Mixed Economy: “Blended Theory” by Mark Zwelling

The business marketplace undergoes considerable changes regularly, creating new options to improve the working process or avoid unpredictable problems. The promotion of specialization is a common and reliable step in terms of which specialists understand their duties and do their work faster because of the level of knowledge and experience in particular spheres. According to Zwelling, blending is one of the opposite concepts to the specialization that “creates a new market category” (450). Nowadays, many organizations, as well as marketing and economic researchers, start generating new ideas within the frames of the blended economy.

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No clear explanation of what blending in the economy is, but here are many methods of how it can shape the work of modern companies. For example, when a food organization wants to find out a new product for kids, opposite concepts should be mentioned, compared, and blended in order to meet the demands of various customers (Zwelling 450). With time, it can be possible to use peanuts in a soup without causing disgust or unpleasantness. In addition, social and economic trends cannot be ignored to understand the differences between such concepts as leisure and work. As a result, unrelated occupations and ideas are combined, creating new opportunities and options for both customers and employees.

Blending has a number of benefits over-specialization in the job market. Zwelling explains that specialization “narrows a worker’s opportunities in a slowly growing economy and causes bottlenecks in a booming economy” (450). When a specialist is hired, it is expected that he or she is good at one occupation. New conditions, outside factors, or globalization may create some challenges in the work of such an expert. Blending is the sphere where the same problems are solved and avoided. New people, a variety of qualities, and multiple skills help companies discover new ways to sell, cooperate, and establish new trade or public relationships in different fields.

Blending skills can be applied to different fields, including nursing, pharmacology, or engineering. For example, Zwelling offers to blend the skills of nurses and lawyers and introduce a legal nurse consultant to deal with medical-related cases (451). Legal training and the awareness of the law create a unique opportunity for a nurse to complete new tasks and be helpful. If pharmacology and food industries are combined, another profession, a cook of healthy meals, herbs, and supplements, is created. Zwelling does not want to stop on well-known professions and recommends mixing up the skills of software writers, hairstylists, chemical engineers, and security guards (451). The list of blended jobs continues growing, making the idea of the blended economy strong, effective, and interesting.

Career blending is a chance for employers to remove or expand traditional settings and develop new management systems and marketplaces. Change and efficiency may be combines, and the blended economy is a means that should be used. Despite the fact that many organizations and spheres continue resisting or questioning the worth of merging, evident facts and examples deserve attention and recognition. If blending is a chance of success in the economy, people should not avoid it just because it is poorly investigated. Innovations are the results of the work of millions of people worldwide. If the merger of careers, products, and services is possible, this step must be taken at least to check what can be achieved with time.

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