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Missouri Compromise and Facts: Characteristic Features

In the middle of the XIX century slavery in the south of the USA began to break more and more economic and social development of the country. In the north capitalism quickly developed, the industrial revolution has entered solving stage, covering all main branches of industrial production. The USA as well as England, France, and Germany were included in the four of the advanced industrial powers of the world. At the same time, the South of the country continued to remain the extremely backward area with the domination of slavery.

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By this time arrangement of class forces in the country has changed. If the old trading bourgeoisie, bankers, and manufacturers have been economically connected with the South, the new industrial bourgeoisie constantly faced farmers concerning custom duties, internal accomplishment, financings of the building of railways, channels, harbors, and many other things. Interests in the development of capitalism demanded the creation of favorable conditions to create the united national market, the changing of Negroes-slaves into hired workers. On the way to further industrial capitalist development was slavery.

The antagonism between planters-slaveholders and farmers has increased in the fifties. Two streams — farmer and slaveholding — have faced now during the colonization of the free earth in the West. The democratic solution and settlement of a question about the land in the West and destruction of the farmers’ properties in the South were impossible without slavery liquidation. Resolute, determined, and firm opponents of slavery were the representatives of American workers. They also aspired to the democratic decision and solving of a problem about the land. And on the way of this was slavery.

Liquidations of slavery demanded also the fundamental interests of the working class. Marks admitted that the labor of the white cannot be released there at the same time where the labor of the black carries on itself a shameful brand. Negroes-slaves’ statement for freedom was an important part of the struggle of all slaveholding forces that were against slavery.

The sharp escalation of the antagonisms of two social systems – the system of slavery and the system of free labor – led to the revolution of the bourgeoisie in 1861-1877.

The most valuable peculiarity of the second revolution was its anti-slavery and anti-feudal orientation. There was also another characteristic feature of the revolution, the geographical division of fighting sides.

The term directly preceding the Civil war was a time when a revolutionary crisis developed by leaps and bounds. The aggravation of a question concerning slavery was facilitated by political factors. During several decades slaveholders controlled the central parts and sections of the political power in the country: the post of the president, the congress, and the Supreme Court. The earliest thing that they began to lose was the influence in the congress. The fast growth of the population in northern states has led to the dominance of people from the north in the House of Representatives.

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Without any wish to admit the dominance of northern states also in the senate, planters aspired to save an equal number of free and slaveholding states. At those times there were eleven slaveholding and eleven free states. The first open conflict between the North and the South was the conflict of 1820 the result of which occurred in the division of the country. The antagonists of slavery demanded the Congress prohibit slavery in Missouri because it would cause the numerical superiority of the slavery states. Slavery, for the first time, appeared as the national problem which was discussed by the whole country.

As a result of the Missouri compromise of 1820 the private rule was established to accept in the union simultaneously on two staff — slaveholding and free. In 1840 in the USA had fifteen slaveholding and fifteen free states. In 1820 Missouri was admitted as the slaveholding state and the territory it was broadened and at the same time, one more state was admitted as the free state. The decision has been made to admit at once two states in the union: the first was free and the second was slaveholding.

At that time another decision has been made concerning the borders of slavery. It was pointed out that to the north of the definite border the slavery would not prohibit.

According to the Missouri compromise, Tallmadge said that Missouri became the state only if there would be no slaves there. He also stated that children had the opportunity to be free after they would bring up and become adults.

The Missouri compromise includes seven sections. In the first section, there was information about the territory of Missouri, the second and the third sections contain the request that the white-male people arriving in the US will be settled on that territory of Missouri. The next section of the Missouri compromise has the information that the settled state should be accepted to the House of Representatives as one of the members.

Making the conclusion of the essay it is necessary to say that slavery was the most problematic point long ago. People tried to cultivate this problem because none of us wants to be a slaver.


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