjoy life

The coastal area’s location determines the community’s goals and interests related to water activities, tourism, and others, which positively affect its health.

Barriers, and Challenges, Including Social Determinates Of Health

  • lack of funds for medical insurance
  • the shortage of receiving higher medical education
  • multilingual population through a many of foreigners
  • absence of access to prevention of diseases
  • poor nutrition of residents of low-income areas

Mainly the presence of low-income areas and families creates barriers and challenges to improve the social determinates of the community’s health and the provision of medical care.

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Funding Sources and Partnerships

  • Catalyst Miami, dedicated to improving health determinates (“Miami, Florida”, 2017)
  • Business Assistance Center Funding Corporation & Affiliates
  • Partnerships to Improve Community Health (PICH)
  • Haitian American Community Development Corporation (HACDC)
  • Miami Beach Community Development Corporation (MBCDC)

All of these organizations and partnerships represent funding sources for creating efforts to improve conditions associated with social determinates of community health.

Opportunity for Health Promotion

  • assistance to uninsured residents in obtaining medication
  • solving the shortage of medical workers
  • training in the treatment of the multicultural population
  • promoting the economic development of all residents
  • provision of increased scholarships for students

Among the opportunities for health promotion, it is possible to distinguish the buildup of accessible education, contributing to increased general economic well-being and medical care for a multicultural population.

Conclusion Summarizing Key Findings and Impressions of the General Health

  • a favorable climate for general health
  • the economic gap between the population
  • low level of receiving higher education
  • goals and interests contribute to strengthening health
  • high number of funding sources and partnerships

Geographic conditions and common goals and interests contribute to creating a strengthening of the community’s general health. Moreover, many funding sources and partnerships aim to prevent an economic gap and a low level of higher education.


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